Ho..Lee… Crap!!!

Watch this:

Ok.  Got your breath back?

Now, here’s the explanation:

“This is a video of a stunt pilot who, in real life, is a Delta Airlines pilot.  His act at air shows is to pretend that he is a drunken spectator, who rushes from the stands and jumps into a Piper Cub and takes off without any understanding of how to fly a plane.

The Piper Cub is actually specifically built to withstand an enormous amount of stress and has a very powerful engine.

This type of stunt is actually the most dangerous of air show acts, because of the low altitude at which the pilot performs…   Obviously, this pilot possesses unbelievable skill.”

And my commentary:

1.  Our town occasionally plays host to an airshow.  I really hope they find this guy and invite him out.

2.  If I ever find myself a passenger on a Delta plane?  I hope THIS GUY is in the driver’s seat.

**Update: Thanks to Big Brother Lurker Mike, I know who the pilot is.  He is Kyle Franklin, who, with his wife Amanda, run Franklin’s Flying Circus and Airshow.  They are wing-walkers, pilots, and all-around air lunatics.***

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6 Responses to Ho..Lee… Crap!!!

  1. mssc54 says:

    THAT really takes some skill!! I wonder how many hours he has behind the stick.

    • Laura says:

      He learned to fly at age 8. So I’m guessing, more than a few. I would LOVE to see this live. It’s freakin’ amazing.

  2. starlaschat says:

    Amazing video lots of talent nice to see so much skill.

  3. Joy says:

    WOW!!! It’s a good thing I haven’t had my lunch yet or I’d have lost it.

  4. SKL says:

    Very cool, but wouldn’t that cause some people in the crowd to have heart attacks?

    • Laura says:

      Maybe at the first wing-touch, but after that, I think it would be pretty obvious – especially to the airshow crowd – that this is a ‘bit’. And not just because they didn’t mobilize any emergency equipment.

      Short story: a couple years ago, at our town’s airshow, we had a guy come in under radio silence. The airfield had notified FAA and others in the area that our field was closed for the afternoon, therefore, it was illegal to land there, unless you had an emergency. One of the performers was in the middle of his act and we heard him call in… (my brother had brought his radio out so we could listen to the pilot/tower chat), “I’m just going to circle up here at this altitude until that guy lands.” Then we heard the tower trying to make contact with a plane that most of us could barely see. No answer, after repeated calls. When the guy landed, he was escorted by a couple of the emergency vehicles that were there, and he got a personal escort by the Fire Chief to the authorities.

      So if somebody REALLY stole a plane off the runway at something like this, you’d see a LOT more mobilization, not just the mechanic slapping his hat on his leg in frustration.

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