Pull Up a Tailgate

In honor of Bailey’s big day yesterday, today, we’re tailgating!!  So, grab a burger or a dog, snuggle in your favorite NFL jacket, and settle down on your canvas chair with a beer.

Join the chat, enjoy your time here.  Tell us what you did this weekend, what your plans for the week are.  Remember, be nice.  We’re all friends here, even those of you not wearing Blue and Orange! (yeah, HE might be a Vikings fan, but for me, it’s Bears, all the way.)

So, pass me a Mt. Dew and a cheeseburger, and let’s get on with it!

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27 Responses to Pull Up a Tailgate

  1. Joy says:

    I’ll be back in the morning. I’m so frustrated. I bit the bullet and went and got a new laptop/notebook today and do you think I can find the router security key ANYWHERE??? NO!!! I have to wait for the phone company to open up and I know they’ll be able to help. It’s frustrating because I’ve spent so much time trying to find it. Now I wish I’d have just waited.

    Thanks for doing this post so last minute for me and yes we know you’re for D’Bears and we play you next week. We need help!!

  2. Sue says:

    Ah sorry mum! That stinks 😦 I get to go to work for half a day and then head to school for conferences. We switched to trimesters this year so the conference schedule is later than it use to be. I’m expecting rave reviews!

    Well, we got the bathroom done this weekend! I’m very happy and still can’t believe we did it all in like 12 hours. I decided to paint my kids’ bathroom on Saturday at about noon. I ran out of blue tape half way through so we headed to town to buy more and get the paint around 2pm. Toby was golfing so he didn’t know of my plan until we met up for supper, but he was alright with it. Well, I also bought a new vanity top for the cabinet and I didn’t think it’d be a big deal to change. Boy, was I wrong! Fresh paint, a new counter top and one vanity later, the bathroom is back together 🙂

    Other than that not much else is new with us!

  3. mssc54 says:

    Busy weekend; cut a little firewood for a friend on Saturday, my Mrs.’ mom had another stroke yesterday so that was a crazy busy day.

    This week is busy with work, hospital visits and… life. 🙂

    • mssc54 says:

      OH! I forgot one of the most interesting things about my weekend.

      I rarely work on weekends but I was persuaded to go into the Historic District for just a “small/quick job.” I got a call from the manager of “The Governor’s House Inn” saying that their dryer ducts were clogged and she practically begged me to come and clean them out since they were full and I would make their housekeeping staff very happy. So I figured it would only take me about an hour and I could get down there and back berfore 9:30. WRONG!

      I must say though the ride in was just beautiful. When I reached the harbour the view along the City Marina was just spectacular! The Girls is using the picture I took with my phone as their header. I have never seen this berfore. The sun had only been up for less than hour. There was a very heavy mist over the top of the water about ten to twelve high that was being wisked (from right to left) along by a slight wind. I don’t want to soujnd to “girlie” or anything but it was beautiful it was almost breathtaking! I just had to stop and get a pic of it. I just wish I had thought to do a video.

      • Laura says:

        That is a cool pic, MSSC… I had wondered about it. I’ve learned to keep my camera in my truck, because I see so many cool things along the way. Of course, when I do that, then I’m kicking myself that I left it in the truck when Josh or the dog are doing something goofy…

      • Joy says:

        Thanks for letting us use the pic for the header. I really like it but I wish I could find a better match for the sides but when I try to go light blue-ish/purple-ish, it doesn’t look good. It’s got to be “just right” so I went with the pale butter yellow. Maybe I’ll try fiddling with it today. Does anyone have a suggestion for the side colors with this header?????

      • Jason says:

        I figured this pictures must have been from your files. The SC coast was the first thing I thought of when I seen it. I can’t wait until next year when we get down that way (Hilton Head).

        • mssc54 says:

          HH is much mo” commercial” than Charleston. Althou both cater to tourists. HH just has the beaches where as, in addition to the beaches, Charleston has all the historic stuff. Ft. Sumpter, Ft. Moultri and others along with the Historical Gardens etc. Plus you will get a carriage ride through the Historic District in HH…just beaches and golf of course.

    • Laura says:

      Oh, dear… prayers for your MIL. You guys ok?

      • mssc54 says:

        Thanks Laura,

        Yeh we are okay. Just trying to figure out the hospital schedule (who is going to stay with her when) and then when she is released to go home, how all that will work out too.

  4. SKL says:

    I took the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge kiddy resort over the weekend, and was joined by my sisters and niece. It was pretty nice, all things considered. The resort would get an A+ except that I think I’m having an allergic reaction to their linens, and I might have gotten bug bites during the night. Now I’m starting to worry about bedbugs / fleas, but I don’t want to overreact. Nobody else is complaining so far. The only problem I’ve had since getting home (so far) is a very itchy rash that is spreading more and more. I’ve had this happen to me before and if I recall correctly, it was so bad that I took off like 2 weeks of work, which I never do. I could not bear to have clothes on certain areas of my skin. I hope it doesn’t get that bad this time. Work or not, I still have to take care of my kids, so I hope I do the right things to get this behind me quick.

