When I was a kid…

Remember the good old days? Remember the cartoons and TV shows from back then?! It sounds funny for me to say ‘back then’, but 20 years ago is ‘back then’ to me! I remember cartoons like The Smurfs, Care Bears, and Rainbow Bright. TV shows like Full House, Saved by the Bell and Who’s the Boss. TV shows and cartoons that were funny, but had content and something to say.

I’m having a hard time finding those anymore! Christopher, being 6, still likes cartoons. Thankfully, the cartoons he likes have a message in them somewhere. Well, for the most part! His favorite is probably Spongebob, but he also likes Battle Force 5 and Bakugan. Spongebob usually has a pretty good message by the end that deals with friendship or hard work. Battle Force 5, even though it’s a get the bad guys kinda show, has teamwork as their message. Bakugans I’m still trying to figure out!

Trinity, who is 10 going on 16, likes the Disney channel shows. Some of them I like and others just make me shake my head. I really like Wizards of Waverly Place as does Trin. They are a family of wizards who run a sub shop, and a lot of the shows involve working through a family problem or teenage problems. The characters are smart, kind, and thoughtful of others, but still shows the brother/sister battle in a true way. There is one ditzy character, but it’s not over the top and she always does the right thing.

Then there is The Suite Life on Deck. This show is about a high school on board of a cruise ship. Why there’s a high school on a cruise ship I haven’t figured out yet. I also haven’t figured out why you never see these kids parents! The two main characters are twin guys who over act and are always getting in dumb predicaments. I’m sure there is a lesson in the episodes somewhere, but I can’t get past the character London Tipton to figure out what is might be. This is how the D.C. describes her on the shows website: “The resident heir to the Tipton legacy, our fabulous celebutant had no idea she was going on her daddy’s boat for SCHOOL! Now that she’s here, she has to share a room with a stranger. This is not in her plan. London has to learn to share her life, and her room, with Bailey if they don’t kill each other first!” From what I’ve seen of the show, she’s a spoiled rich kid who is very materialistic, dumb in all sense of the word and who only cares about her makeup and clothes being perfect. She runs around the ship in high heels and expensive dresses batting her eyelashes and giggling like an idiot. It drives me nuts!

The fact that they write a character so dumb for a kids show irks me. Is that what the Disney Channel really wants young girls of the world to be? “All about me” people? We have enough of those! Thankfully, Trin doesn’t watch that one too often and London is a minor character, but what happened to the shows from ‘back then’ that actually taught you a real life lesson? And that showed TV family’s like all family’s – real!

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36 Responses to When I was a kid…

  1. Joy says:

    I canNOT stand Suite Life. I think it’s about the dumbest show I’ve ever sat through. I almost tell her she can’t watch it. It’s so badly acted. I can go for most cartoons but some of those shows drive me nuts. I actually miss Hannah Montana.

    I don’t know where good TV has gone. This is like the question the other day. I think people go too far and say way too many things that just don’t need to be said on TV. I have finally given up The View. One day last week all Joy Beyhar did was call some woman a bitch. Then Joan Rivers came on and was joking about a diet and she went on to tell how many calories were in a tsp of sperm and I was actually offended. This is on at 10 in the damn morning. I was just grateful none of my grandchildren were sitting here with me. I turned it off and won’t watch again. Are you kidding me??? Why does that need to be said at all and why in the early AM? Then later in the week I was watching that new show, The Talk, and bitch got bleeped out. Why is okay for some networks to say certain words and not others?

    I think we, as in viewers need to switch channels. If we don’t watch, the shows won’t make it. Maybe we need to do that because I’ve really noticed this lately too Sue.

  2. Jason says:

    Sue I think it is funny that you have brought this up. I try every once in a while to get Hunter to watch some of the old looney toon cartoons along with Yogi the bear, the Smurfs, and how about the Snorks, remember them. Sometimes he will watch them other times its all about Spongebob and his train videos. One of his new favorites is Chuggington, and I have to admit I like watching it with him.

    • Joy says:

      That’s funny you should bring that up Jason. I can get all 3 of my chicklets to watch the old ones. Even the black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons. Hunter just needs to get another year or two older. He likes what he likes right now. I remember when it was all about Dora and then Hannah Montana.

      Bailey and Trin like Wizards of Waverly and they all love Spongebob but they also like the old ones shows and cartoons but it takes time. I can even get them to watch Little House but it’s got to be introduced to them. If I take them upstairs and “we” pick something out, they’re happy to watch other things but if only TV is on, that’s what they’ll sit in front of. Keep introducing Hunter to knew things. It will make him like more variety.

