Jump up, get out outa your seats and do a little dance! COME ON…It’s FRIDAY! 🙂 And that alone is reason enough to celebrate! Just don’t hurt yourself!

It’s been a pretty long week for us in this house. Bailey was home sick Tuesday and Wednesday and that throws everything off. He was better by Thursday and was able to go back to school. We really nipped that one in the bud quick. OJ, medicine, hot tea, Vick’s, you name it, we did it! Why? Because he has a very special date with his grandparents Friday night. I know grandma is very excited, maybe as excited as Bailey is! He’s going to be having a sleepover with them. I can’t wait to hear all about it Saturday. He has so much fun out there, in the “country” as he calls it! LOL

So, while he is out spending time with his grandma and grandpa, I get my hubby all to myself for a “date night.” Those are very few and far between. We’re going out to dinner to a place called Axels, and then well head home for a movie and cuddling. Okay, okay, I’ll stop with all that mushiness! But I am very excited. 🙂 Jason made me laugh the other day, we had some friends over and he said to them, “Next Friday night, DO NOT come over!” So they were forewarned! Then Saturday we’ll head out to pick him up, and spend some time out in the “country.”

Oh and it’s my grandma Ruth’s 80th birthday today!!! 🙂 She’s an incredible women, my soft place to fall growing up. She doesn’t own a computer, but I’ll say it here anyway…HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!

So what was your week like? Are you as giddy about it being Friday as I am, any plans???

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23 Responses to TGIF….FINALLY!!!!

  1. Joy says:

    Happy birthday to your grandma. I like to think this house is Bailey, Trinity and Christopher’s soft place to fall. Unless it’s something rude or disrespectful or harmful to the animals, they can pretty much do what they want. Let me tell you, when I yell or “talk” to them, they knock it off rightnow because it hardly ever happens.

    I am very excited to have Bailey here. He hasn’t stayed overnight since last summers golf lessons. That’s a year and not this past summer. We plan to have a really good time with him. We want to go to Fleet Farm tomorrow night and get a “few” more decorations and a “few” more lights. It’s Christmas time in our neighborhood and the race is on. I hope Bailey enjoys it.

    Not much else I guess. My throat is almost feeling good. Sipping warm stuff seems to be the key. I’ve been sipping soup all week. I’ve been taking the noodles out and sipping chicken noodle soup. That feels really nice.

    I’m sure I’ll be back a million times.

  2. Joy says:

    I forgot to say that video made me laugh so dog on hard I almost wet my pants. When that guys head goes through the chair while doing a handstand, I thought I was going to keel over. LOL!!! Great one. I don’t know how you guys find all the good video’s. I’m not patient enough to sift through them.

  3. SKL says:

    This week has been kind of a blur. I think. I’m still on the steroid that the doctor prescribed (tomorrow I take the last pill, I think), and it is making me stupid. Either that, or I’m aging very rapidly.

    This week, every day has been such a long day. Monday we were still tired from our very long Sunday – I did not sleep Sunday night at all – and then we had vision therapy in the evening. Tuesday and Wednesday I had early morning meetings, which meant getting up a couple hours early so I could get the kids and myself ready, take out the garbage, clean up, pack, and drop the kids off, all before I’m usually even out of bed. Then we had to work in our daily therapy in the evenings. Wednesday evening was also “museum day” and I worked into that some shopping for my niece’s first birthday. During the work days, I had a big closing going on (in addition to the conferences I was attending), and that got pretty stressful as it kept taking unexpected turns.

    Today I took it a bit easier. I cleaned out a couple of dresser drawers, did the week’s laundry, cleaned out the fridge, did some cleanup of my computer files, played piano, and didn’t spend much time on actual work today, but I deserved and needed the break. This evening I took the girls swimming. I packed a shampoo and tomorrow’s clothes, and gave them their showers right there in the rec center, to save some time.

    On Sunday night (or was it Monday), aside from working, I got some online Christmas shopping done. So far I’ve completed my Oriental Trading shopping, ordered the girls’ watches and some music CDs, and ordered my free gift cards from Discover. Hey, any progress is better than nothing. I had a couple of coupons which I somehow forgot to use – thanks to my meds, I assume. But on the positive side, while cleaning out a drawer today, I found some cash I didn’t realize I had – a lot more than those forgotten coupons.

    So am I ready for the weekend? Heck yeah. If only so that I can get caught up with work! Seriously. I have been just getting by for the past 2-3 weeks, between being sick, being on drugs, and being sidetracked. I want my brain back!

    Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend!

    • SKL says:

      I just got done placing a couple more online Christmas orders. Now if everything comes like it’s supposed to, I will be done with most of the kids on my list, and maybe some of the adults. And my niece’s and daughter’s birthdays, too. Woo hoo! I even bought myself one or two things. Ha! Like I need any more clutter . . . .

      Now the challenge will be to NOT buy more stuff for the people who are done . . . . And of course hiding the stuff from my kids . . . .

    • SKL says:

      So much for having a normal Friday. I was informed at 6am this morning that I needed to be at work for a meeting before 8am. Wash hair, get kids ready, fight traffic, etc. 3 days in one week is too many, especially without advance notice. Grrr. The fact that I hadn’t gone to bed until around 5am did not help matters. But I think I’m over it now.

    • Nikki says:

      I am thinking I should do all my Xmas shopping on Amazon. A girlfriend purchased 14 items, including bedding and video games…and all she spent was $150!!! I can handle that!

  4. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday to your Grandma!

    I really wish Josh’s grandparents lived closer. I miss that for him – and for me, being able to send him somewhere for a night 🙂 .

