Shop ‘Til You Drop

I think it’s safe to say that those of us who love shopping are few and far between.  I’m talking about those people who would shop 24/7, who are at the mall every chance they get, who brave the crowds on Black Friday to get that oh-so-sweet deal.  I am not one of those people!  

I can hear the “yeah right” from my family members now!  LOL!  I like to shop, but I don’t love to shop.  I’m not freaky about needing to be the first in line for a big sale or being the first to have the newest gadget.  I love getting a great deal because who doesn’t, but I’m not going to stand in line for 15 hours to get it.  If it’s there when I get there, it was meant to be and if not, so be it.  I also like to go right away in the morning and be home by noon or 1pm.  I can remember shopping all day as a kid (because there were 4 kids that needed stuff and we weren’t leaving til we were all done!) but rarely do I do that anymore.  I can spend a lot of time shopping online though!  It’s great because I can browse my favorite stores without having to fight the crowds or walk from one end of the mall to the other!

Since the Christmas season is upon us and the retailers have been shoving Christmas at us since mid-October, I thought I’d get moving with my shopping.  I have an excellent start I’m proud to report!  It really happened by accident too 😉  I went to town last week to run errands and while I was there I thought I’d see what I could find.  I found sales and deals and prices that I couldn’t say no too.  They weren’t Black Friday deals, but they were good none the less.  Speaking of Black Friday, did anyone venture out and get the deal of the year?!  I had to work, but I did go to Best Buy in the afternoon and scored a great gift for my parents.  It was about 1:15pm and it was busy, but not insane.  I was impressed with the stock of items they still had, and the help they had available.  I’ve only shopped on that day one other year and I went before work because Shopko had something I wanted.  It was a little crazy, but I managed to get in and out and be to work on time!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  Do you shop til you drop and get it all done in one day or do you spread it out?  I am very happy that it’s not even December and I’m almost done with my shopping, but now I have to wrap it all!  That’s where I procrastinate!

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30 Responses to Shop ‘Til You Drop

  1. Jenny says:

    I did pretty much all of my shopping yesterday online. I didn’t see that many big deals, of what I wanted anyways. Saved some money though. Done buying for Hunter. It really sucks that his b-day is 2 weeks after Christmas. So then I have to divide up his presents and figure out which ones to give for Christmas and save for his 3rd b-day. Its nice that Jason & I don’t exchange gifts. We just buy for family.

    There is NO way I would go shopping in the wee hours after Thanksgiving!! I love my sleep way more then good deals. Besides this Black Friday was freezing out. Those people are NUTS!! I actually prefer to do most of my shopping online. But for clothes I need to see what I’m buying.

  2. Just a Mom says:

    I am off on Wednesday and this Wednesday I am going to try and get the majority of my shopping done with! I figure the kids are still in school and I only have 3 weeks left before they are out so I need to get a move on it!

  3. SKL says:

    I am different every year. One year I did at least a third of my shopping on Christmas Eve. With kids in tow, that wouldn’t work! So I have to spread it out, but I usually don’t have much done until 2-3 weeks before the Big Day.

    This year, I knew I wanted to buy a couple of things that are not easy to find in stores, so I went online, and then I just kind of got on a roll. Within several days, I had finished most of my shopping online. This is the first year that I did so much online. I also got my niece’s 1st birthday and my daughter’s 4th birthday pretty much done. I’m still waiting for some of it to come, though. Now I hope I can keep up the momentum. Maybe start wrapping early, get the cards done early. The wrapping is always a killer for me because I always wait until late Christmas Eve to start. Every year I seem to have more and more to wrap, and I end up staying up and breaking my back until the sun is high in the sky. I hope this year is different.

    Today we had planned to do Christmas cookies for the Saturday party. I learned that the ready-made dough works a lot different from the kind I mixed myself last year. The girls used cookie cutters and made so many nice cookies, and then they got all yucked up in the oven. Tasty, but not pretty at all. So we have already eaten half of them, LOL. I have the annual Christmas cookie baking photos, so I can check that off the list. The girls had a great time. Miss E stated, “I am enjoying this,” LOL. I already told the party organizer that our cookies were “tentative,” so I think I am ready to move on to the next Christmas challenge.

    • SKL says:

      Oh, and I do not shop on “Black Friday.” I probably did years ago with my mom and sisters, but lately it is just a circus, and I don’t need that. I was very happy to veg on the day after Thanksgiving.

      I have gotten so many emails just begging me to participate in Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. I can only imagine what the ads on TV, etc. are like. It’s like they want to get us all into a frenzy. I think they are going overboard, personally. When that happens, it only keeps me away.

