Pull Up a Bleacher

I totally love football, and honestly, as much as I like the NFL and college games, nothing – NOTHING – beats a high school game.  I don’t know if it’s like this where you are, but here in Iowa, Friday nights are a BIG deal, ’cause the entire town can be found at the local high school stadium, cheering on the Boys of Fall.

So for today’s Pull Up, we’re meetin’ in the bleachers.  Bring your blankets and your sittin’ pads.  Load up on the coffee and hot chocolate, pizza (ours is fan-dam-tastic) and cheeseburgers, the nachos and popcorn.  Cheer for the boys, and be ridiculously proud when the band takes the field (ours rocks the field with their NASCAR-themed show).

While you’re here, make yourself comfy.  Unburden, tell a joke, vent.  We’re friends here, and as long as you keep your language toward each other kind, you can say what you want.  You can even swear, if you need to, but not at someone else.

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17 Responses to Pull Up a Bleacher

  1. SKL says:

    Hi, everybody! I had a pretty mellow weekend, which was rare. I didn’t finish all my work, but there is still tonight! I took an unexpected nap today that ended up being about 3 hours long. Aaah! Coulda been longer but I got to feeling guilty.

    How many of you have attended Sunday School / Bible study (or the like) as adults? I have been doing it about every other week (goal is to be every week, but . . . ). It’s usually interesting. But it’s led by people who believe strongly in one “right” way, so sometimes I feel reluctant to speak my mind. Aside from the fact that I’m nobody – not a member, not a paying customer – just something that blew in off the street, so who am I to stir the pot? Anyhoo, I was wondering if there were others who include this type of thing in their lifestyle.

    I have to admit it is making me think about how I live my life, in a good way, I think. One thing I’m pretty bad at is focusing on my work so I can get it done and move on. I like to be free, but I don’t use my freedom very well. Some of the messages in Sunday School have got me thinking about how I can get into a better mindset about work. I can’t say I’ve seen many results yet, though. Another thing that I was reminded about today was how we are not supposed to engage in foolish arguments. This is something I’ve been known to do “for fun” (especially on the internet), but if I really think about it, there are more negatives than positives, and I ought to stop it. At least, I ought to come up with a more constructive way of putting my two cents in. So it’s kinda nice to get in a group and talk about all this. I have always studied religion and spirituality on my own, but it’s been about 3 decades since I did it regularly in a group. I feel good about making this change.

    Nothing much new with the kids. I am committed to getting them back into a habit of listening and doing what they should be doing without being nagged. I know everyone says it, but this stuff is hard. Always walking a balance between loving on / enjoying your kid and setting her right. You take a day off, and everyone pays for a week. Every other job I’ve had, I could make up my slacking by putting in a few extra hours for a few nights. Not this job. I know, you all figured that out long ago.

    We have a bunch of stuff coming up this week. The aunties will be out of town for a few nights and I have to do a few extra things, plus the kids have a field trip on Thursday, and we have a Divali party or two on Saturday. Oh, and the school “open house” is Wednesday. Where I suppose I’ll get the “progress report.” The last one I got was last October, when the girls had just started “school.” Basically the report was that Miss A didn’t know how to do much of anything, and Miss E’s motor development was that of a 1.5yo. (Actually the girls were just new and shy.) This really bugged me – I guess my mama bear instinct came out. It will be interesting to see how much they think the girls have progressed, and what they consider to be their strengths and weaknesses. Their teacher did mention that she was “blown away” by the fact that Miss E ties her own shoes, and she indicated that she noticed Miss E is beginning to read. So at least she is paying attention.

    Oh well, not much else to talk about at the moment. Must get back to work. Have a great week, everyone!

    • Joy says:

      The one thing you can count on with kids is that you can’t count on anything. Just as soon as you get used to one thing, they’re off on the next thing. They’re always changing and their stages change ALL THE TIME.

    • Laura says:

      I forgot to comment before…

      Josh came home on Friday and revealed another of his teacher’s Nuggets of Brilliance (they seem to have a lot of them). He said that his class had had a party, and I asked why, expecting it to be the celebration of something goofy…

      ‘We emptied the Marble Jar’


      The class (1st Grade) has a jar full of marbles. Every time somebody does something THE FIRST TIME they’re asked, they’re allowed to remove a marble from the jar. When the jar is empty, they get something cool… in this case, a short classroom party.

      Your bit about getting them to do stuff without being nagged is what reminded me of this. I have the same issue with Josh, except that he’s 7, and his resistance to my voice (and others) has built up over the years. I hate to be “that screamy-yelly mommy”, but it seems like the only thing that moves him. So I think I’m going to pick up some marbles when I’m out today.

      • SKL says:

        That is interesting. I think you have just given me a terrific idea involving some toys they want.

      • SKL says:

        The other day after a lecture / consequence, my kid told me that she was gonna impress me by cleaning up her room without being asked. I was glad to think she was finally getting the point. However, the good thought didn’t materialize, and the room is messier than ever. Back to the drawing board.

        This morning she wanted to wear her brown shoes and I told her no, she was to wear her purple shoes. (Yes, this is the purple girl.) I went away leaving her with the task of putting on said shoes. Swung back around, and the purple shoes are back in the closet; she’s putting on the brown shoes. Who really cares which shoes she wears? But the point is that she made a deliberate choice to disobey a clear order. Way to ruin the morning for both of us. This child is gonna make me old.