    My week went by fast – busy, busy. Tuesday was our Den Meeting, at which I forgot to remind everyone about the Pack Fundraiser on Wednesday night! So Wednesday, I spent stressing out because we had “first shift”, and none of my Tigers knew about it, and I’d never done this particular fundraiser before, and whattheheck am I supposed to be doing??? One of the Webelos (4th & 5th graders in the pack) leaders called, and said, “You’ve never done this before… would you like me to come and help?” YES PLEASE!! So she and her son came to help, I had one of my Tiger/Moms show up, and things went off very well. We worked the dinner shift at Pizza Ranch, clearing away dirty dishes and washing tables. The pack gets to keep all tips, gets a cut of the evening’s profits, and gets any profits from coupon-punch cards that we sell. It’s a nice deal for the pack, and we all have a really good time.

    Yesterday, we went to the Big City, intending to switch cell phone carriers and purchase two new phones, and we discovered that the phone they said was blind-friendly (would talk to him)… wasn’t. So we didn’t switch carriers, and I still have no coverage at my house. I am so incredibly angry at ALL cell carriers right now. I’ve got the double-whammy going on: I live in the country with a person who can’t use a regular cellphone. We might as well be Amish, for all the companies care. AARGHGHGHGH!!!

    But tonight? I’M SO EXCITED!!! I have my ticket for HARRY POTTER!!! A friend and I are going to see the 9:45 showing! Which means… I’m going somewhere with another woman, without a husband or a child tagging along!! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and my child, but sometimes it’s nice to just get out and do stuff without them. I’m all a-titter.

    But, before that, I have to go help set up our school’s craft fair/bake sale (happening at the school tomorrow from 8-1, for anyone who is going to be in our neighborhood…. ). This year, we’re trying to do an inventory of everything before it gets put out, so we can (hopefully) get an idea of what sells well, which, in turn, will give us an idea of what kinds of things to request for next year… So I’m likely to be gone for most of the day again. It’s times like this I wish I had internet access on something like a cellphone or an iPod, so I can keep track of the conversation around here. I’d have jumped in sooner yesterday….

    • Joy says:

      I’m sorry about the phone deal. All of us out here know what you mean. Sometimes mine works at home but most of the time it doesn’t but it still works to text.

      Have a great time tonight. I’m envious. I wish my girlfriend lived closer so we could do stuff like that. I mean I have other friends but not the kind I go out and do girl stuff with. I miss that.

      I guess we can forgive you being gone yesterday *sigh* Just kidding. I blocked that person. I don’t want anyone like that coming to our blog. I mean REALLY!

    • Nikki says:

      I have family that lives in Oelwein, Iowa and they have a Pizza Ranch, great pizza!!!! Have fun at Harry Potter!!!

      • Laura says:

        You have family in Oelwein?!?!?!?!?!


        • Nikki says:

          20 minutes?!?!?!?!? You’ve gotta be kidding me! I go down as much as I can! I was just down there the end of July! It’s such a small rinky dink town, but I love going! I always have my cousin take me out to see the Amish people! LOL Well the next time I go down, and I WILL, probably spring or summer, I will let you know and we will meet!!!!!!

          Wow, that’s crazy!!!

  5. Jenny says:

    Happy Friday!! Yay, and I feel better. Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks. 24 hr flu really sucks! I literally didn’t leave the bedroom. My mom was nice enough to watch Hunter for a few hours so I could rest. Tomorrow the in-laws come!!! I have so much cleaning to do…grrr Tomorrow’s supposed to be nice then they’re gonna freeze their butts off! Coming from SC to MN big difference. lol So the weekend will be filled with cleaning and hanging the rest of our Christmas lights and spending time with family!!! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Joy says:

      Tonight we are going to Fleet Farm to pick up some more lights and another figure for the front yard. Toby may help us do the lilac bush tomorrow if it’s not too cold.

      I’m so glad you’re feeling better. That really does suck but it’s over now at least. I’m sure that cold/warm thing will be a huge shock for them. How long are they staying?

      • Jenny says:

        They are staying for a week. for our lights we need to run the extension cords and I have some rope lighting I need to figure out where to put.

      • Joy says:

        We only have the figures out by the barn but they aren’t attached to anything yet either but when Toby and the kids offered to help last Sunday I sure wasn’t going to turn that down. The extension cords are on Paul’s list. He’s always done them. We just have to take it a lot slower than we used to. I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE EVERYONES LIGHTS. I can see Santa at your mom and Sean’s.

  6. mssc54 says:

    YAY for date night!

    This week has been a bit challenging for me. Since my mother-in-love had a stroke my Mrs. has been staying over there since Sunday!

    I don’t much like this “single parent” life style. I finally went to COSTCO and bought frozen stuff that I can prepare if she’s there next week. 😦

    On a positive note I went on a field trip with our 3rd grader’s class today. We went to Fourt Moultru and it was pretty cool. I had six in my group and since this is my third field trip with them this year they all pretty much knew what sort of behavior I expected out of them.

    I took lots of pictures of the kids and the fourt. They are on Facebook if you want to see them!

    • Joy says:

      I’m sorry about the MIL. What’s the prognosis? I love your photo’s of the trip.

    • Laura says:

      Ok, I totally had to read this sentence twice:

      “I finally went to COSTCO and bought frozen stuff ”

      Because the first time? My brain inserted “babysitter” in place of “frozen stuff”

  7. Laura says:

    T-minus-3:24 until I leave for my Girls Night!! WOOHOO!!!

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