Question of the day from SKL

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

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22 Responses to Question of the day from SKL

  1. Joy says:

    I’ve gotten a few things. I can’ t shop this early. I end up giving people all their stuff early. I’m too excited to wait. I already gave something to Toby!

    • Just a Mom says:

      I used to do that too! I have gotten better in the past few years. My mom’s birthday was right before Christmas and I used to end up giving her all of her stuff for her birthday!

  2. Jason says:

    Yea I got my dad and brother some stuff from Cabela’s. I also got Hunter this awesome new toy… It’s a fireman’s pole. I figure WTH if he doesn’t like it I will just put it in some out of the way place like our bedroom corner.. HAHAHAHA

  3. Jenny says:

    I have not started my shopping yet. I’m usually a last minute shopper

  4. SKL says:

    Well, since I asked the question, it must have at least been on my mind. I have a couple things stashed away, but I have not started in earnest. Heck, I am still working on several birthdays that come before Christmas. I should start soon, though. I got a call from Oriental Trading Company saying “we noticed you placed a big Christmas order last year, so how can we help you do it again this year?” They are going to call me up some day in early November and talk me through an order. Should be interesting. I use them for the inexpensive bulk stuff such as stockings, gifts for the girls’ classmates, gifts for the step-grand-nieces/nephews, crafts for the girls to make for their relatives, etc. So I guess you could say I started “thinking about it” but haven’t done much.

  5. Sue says:

    I have 2 things, but I am in no way ready to shop for everyone. I’m VERY irritated that all the stores have Christmas stuff out already when we have 2 holidays to go through yet! I feel like Christmas has gotten way out of control and it’s not like I remember it being. Yes, I know I’ve grown up and times change, but it’s different.

    • Jenny says:

      You guys better start on those Christmas lights!!! LOL You too, Joy 😀

    • Joy says:

      LOL Jenny. You better put them up too. I can see your house from all the windows and only your mom and Kathy’s from the laundry room and bathroom. The ones on your deck always look so nice. Now you’re getting me excited.

      • Jenny says:

        Well I just have to get Jason on that roof to put them back up! They’re still attached but are falling The ones on the deck need to be tightened. I told my mom she will have to have them on for Thanksgiving or after since Jason’s family will be here. So they will be able to see all the neighbors lights!!

      • Joy says:

        I’m really hoping the ones on the barn light up. There’s no way Toby’s going up there again. That barn is too weak. He could fall right through the wall. Sue and I were really scared. But we should have them done by then.

        • SKL says:

          Hey, here’s an invention I should have mentioned on the last QOTD. Programmable outdoor lights that you can leave up all year. Christmas colors in December, orange in October, red-white-blue in July, etc. With different patterns, rhythms, maybe set to music . . . good idea? They probably exist, but there should be an affordable version for all of us.

        • Joy says:

          That would be SOOOO cool. I’d first in line. Sean and Vicki would be behind me!!!!

  6. Just a Mom says:

    I have 1 present stashed so far but I have not officially started shopping yet.

  7. Laura says:

    I haven’t started yet. Honestly, I’m not even thinking about it yet. I’m so absorbed in making a Halloween Costume (he has to have it for his school party TODAY, and it’s not quite done yet), and figuring out what we’re doing for Thanksgiving that Christmas is 2 months away, and I’m not even thinking about it.

    I’m with Sue – I got really ticked off yesterday when we were in Wal-Mart and Josh yelled, “Christmas Trees!!!” which was immediately followed with “Can we go home and put up OUR tree???” NO!!! It’s freakin’ OCTOBER. Christmas really has become a merchandise day… and I feel a post coming on.

    I HAVE, however, started thinking toward Christmas Cards. I didn’t get any out last year, and when my mom and I hit the After-Christmas Sales, I found ones that I really liked, for something ridiculous like 70% off. So I bought a bunch of boxes. I’ll probably get started on them next week so I can actually get them out on time this year (which means, mailing them after Thanksgiving).

    • Sue says:

      I thought the same thing about a post, Laura, when I was in Target on Tuesday and I heard Christmas MUSIC! Yes, I kid you not! I think it was coming from a display for CD’s, but it was playing none the less!

    • Joy says:

      Well I hope one of you write one and both aren’t just thinking about it because it would be a good post. I can’t stand it either.

  8. starlaschat says:

    Christmas I guess if I start to think about it now maybe it wont be so stressful down the road. I guess I’m not ready yet to think too much about it Holloween and Thanksgiving. Here we go one after another bring on the holidays. Sigh.

  9. Nikki says:

    No, and frankly I don’t even want to think about it. I break out in hives thinking about it, it just stresses me out.

    I know a few that will be getting a bag of coal from us this year…actually they don’t even deserve that.

  10. Karen Joy says:

    NO!Its WAY to early.We dont go crazy with gifts anyhow.Im not sure if my hubby and I will even buy eachother anything this year.I hate that christmas is all about the gifts,thats not what it means for me.

  11. SKL says:

    The other day I asked my daughters what comes out of a chimney, and one of them hollered, “Santa Claus!” And they already bought singing Rudolph and Clarice reindeer, several weeks ago. (They are up in the closet until the girls gather enough fall leaves to pay for them, though.)

    I’m just thinking that if I do a little here and there, it won’t be so hard all at once in December. There is so much to do, and having to take my kids everywhere, I really have to spread it out. The girls’ school program is the first week of December, so I’ll have to buy their dresses before that (unless last year’s still fit), take Christmas card photos, etc. I do a lot of online shopping nowadays, so I will have to place the orders well in advance. If I wait until Thanksgiving is behind us, I will definitely lose my mind.

    Hmm, I can almost smell the Christmas trees just thinking about it.

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