  3. SKL says:

    Well, I was already too old for cartoons and “family shows” by the time those favorites of yours started running. When I was a kid, my favorites were the Little Rascals, Little House, and that’s pretty much it. The Brady Bunch was on, but I always hated it. The two older girls were all about “being popular” while the youngest was always portrayed as an immature baby. The Partridge Family turned me off because everyone was always upbeat and smiling. Gimme a break. Even Little House used to bug me becasue (a) Laura found some excuse to bawl in every single episode, and (b) it was always politically correct, rather than historically authentic (and yeah, I knew that even then). You might not want your kids watching The Little Rascals, but honestly, that was the only “down to earth” kids’ show when I was young, and even then, only the older ones.

    I think that part of the problem is that there is always pressure on even the best shows to trend toward PC. All in the Family used to be the bomb when the Bunkers were unapologetically conservative. (Note, this was intended as a parody – the show’s creators were liberals – and smart people on both sides found it funny as hell.) Then over time, they had to work in this theme or that theme to show they were sensitive to different groups. Pretty soon the whole show was a bunch of namby-pamby slop and it lost ratings and ended.

    Nowadays it’s not considered enough to be racially inclusive, etc. You have to be immorally-inclusive, too. You have to include some young teen who is a really nice person except for the fact that she had unprotected sex and got pregnant. And kids doing drugs, disrespecting their parents and teachers, having eating disorders, etc. If you dare to have a character who isn’t bent on ruining his future, that character has to be a complete nerd. Why? Because a wholesome teen lifestyle is either (a) boring, (b) unbelievable, or (c) hurtful to those who aren’t so lucky – or is it really (d) not good for business in Hollywood?

    I don’t watch TV, but I know my kids will want to watch it when they are older. TV on its own isn’t going to ruin kids, but we have to make sure that parents communicate with kids enough to balance out the crap they see on TV. The first thing I will tell my kids is that nothing on TV is realistic for mainstream USA. It’s all selective reporting, exaggeration, and even fantasy, often with some underlying agenda. So watch it, but keep that in mind.

  4. I agree the rich girl on Suite Life is dumb and the show was somewhat better before they went on a cruise ship? Makes no sense!

    What happened to Full House and good clean shows? It’s hard to watch any primetime that is not violence and sex scenes. I miss the good ol’ TV days. πŸ™‚

  5. Ellen says:

    I cannot agree more with you guys. It is amazing at prime time for children they show so much violence, sexual tinted series. Where did the innocence go?

  6. shanef says:

    I used to love watching the old shows that you mentioned. I don’t like to admit it but I used to watch full house everyday after school. There was always a “good message” at the end of every show. Who’s the boss was a great show also. My favorite cartoon from back in the day was GI Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I haven’t seen any of the new shows on the Disney Channel, but I used to like the Lizzie Mcguire show “don’t tell anybody”
    I understand what your saying, there just isn’t any shows on tv like that now.
    Family Ties was another good show.

  7. Just a Mom says:

    My girls watch all that junk on the Disney Channel. When my oldest was about 8 I tried to ban th DC but I think it lasted a week. My parents used to feel the same way about the shows I watched when I was younger, remember The Facts of Life? My mom hated that show and I probably watched it just because she hated it!

  8. Laura says:

    We don’t have cable so I can’t talk about The Suite Life, or Spongebob, or much of anything else like that, because I’ve never seen them. And I cant’ really talk much about current TV shows, because we just don’t watch that much.

    I *can* say… I used to love the old ‘family’ shows… Family Ties, Growing Pains, even Full House. Yeah, the families were mostly squeaky-clean, but I distinctly remember one episode of Family Ties, when Alex started taking drugs (amphetamines) so he could keep up with all his work. It wasn’t brushed of as ‘haha, look how funny, and let’s be tolerant because it’s an illness’. It was treated as a serious problem, it showed how mean he was to his family, how it completely changed his personality, and how hard it was for him to quit. I never got my values or morals from television, but these shows sure helped prop up the ones that I had already learned from my own parents.

    Shows today don’t do that. Even the adult shows. I rarely watch anything, because, honestly, I can’t identify with anything. Remember, I just have network. So what are my choices? Reality TV? Crime shows that are in their eighty-seventh reincarnation? Not “reality” and certainly not interesting anymore. The closest thing to “reality” for me – the show that most closely matches my life? RED GREEN!!! Duct Tape: the handyman’s Secret Weapon!

    I restrict Josh to PBS (Clifford, Curious George, Dinosaur Train, Thomas) and a channel called Qubo (Jane and the Dragon, Sitting Ducks), because I know that I can let him watch for a little while and not worry about it. Unfortunately, pretty soon, he’s going to totally outgrow that stuff, and there’s going to be nothing left. Because I really *dislike* the ‘tween’ offerings that are on.

