Pull Up a Chair

Because it’s Thanksgiving Week, because the Kitchen is the heart of the home and where the best conversations usually take place, and because I’m obsessing over getting a new kitchen table for my house – THAT kitchen table in the picture, to be exact – I’m holding this week’s “Pull Up” in the kitchen.  Again.

So, pull up a chair.  Coffee’s on, water’s warming for tea, and this morning I have cinnamon monkey bread (because monkey bread makes me laugh).  This afternoon, we’ll have appetizers and soda, and later, pumpkin pie and ice cold milk.

As always, share a story, tell us what’s going on in your life.  Have a spirited debate, or look for condolences.  The only rule is: be nice.  If you’re not, we boot you out without ceremony, and eat your piece of pie.

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28 Responses to Pull Up a Chair

  1. Joy says:

    My butt is just dragging tonight and our hearts got ripped out and handed to us today. I’m Wii bowling and Miller High Life drinking. Will be back tomorrow. I love this kitchen too. I want the whole thing. I HATE my kitchen.

  2. SKL says:

    Well, since I love a good piece of pumpkin pie, I shall try to conduct myself properly.

    Oh man, I can just “taste” my dad’s pumpkin pie right now – only 4 more days – mmmm.

    So I can’t remember what I have reported in the past week or so, because I have had a bit of brain fry. Apologies if any of this is a repeat.

    This year I’m going to my folks’ for Thanksgiving, as usual. Unlike most years, my oldest brother is not coming with his tribe, and my mom is making spaghetti casserole, not turkey. So I hope that it will be more relaxing than it has been in recent years. My folks’ health is not that great, so they really don’t need any added stress. Not that having my kids over is entirely stress-free, but trust me, this will be different. And believe it or not, I like spaghetti casserole better than turkey. Ha! I’m planning to spend the night at my folks’ house Thursday night and drive home Friday night, so I can be back to work on Saturday morning. I think that will make for less stress in the long run. After all, 1.5 days off is a lot around here.

    This evening I realized how much my kids take technology for granted. I was reading a storybook about monsters and Miss A said, “I have to go get my bear. Can you pause it?”

    I got still more Christmas shopping done. Boy, I’m on a roll! Hooray for online shopping (and TJ Maxx)! I will still have some hands-on work to do in December, but it should be a lot less than usual.

    Today I pretty much decided that I am going to join the church, and looked into their school application as well. It seems the kids have to go there for KG in order to be guaranteed a spot in 1st grade, so I’m not sure how that’s going to go. I really want to keep them where they are through KG. It’s a lot closer to home, open 6:30 to 6:30, and has high academic standards with lots of extras. I’ll have to talk to someone, but I’m not sure what the right timing will be. So now I have something new to worry about, yippee!

    Speaking of kids and formalities, this Tuesday we have our final meeting with the adoption social worker (3-year post-placement visit). I don’t foresee any major problems, though my kids are at an age when you never know what they might say. Last week Miss E commented that she was going to put a sticker on my “ass.” What? I don’t even talk like that, so there must be someone at school saying that. (Yeah, I’ve said F- around my kids a few times, but at least they know that’s a cuss word.) She hasn’t repeated it after I pointed out that it was a “bad word,” but who knows what will be next? I am always joking about stuff that might sound un-funny in the wrong context. Like, today one of the dolls was making an obnoxious crying noise, so I said “she’d better shut up or I’ll give her something to cry about.” Wouldn’t that sound lovely restated in front of the social worker? But, at least this is her last visit. (Assuming I don’t get reported for anything, LOL.)

    On the work front, I didn’t get done as much as intended this weekend, which means another late night tonight. I am starting to feel a little less stupid, but still kind of tired. Also, I’m feeling itchy again, though not as bad as before. Lord help me if that itch comes back for the holiday. I hope it’s just seasonal dry skin.

    Oh well, I had better get back to work. I hope everyone has a pleasant week and gets to eat what they really like on Thanksgiving!

    • lucy says:

      Good luck with the visit. 🙂

    • Joy says:

      I’m so glad you will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving this year. I know what a pain this brother and his whole group cause everyone. I also think it’s fine if you don’t have turkey. I personally can’t stand it and we’re not having it this year either.

      I can see how the school hours would be really hard for you. I know none of our schools keep those kind of hours so I hope you can work it out.

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your last meeting with the adoption people. You’ll have to try and not worry. I’m sure they’re heard it all coming from the mouths of babes. I remember “do you want me to give you something to cry about!!” Oh man, I haven’t given that line a thought in years. LOL!! I’m sure it will all go really well. It’s obvious those girls are really happy and cute as bugs ears.

      • SKL says:

        I was telling my sister about the chuckles over the communion rail incident yesterday, and she said “to anyone who doesn’t have to worry about raising them 24/7, they are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e” (spelling it so the kids wouldn’t get the idea they were cute or anything).

      • Joy says:

        LOL!!! Isn’t that ever the truth!!!!

  3. lucy says:

    I’m just busy with work and am trying to tie up all loose ends before Thanksgiving. I’m spending it with my boyfriends family so that is always fun 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out how on earth it’s already the end of November!!! How did this happen?? It feels like it was just September a few weeks ago. I’m jealous of people like SKL who have already begun christmas shopping. I haven;t even thought about it!!! And it doesn’t help that I am soooo bad at thinking about gifts for people. I’m clueless about what to get my parents. It also doesn’t help that I have to fly to see them (which means nothing too heavy/breakable!). Uggghhh.. do any of you ever struggle with getting gifts for people??