        • Laura says:

          Ugh… I HATE that!!! You’re right, the shoes don’t matter, it’s the deliberate act of disobeying an “order”. Dare I say, the defiance?

          We do this every. single. morning. Every morning, it’s “go and get dressed quickly, because if you do, you’ll get playtime”. (he has about 10 minutes to accomplish this task) And I go back there five minutes later to check on him, and there he is, sometimes still in pj’s sometimes butt naked, laying on the floor/bed with book/legos/stuffed animals/the dog in his hands. That’s when Yellin’ Mama shows up.

          I’ve actually taken him to the bus in his PJ’s before. He changed in the car when he realized that I wasn’t lying about leaving at a certain time. But he hasn’t yet learned the lesson. sigh.

    • Joy says:

      That’s a really neat idea Laura and what I like is it’s for everyone working together and then everyone getting to benefit. It can also be used with so many variations.

  2. Laura says:

    Wow!! Where is everyone this morning?? Not just here, but everywhere! FB is slow, my usual blog sites (which usually have multiple posters with several stories) have only put up one or two posts… Seems like everyone is shunning the internet this morning. How boring!

    • Joy says:

      Don’tcha hate that?? You feel like you’re alone in the world. I haven’t entered FB yet. I always do my mail and come here first. FB is third and then my farm. Teehee….

      • Laura says:

        ah HAH!! I just had to wait a couple hours. Seems like the world has finally woken up. And yes, “woken” is a word. I don’t care what Merriam Webster says. “Waked” just sounds stupid.

  3. Nikki says:

    We love going to the high school football and baseball games. They’re so much fun.

    We had a much needed lazy weekend. Friday we went over to some new friends house. That was a lot of fun, and I’m pretty confident my husband is still feeling the after affects. Lifting weights + drinking= broken toes. Bad idea. He isn’t a drinker, hasn’t had a sip in about a year. So it didn’t take much. I can imagine that’ll be the last time for awhile again. lol

    Saturday, we were going to go meet Jared Allen, but frankly, we didn’t care enough to go. I mean, we like him, but we’re not huge fans. If it were a twins player, or someone we really loved, we would have gone. I did tell as many people as I could though, and I’m glad Toby and Sue and their kids went. I know how much Toby loves Jared Allen. So to me, it wasn’t a total bust.

    My main goal for this weekend was to do NOTHING! And I achieved that goal. Cuddled on the couch all Saturday watching movies. We watched Baby Mama, with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Funny movie! Then a scary one, Last House on the Left, which apparently is based on a true story. Pretty crazy!

    Sunday was a day full of laying on the couch again, watching football all day. The VIKINGS WON!!! Whooohooo!!! Had Spaghetti and meatballs, watched our Sunday evening TV and called it a night. A nice relaxing weekend!

    Parent/teacher conferences are this week. Ours is this evening. The kids only have school 2 days this week and the rest off for Fall break, that will be a nice break! Bailey has been battling a cold/cough all last week. Managed to not miss any school.

    Have a good Monday all! 🙂

  4. Joy says:

    We ended up having a really nice weekend as well. We ended up not going to see Jared Allen either but it had nothing to do with him. We just weren’t sure if we’d make the cut of the line and it’s a long way to go and wait and not get to see him so we decided since it was such a beautiful day, to go golfing. I always have fun with Darryl here.

    Yesterday I got all my hollyhocks in. Jenny came down and got some. I had a ton of them and I put them all the way around the deck, back of the house and in my flower garden in the yard around the tall things. I hope they call come up. I’m not sure if around the deck is to shady or not so we’ll see. I’m not out much but a few seeds. I just love those flowers. We should be able to see them from in our living room next summer.

    The guy hasn’t cut down the corn yet but I’m excited. It’s always fun to be able to ride the 4 wheelers there. I dread all the beetles that will hit the open air but it’ll be nice.

    Have a good week all.

  5. Jenny says:

    Good morning all!! This weekend was ok for me. Worked Saturday morning after that we went and seen a friend who is pregnant. Got a little gift for the baby boy. Hunter fell asleep on the way home for about 5 minutes until when we got home my mom was yelling out the door to Hunter. Which she didn’t know he was sleeping, and he woke up. So we had to deal with Mr. Grumpy butt then….

    Got my hair done Saturday night… I love it!! So different then what I’m used to. Yesterday Jason went up north hunting for the day. So Hunter & I went bowling along with my mom. Picked up some flowers from Joys, which I was too lazy to plant after bowling. Went out for supper with Mom & Sean at Triple R. Hunter had an early bedtime lastnight. He was so tired and grumpy. I guess I was too!! So I was happy he went to bed fast so I was able to end my Sunday night with some Amazing Race & Desperate Housewives 😀

  6. starlaschat says:

    Good Morning, It’s been a little stressful getting use to Navar teaching. He works a lot of the weekend so thats an adjustment. Soon he will be looking for an official teaching job as he is student teaching now. We may have to move depending on jobs. Movings not my favorite thing. I did watch a little football over the weekend that was fun.
    Hollyhock flowers they sure are beautiful flowers. I’ll miss all the bright colors of Summer. Hope your Mondays a good one.

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