“New and Improved!”

I could just cry. I really could. Some people have told me this is no big deal. Just get something else but they simply DON’T understand. MY Downy is gone. Now all we have is the “New and Improved Downy.” Instead of it smelling like Downy for one day, the scent will last a week! Does anyone not think it’s more “perfumey” now???? It smells so bad and so strong that when I first opened the new bottle, the smell stayed in the laundry room all evening.

I even wrote a post about it when I first started the blog. It’s MY SMELL for crying out loud. What will I do without MY smell?

The first thing I did was have Paul check all the stores in Buffalo. None of them had ANY! I always have this kind of stuff on hand but in this case I didn’t notice it was new and improved so I had three of the “new” ones without even knowing. The label was so unobvious. It says “Renewing Scent Pearls” in very small lettering and the label is exactly the same. I didn’t notice until I opened it and noticed the strong perfume smell. So then I knew the “new” had been around for a while. Possibly 6 months already. Sue said she was going to St. Cloud and she’d look for me there and luckily she found me two. I did find some online and I ordered 12 of the box refills. They should last a while and once I get these, I may just order another 12.

I did write to them. I even sent them a link to my post of 2 years ago so they’d know I really do love Downy. I got a response from them saying they were sorry blah, blah, blah and sent me a coupon for a free bottle and to inform me that they left the dryer sheets alone so I could use those. Okay, so they send me a coupon AFTER I tell them I would no longer use the product. Dry my clothes in the dryer??????? Just shoot me now! I also checked the website and left a comment there and the comments were just like mine. 10-1 people hated it.

“New and Improved.” “Use less, more concentrated.” “Same product, different packaging.”

Why do companies do this? Why would they mess with something that’s been around for 50 years and the number 1 selling fabric softener???

Has this happened to you? What if anything did you do?

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22 Responses to “New and Improved!”

  1. Jason says:

    Joy, since the smell is so strong, have you tried using only a splash instead of a capful. I am just wondering if you were to thin it out if that would help in reducing the strength of the smell.

    • Joy says:

      I thought about doing that Jason but then I thought it might not do what it’s supposed to do if you only use a tiny bit. I water it down as it is. I should have enough to last me a few years now.

      It’s just sad to me that this isn’t really the same smell. If they want to add a new smell that’s fine but why can’t they leave the original alone? It sure wasn’t broken so I don’t see why anything needed to be improved.

  2. Jenny says:

    When I read about that on facebook, I just had to laugh at you Joy! I’m sorry they changed it and you hate it so much. I will keep an eye out for you when I go to stores. 😉

  3. SKL says:

    Oh, man! I hate that too. I can’t really think of a product example off hand, but when they re-make a classic song, most of the time you never hear the original classic again. And that’s the one you grew up on. An example that comes to mind is “Hotel California.” The remake isn’t horrible, but I hate the ending. The old ending just gave me some kind of special feeling. You know what I mean.

    I am surprised that Downy didn’t take more care. This isn’t the first time that an “improved” product was a failure. Hopefully they will take everyone’s complaints to heart and bring back the “original” as an option.

    Meanwhile, you might want to try a few brands that don’t promote their “scent.” They usually smell just fine and aren’t overpowering. It may be different, but hopefully not offensive.

  4. Shanef says:

    That really sucks. I can think of a couple things that are forever changed for the worst. The first thing I thought of was pop. I don’t know when they changed it all but all pop sold used to have pure cane sugar in it and know it’s all high fructose corn syrup. (my guess is that they did it because it’s cheaper) they can make more $$$
    The second is chewing gum– it’s nearly impossible to find gum with pure cane sugar anymore it all has aspartame.(again it’s probably cheaper) $$$$$

    • Laura says:

      I get this one… Long Live Mountain Dew Throwback! (I hoard the cases that I buy.)

      • mssc54 says:

        Laura, my Mrs. had a case of Diet Coke in the garage for about a year. Last week when she brought them in and drank one it had lost it’s flavor. But it was wet and cold. lol

        • Laura says:

          ooohhhh…. I’ll keep that in mind! … although, I wonder…. if Mt. Dew is as deadly as “they” say it is, would it lose its flavor? Or would it turn to “jack”, like Apple Juice does?

          Then I’d have REAL Mt. Dew!!

    • Joy says:

      Yes Shane, pop and gum have changed. You gonna tell Eric??? Pop and gum in the same sentence reminds me of him.

      I did notice the aspartame in the gum when I first quit smoking. What the heck?? Why in the world do they put stuff like that in gum?

  5. mssc54 says:

    I think the smelly stuff is a psychological ploy to make people think their product is actually doing more than they really are. I mean if it smells good it MUST be GREAT!

