Question of the day

Do you do one big grocery shopping trip or do you make several smaller runs?

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18 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Jason says:

    We usually go about once a week, we have found that we make more use out of the groceries that we buy weekly as opposed to bi-weekly. Also we started making a list of meals that we are going to eat for the following week that way we stick to the essentials when buying the groceries.

  2. Joy says:

    Other than milk or bread, we usually do one big trip. I spend too much money otherwise. I buy too much junk. Well, I guess I buy a lot of junk anyway but that’s besides the point.

  3. SKL says:

    I enjoy going once a week. Sometimes I skip a week. There are some things I buy a lot of because it’s cheaper that way. I get a discount if I buy 4 gallons of milk, which last 2 weeks. But with some fruits and veggies, 2 weeks gets kinda long. I try to eat the stuff with shorter shelf lives first, but eventually it gets boring to be left with only apples, oranges, carrots, and raisins. (I sound so spoiled, don’t I? When I was a kid, we were lucky to have one or two fruits around.)

    If the truth be told, sometimes the main item in my grocery cart is my boxes of snack rice crisps. And sometimes they are my biggest reason for driving the 20 miles to the grocery store.

  4. lucy says:

    It depends how busy we are during the week and whether we have time for one big trip.

  5. Sue says:

    We do both b/c some things we go through so much faster than others. Milk being one of them! I should try the meal planning thing, but what do you do if you’re not in the mood for that item that day?! I also need to start being better about making a list. We need ‘everything’ but then I’ll get to the store and think, oh do I really need that? and then I either have way too much of something or none at all.

    • Laura says:

      We try to do the meal planning thing every month. And there are days/weeks where we look at the list and go, “oh, no way!!” In that case, we usually have other stuff around. For example, if the meal on the schedule is burgers, and we just don’t feel like burgers, it’s just as easy to turn the ground beef into meat loaf, nachos, chili, whatever. I use it more as a guideline than as a ‘gotta stick to it no matter what’ kind of a deal.

    • Jenny says:

      We usually make a list of meals for a week or 2 and just write them on a markerboard. Just because we wrote it down on certain days doesn’t mean we can’t switch them around. I think probably tonight will be the first time this week that we didn’t switch something…sloppy joes. yum! The meal planning really does help out alot!

    • Joy says:

      Back in the day when the boys were home we planned out our meals too and I did almost all the cooking on Saturdays. I’d fry up 10-15 pounds of ground beef and take out 2 pounds for taco’s, 2 for sloppy joes, goulash, chili or whatever and then put them in the plastic sealing bags or Tupperware and then all I’d have to do is get up and take out what we wanted for supper that night. I did this with pork chops and varieties of chicken. Paul and the boys helped sometimes too. Sometimes it was like an assembly line. I never felt like cooking when I got home from work and this way we got the mess out of it out of the way all at once. I did this with breakfast’s too. I’d make scrambled eggs/sausage or bacon or french toast or pancakes with breakfast meat in it and put them in Tupperware bowls and then the boys could have what they felt like each morning. Funny, neither Jason or Toby ate cereal and we very rarely ate out. People didn’t seem to eat out nearly as much 25 years ago.

      All I can say is that helped me immensely. I’m one of those people when I sit down after a long day, I don’t want to get back up and this way our supper was always on hand.

    • Laura says:

      Hey, menu planners… I found this site today. I haven’t tried it, but they do have a 30-day trial offer… don’t know if there’s a fee or anything (there must be, right, if there’s a trial offer?), but it might be worth a try:

  6. mssc54 says:

    My Mrs. makes a list most of the time and I go every couple of weeks. But we usually go for other stuff as we need it too.

  7. Laura says:

    I *should* be going once a week or so. But I end up going way more than that.

    I am getting much better at stocking up. I just bought a 10# tube of 93% ground beef for 2.29/lb (as opposed to 2.75/lb). Not a huge savings, but now I have 20 half-pound packages frozen and ready to go. I’ve got 24 lbs of butter in my freezer. Yes, 24 lbs!! It’s on sale for 1.69/lb, as opposed to 2.69 and higher that it’s been going for. I love having my big freezer and my vacuum sealer… it’s really made that kind of stuff easier. I can even buy sirloin cuts in multiples when our butcher has a good price, and seal it for later.

    It’s all the other stuff, like fruit, snacks, etc., that I’m always just running out for. Even if I make a huge list and try to stick with it – there’s gonna be something I missed.

  8. Nikki says:

    It all depends on how much time we have. Actually, how much time Jason has. I do not do the grocery shopping. I am not good at it. Lately we’ve been totally winging it. Small stops, here and there. Hopefully after this week things will slow down SOME!

    Normally, we’re still once week shoppers. I can’t keep food in my house longer than that. Did you know that 10 year olds have to eat every 30 minutes or they’ll just die?!?! LOL

  9. Just a Mom says:

    I do a major shopping trip once a week and usually end up going at least 1 more time for milk. My freezer is so stuffed with meat right now that I am not going to do any “major” food shopping for at least 2 weeks. My mom grew up in the depression and she always had a habit of stock piling food ‘just in case.” I have inherited that little habit!

  10. kweenmama says:

    I go once a week for the main stuff. Every once in awhile we run out of milk and so I take another trip for that.

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