    Speaking of work, I had finished all my weekend stuff before leaving on Friday, but then a client sent revised data for a report that I have to finish for an 11am call today. So although I really want to be lying around doing nothing, I have to get that done. I had better get to it. If I get a chance, I will drop by later, but today is going to be a busy day.

    • SKL says:

      Even though the day is over, I just had to mention how the day went on. I got a call from my kids’ school telling me that my kid was having a difficult bowel movement – not sure what they thought I was going to do about that; thankfully, it resolved itself. Then later, at the McD’s play place, I accidentally threw my Blackberry into the garbage. And I didn’t realize it until after it was buried deep in the trash compactor. Some guy had to go in there and dig it out, and he was not happy. Maybe if I hadn’t been itching like crazy by then, I would have thought to give him a nice tip. So after cleaning off the phone, we came home and my kid threw up her entire stomach contents and then some; got most of it in the right place, but I still had some to clean up. Finally someone dropped a whole pint of mango juice all over the floor and I was invited to clean that up as well. Now I am sitting here itching and bitching and hoping that tomorrow is a much better day.

      • Joy says:

        Oh no SKL. What a terrible day. Look at it this way, it can only go up from here. Sending smiles.

      • mssc54 says:

        Okay, it’s tomorrow now. Howzit going? Any puke, mango juice, McDonald’s trash, blackberry stories today? lol Oh, and any itchy, bitchy news?

        • SKL says:

          Itchy, yes. Bitchy, yes. Irritations at work, check. No calls from the school. Haven’t gotten the kids yet, so we’ll see how that goes. Tonight after I take the girls to dinner, we are going to drop off a donation of Halloween candy and Christmas trinkets. The official at the charity will give the girls a ten-cent tour and a little talk about needy kids and such. Since I just took an oatmeal bath and slathered myself in anti-itch lotion, hopefully I will feel OK through all that and still good enough to go grocery shopping. Then I will toss my kids in bed and take some generic Benadryl and hopefully pass out in blissful sleep. Or better yet, if I feel good enough, I will catch up on my Rush reading and then seek medicated sleep.

  5. Nikki says:

    We had a good weekend. Got the house cleaned out of anything useless, and old. Got rid of the old couch sitting upstairs, the old TV, everything that has just been sitting up there. So now it looks naked up there, but it looks nice. The weather was beautiful, perfect for working in the house and outside.

    Sunday Bailey got to go to the Vikings game and they WON!!!! What an exciting ending! I think I had a few mild heart attacks. Oakland won too, the same way, in OT! Yea, I am a Raiders fan too. Give me a break, I have been since the 6th grade.

    Now, today started out with me on my roof getting my cat off there. Not sure how he even got out, or how he got on the roof. I got the ladder, and he came right to me, scared obviously. Damn animals will be the death of me!

    • Joy says:

      HE??? As in Felix??? OMG! How did he get outside?? Poor thing.

      • Nikki says:

        Yes, Felix. 😦 I don’t know but Jason said he thought it was odd that he wasn’t following him around and scratching at the bathroom door this morning. So that leads me to believe he was out all night. Poor thing is right!!! He’s passed out warm under his blanket, on his chair. It scares me how much I love him, but you know…you feel the same way about Maddie.

        • Laura says:

          I know that feeling… only cat I ever owned, I made him afraid to go outside. I know what can happen to cats that live outside… shudder… Glad you got your little guy back!

  6. Joy says:

    Well, so far, I HATE my new computer. They’ve totally changed Chrome and won’t let me add any of my favorite places to the bar under the address bar like I used to be able to do. Just click and you’re there. What makes me so mad is they must have just recently changed it because I was able to do it on Paul’s computer. If I try and drag the link it opens in the window. SO, I had to go back to Safari. I hate clicking to open a bookmark folder when I used to be able to just click an icon right on my home page. I’ll be checking out new browsers today. Why did chrome have to do that?????

    • Laura says:

      You know, all joking aside… I suspect that many of the problems I had early on with Vista was the security settings. But I don’t remember how I fixed them. You might see if you can rearrange them. I don’t know how tho.

  7. Joy says:

    Karen saved my day. YEAH to Karen Joy. She figured out how to get that bar to save all my favorite places from one click away to 4. Why in the world do they change stuff like that? It’s got nothing to do with improving anything. It took us all afternoon Facebooking back and forth but that girl did it.

    I have a lot more work to do. I now wonder about the way other people see things. I can barely see the header and the sides look white where with my other laptop the sides look like a buttery yellow.

    How does everyone else see it?

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