  6. starlaschat says:

    I’m sorry I know that is major frustration. Sounds like you have a little bit lined up to last for awhile. :+) It reminds me of the Sienfeld epesode when Elaine is upset becasue they discontuned making the sponge. She goes to the pharmacy and picks up few and asks for a few more and than she says oh just give me a case. Brand loyalty it’s tough, it’s good you wrote the company maybe they will have a change of heart.

  7. Laura says:

    I totally feel for ya, Joy… this happened to me, geez, probably a year or more ago, now. The product that betrayed me was Dawn, original scent. I used to use it only when we went to Wisconsin for vacation. It never occurred to me, I never thought about it, didn’t even really notice what brand of dish soap I was using when I was there – I just used whatever they had in the cabin. And then one day, I was buying dish soap, and had a coupon, so I bought the Dawn. When I got home and used it… smelled it… suddenly, I was transported back to the cabin on the lake, and I was all relaxed. Cool!!! I’m gonna use this ALL THE TIME, because it’s amazing what smell can do. Well, I became a die-hard fan of Dawn.

    And then one day it happened. I opened my new bottle of Dawn, and realized that the smell was different. What the HECK??? I wrote to them, and they completely denied changing the smell at all! Of course they sent me a coupon, but what the heck? This new smell was totally different. Not even the undertones were the same!! Well, I got ticked, and decided to try the Wal-mart brand. Guess what? I found my Dawn Smell again! And now I use the WM brand exclusively. And it’s cheaper.

    Here’s the lesson… sometimes the generics are better – they want to make them cheaper, so maybe those old smells are cheaper to make. Have you tried the store brand? The generics are often made by the brand-name producers, just marketed different. You might find your old smell there.

    • Joy says:

      I will start to check out other smells. It just threw me into such a panic when I opened that bottle last week and that stench filled the air in the laundry room. I thought I just bought the wrong kind by accident. Then I looked and all three I had on hand were the “new.” It never occurred to me that anything like this would happen. Like I said, I’ve been using this my whole life and my mom before me and my skin is so sensitive and my nose is more so.

      Jason had a good point about using less but I don’t know how much to use so that it still makes the clothes soft so I will check that out. But you still have that strong scent when you open the bottle. ARGGGGG…….It just ticked me off. I have 24 more coming so now at least I can look around. I’m also going to keep track of how much I use. I’m thinking a bottle must last me at least a month with just Paul and I now and it might be longer than that.

      I have no problem with anything generic. I buy a lot of soup that way. But whoever would have thought a company like this would change??????? I never bothered to check anything else out. I know the closest one that I’ve ever smelled to Downy is the plain original Snuggle. It’s not the same but it is close.

    • Nikki says:

      My husband will only buy JOY…..wonder why?! I love Dawn and usually have a small one on hand, for bad stains on clothes.

  8. Nikki says:

    I am not a loyal buyer of anything. So this did not bother me int he least, I don’t use softener very often. And when I do, I use whatever is on sale. I do use Bounce dryer sheets, but I don’t have a line to dry my clothes outside either. If I did, I would use a softener more regularly. But then again, still I am not a loyal buyer, I’ll buy anything!

    This made me sad more than anything, because this is your signature smell. Bailey loved “your smell.” I loved that we had that. When I did buy it, it would always remind us of you. That’s always a nice thing, to have a smell take you back to place or person you love.

  9. Karen Joy says:

    Well,where the heck is my coupon??I wrote them too, Joy last week when you broke the news to me on FB.I dont understand why they changed either,just add a new scent but dont change.And I wouldn’t say using less as someone suggested would work(at least not for me)because the smell is still different.Its way to perfumey for me,I stay away from certain scent because so many cause me to get a migraine.Thanks for the link by the way,I haven’t ordered yet.Im afraid they’ll send me the new one.Ill have to go smell Snuggle maybe.

    • Joy says:

      After I wrote to you and I was putting away the 12 I ordered, one of them was the new one so I’m afraid to order more now too. I may have gotten the last of the old.

    • Laura says:

      I agree, Karen… that’s what ticked me off about Dawn, too. Why don’t they just introduce a new smell in a different line, instead of messing with the “original”… because if it’s “new”, well, then it’s not the ORIGINAL, is it??? yeesh.

  10. lucy says:

    I’m so sorry!! That is terrible. At least you have a big stash of the old stuff now!!

  11. javajunkee says:

    here’s the thing with me ..something can’t be both new AND improved. ..it’s either new or it’s improved. So I can’t even get past that! …but I feel your pain 😦

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