    Fortunately, he REALLY likes the Bugs Bunny crew, and Tom & Jerry. I think Santa is going to be bringing him some of those DVD’s this year. I’ll sit and watch those with him for hours.

    • Sue says:

      Both of my kids like Qubo. Chris loves Tom and Jerry, but I had to say no to that one b/c he was starting to mimic some of the naughty things they did. Can’t be having him hit someone over the head and laugh about it! I also agree, Laura, that the old shows upheld the values that you were taught. I remember that Family Ties episode and feeling very uncomfortable watching it with my family. That was a great show.

  9. mssc54 says:

    Well I’m a bit more “seasoned” than many of the commenters. I actually think Disney does more harm than good. I don’t like the way they dress the girls. I mean everything seems sexualized and many times when there are both boys and girls there is something about prepubescents seeking relationships with each other. Let kids be kids for goodness sakes!

    QUBO channel and animal planet are what our kids watch 99% of the time.


  10. Sue says:

    You know what else I was thinking of when I wrote this post? That cartoons use to be one a LOT LESS then they are now. There might be a couple on right away in the morning and then after school, otherwise you had to wait until Saturday morning to get your run of cartoons. It made them more fun to watch, I think, b/c you couldn’t have them whenever you wanted. You what other show I loved as a kid? Mr. Rogers! I loved when he took the train to…to…ah crap! What was the town called??!!!! That was my favorite part of the show.

    • Nikki says:

      The neighborhood of Make Believe. Right??? I’ll write more, the cable guy is here right now.

    • Joy says:

      I was thinking that too Sue when I first read this. There just wasn’t that much stuff on TV for kids “back in the day.” I know when Jason and Toby got home from school they watched Inspector Gadget and Baby Loony Tunes and that was it and a talk show came on. We never watched TV before school but I can remember myself how excited I got for Saturday morning. Now that’s nothing special.

    • Jenny says:

      I always remembered watching cartoons before school on channel 9. Now they don’t even have any cartoons on regular channels. Now all they have on is news. Its all on the disney channel now. I try to get Hunter to watch Sesame Street. but he seems to have no interest in it. It’s definitley not like it used to be when I watched it!

  11. SKL says:

    Yeah, my childhood memories of Saturday morning involve my siblings urging me to wake up because I was missing the cartoons. If it weren’t for cartoons, I probably woul have slept until lunch. Some things never change!

  12. Nikki says:

    Thankfully Bailey is past Suite Life. He doesn’t really watch any cartoons anymore. He watches and LOVES Full House. He watches Sci-Fi shows, and Discovery shows more than anything. Monster Quest is one of his favorites. He loves AFV. That’s something we all can sit and watch, and laugh together.

    We all like watching Wizards of Waverly Place. I liked Hannah Montana, and Cory in the House. He likes the Jonas Brothers, and a few more I just can’t think of the names. I-Carly is good too, I think.

    I miss the old cartoons too, and I have been debating on whether or not to get the Boomerang channel. Smurfs, Jetsons…the good ones! I also loved Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers…now I have that song in my head.

    TV changes with the times, just like everything else. It’s just the way it goes. I’m just glad they still offer the oldies!!!!

  13. Gary says:

    Great post Sue and I couldn’t agree more. The good ol’ days of TV seem to be gone for good. I say bring back The Cosby Show, Carrol Burnett and Family Ties!!! πŸ™‚

  14. starlaschat says:

    After school specials they were a little corney but I liked them. I remember Saturday always being the big cartoon day. Captain Kanagroo I hardely remember but the red barn and the guy with the white beard? Is that right? That hurt my head stretching that far back. Lately we are shocked alot about what’s on prime time TV often saying “can you believe they said that?” It sad the innocent days of TV are gone. Also somthing that I’ve noticed is lying on commericals Moms lying to kids and the the other way around, a Tide commercial comes to mind there’s a couple of others. I don’t think it’s a good message to send out.

    • Joy says:

      Yes, I loved Captain Kangaroo too. Mr. Greenjeans was on there and I do think he had white hair and there was a big red barn. LOL! This has been a fun post.

  15. mssc54 says:

    Back in the late 50s-mid 60s when I was a little boy I liked to watch

    Rin Tin Tin
    Sky King
    Petty Coat Junction
    The Man From Uncle
    Green Acres
    Bugs Bunny
    Road Runner

    Heck, some of them were even in color!! πŸ™‚

  16. kweenmama says:

    Bummer, I got in this conversation late and most of what I would have said has been said. But I WILL say this…I have never liked Suite and cringe any time my kids have it on. And they don’t like it when I am in the room and it is on because I make comments the entire time about how dumb the show is, or how unrealistic it is, or how stupid a certain character is acting. It seems to have curtailed how often they watch it. πŸ˜‰

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