    • SKL says:

      My main problem is that I now have over 30 people to buy for (not including my kids’ classmates). And about a third of them are spouses/partners whom I don’t know well enough to know what they like. Oh, and I have to take two preschoolers with me to every store – try meditating on “the perfect gift” while your kids are browsing the shelves of breakables . . . .

      Sometimes I struggle over “the perfect gift” for a particular person. But usually I’ll just go somewhere like TJ Maxx and browse the housewares until something calls to me. Or if all else fails, I am not above asking the person what they want. I also believe in gift cards. I will still buy an actual gift, but if it’s lame, at least they can go buy something they will appreciate.

      Good luck! Believe me, it is very unusual for me to be this far along before mid-December! We still haven’t started with the Christmas photos, cards, cookies, crafts, decorations, tree, parties, programs, and wrapping, so I still have a lot to do.

  4. Joy says:

    We had a really nice weekend. It was very busy. We had Bailey with us Friday night and we had fun. We went to Mongo’s for supper and then took ALL 3 grandchildren to Fleet Farm to get some more lights and Christmas stuff for our yard. I’ll just say this, I was exhausted when we put Bailey to bed and it was quiet. It was really fun though. Poor Bailey had the worst cough and we didn’t get to do much outside so I told him he could come another weekend before Christmas. He really wanted to shoot his gun with grandpa but any activity made him cough and I felt it best to keep him in and quiet.

    We aren’t doing anything for Thanksgiving this year and quite frankly I’m so glad. It’s just a holiday that I can’t stand. My brother doesn’t really like it either. As kids we didn’t really do anything other than bum off other people’s families and I’ve never really gotten over it. We traveled to either Manitoba or Buffalo NY for Christmas so we stayed home on Thanksgiving and had no family here so my mom would drag us to who’s ever house we got invited to and my brother and I hated that. So this year Paul and I are having lobster all alone and I’m looking forward to it. It’s the 35 th anniversary of our first date on Wed and we used to celebrate it but stopped about 10 years ago so we are going with that this year and then we’ll start decorating our house.

    Not really too much else. I hope everyone has a really good week.

  5. Joy says:

    I wanted to add that I’ve got a lot of gifts bought now. I really only need to get a few things. The grown kids want money for certain things and that’s okay with me and I shop for the kids as I find things. We really don’t buy for that many people anymore and shopping online is really the only way to go. Now it’s my goal to clean up the spare room upstairs and set up a wrapping room where I can leave everything out and then keep it that way and use it for scrap-booking. I really want to get back into that and I see that I’ll have to do it alone since nobody I know likes to do it but I’ll put on my big girl pants and learn to like doing it by myself.

  6. SKL says:

    How fun, a date! I hope you really enjoy your lobster. Maybe this is the year for lots of people to just do what they really want for a change.

    I think my kids are gonna remember our Thanksgivings as mooching off of someone else. But believe me, nobody wants me to experiment with cooking a turkey. I noted that my organic grocery store (which has a cafe upstairs) offers cooked Thanksgiving meals that you can carry home and serve. So that’s there if I need it. Actually I’m not scared of cooking a turkey, but I don’t like the idea of demonstrating my cooking skills (such as they aren’t) to a bunch of people, particularly on an important food holiday. Call me weird, but it just isn’t my thing. So anyhoo, more power to you for having lobster!

    • Joy says:

      I’m not talking about going to your own family’s. We would go to people houses that we barely knew and as a shy child, that wasn’t fun. I wish we’d have just stayed home. You know how people say “if you have nowhere to go, come on over” and my mom would. She must not have wanted to be alone but the rest of us would have much preferred being at home and doing our own thing.

  7. Laura says:

    Hi, gang… Sorry I’ve been absent today. It’s been a crazy-nutso day. I haven’t been home for more than an hour at a time, all day. I’ve been in the truck going here and there, and over there, and back here… what a mess. Getting all those last-minute things done before you go on a trip. It’s a short trip we’re taking, going to Crazy Town, but things need to be taken care of nonetheless.

    So I’ll say quickly…

    Haven’t done much Christmas shopping – got a couple of things because they simply presented themselves, but I haven’t gone out and actively shopped. I don’t even want to think about it, to tell you the truth. I don’t mind the wrapping, and I LOVE the giving, but the angst of shopping, “is this going to be the right thing?” Yeah, I stress over things a lot like that. I shouldn’t, but I do.

    And since I’m just checking in here between errands, I must rush off again. got lessons and a meeting to get to!!

  8. Sue says:

    Well, I’m on call today and I was expecting the worst! We had a nasty ice storm here on Sunday so I thought for sure we’d be doing fractures up the whazoo, but alas, it’s been quiet and I’m so THANKFUL!!!! I got some Christmas shopping done so now I’m almost done 🙂 Trinity was easy this year, but my little guy (who’s 6 so not so little) only asked for Legos. I like Legos, but he doesn’t need every present in Lego form so I’m not sure what to get him! I got my MIL’s present done and I can’t wait to give it to her 🙂 I have to say, I’m very pleased with it and can only hope she likes it as much. (You know how MIL’s can be! LOL!) That’s been about it. Hope my drive home in the morning is uneventful.

  9. LVISS says:

    I looked at it twice becoz it is good. BTW what are the spots on the table.

  10. Nikki says:

    Well, I was and still am sick with some stomach virus or flu… something and it is not fun. I am feeling better today, but not even close to being 100%…that was my Monday and it sucked! Going back to bed after I get Bailey on the bus….

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