  4. Phyllis says:

    I’ve never shopped on Black Friday…..You couldn’t pay me enough to deal with the crowds. Besides, being in retail foods, I generally have to work the day after any holiday. I shop when I’m out for other stuff, and generally try to hit the stores between 6-8, because when I worked at a mall some years back, I realized that most people actually leave to prepare dinner for their families about that time. That means I’m able to breeze in and out without too much hassle. I did pick up three gifts last Friday, so I’m doing pretty good. Books are some of my favorite gifts to give, so those are easy enough to pick out when you know what reading material others like. It helps that I can get a lot done that in one stop.

  5. The one and only thing that makes me glad that I’m Jewish and have never had a proper Christmas is this – the shopping. I love buying gifts for people, I love seeing people react to the gifts they receive, but I think that shopping for everyone I know and love all at once would simply be too much of an ordeal and I’d end up resenting it.

    I think you’re right, by the way – the people who truly LOVE to shop are pretty rare. I’m certainly not one of them! I like to shop when I find stuff I like, but since I often don’t, I usually get frustrated very fast ^_^”.

  6. mssc54 says:

    I usually do all of my shopping in one day… one day the week before Christmas day.

  7. Laura says:

    My cousin is one of those who LOVES to shop. And when we used to go out to PA to visit them, she and I would sit for a couple of hours, raking through the Thanksgiving Day Ads (I don’t think, at that point, that it was called “Black Friday” yet – this was during my teens), making lists of what to get, where, and for whom. We had a whole battle plan ready. We’d leave at 6:00 AM (see? WAY before the craziness of today), and hit the stores that opened at 7. We have similar shopping styles, similar senses of humor, and the whole day was just fun, fun, fun. Even with the massive crowds. She lives in a small town, so the “massive crowds” were all of her friends, so the crowds were always friendly.

    People now have gotten crazy, with all of this sleeping out the night before (although I can see the fun in that, too), and trampling people because you want to be First In Line. Who CARES??? What, is there only ONE item available, and if you’re not First, you’re not going to get it? (I blame Cabbage Patch. I think those stupid ugly dolls started the whole “gotta have it first” craze.) I don’t care what it is, nothing is that important. It’s those crazy people who have caused this whole thing to get freakishly out of hand.

    I haven’t done much shopping this year at all. I have two smallish things (ok, one isn’t small, it’s actually a set of kid’s golf clubs that I got for $15) for Josh, and I’m in the process of getting a couple of things for my friend’s kids. But I don’t know what the heck to get for anyone else. I have one or two ideas, but for the rest, they’re the type of people who buy what they need/want, so there’s nothing left. Sigh.

  8. Nikki says:

    I’m so not a shopper. I only go if there are specific things i want, I get in and get out. I despise window shopping, I have zero interest in it. If I don’t have the money or something I am looking for, I don’t go.

    For Christmas, we are usually very last minute shoppers. Like the week or at times even the day before Christmas Eve I have been known to go buy last minute things. NOT this year…I half done already. So far everything has been bought online. I will go into some stores for a few things though, next Friday. Some things I could only get online. My moms gift was a special order so that had to be ordered in time to make and it said up to 2 weeks to ship! That’s the only thing that does make me nervous about online shopping, the shipping. I’m thinking I got everything in plenty of time though.

    You will never EVER find me shopping on Black Friday. Or any time before the sun comes up, that’s for darn sure. No amount of money is worth saving for that!

    I have to say, this year more than any other year I am happy with what I have purchased so far. Thought has gone into every one of them. And I hope they all like what they get. 🙂

  9. Jenny says:

    Joy, I LOVE that header! Its so pretty!

  10. Joy says:

    I HATE shopping. Let me rephrase that. I hate shopping when I have something I “need” to get. If I’m looking around at craft fairs or the swappers meet and I find something someone I know will like, I like shopping that way but like Nikki, window shopping, ISH! I never saw the fun in that. What’s the point of looking at something if you can’t buy it? I never understood how so many women I used to know loved just walking through Ridgedale. I like to go to the store, get what I want and then leave. Unless it’s a grocery store or tourist trap. I LOVE those.

    I’m a lot like Phyllis. I guess come Sept, I start picking things up as I see them while out doing other stuff. I buy as much online as I can. I’m also like Nikki that I worry like mad that it’ll be here in time but you know what, everything is surprisingly always here when it’s supposed to be and that’s such a miracle to me how they do that.

    The only problem I have if I buy too much in advance is I get so excited that I give people their stuff early sometimes and then kick myself. I got something really cool for Toby and ended up giving to him months ago. I’m way too excitable.

    I’m almost done. The adult kids mostly want money and I don’t have a a problem giving that. It’s not as fun for me but when it’s for something in particular, I understand and am willing to do that but I think giving “stuff” is a lot more fun. I love buying for little kids and I never know when to stop. I keep wanting to buy “one more thing.”

    So Sue, no, I don’t shop till I drop unless I’m with you 😉

  11. Vicki says:

    I will do the Black Friday shopping IF there is fantastic deals that I want and IF its from a store in Hutchinson(a smaller town nearby). There isnt near the people in Hutch as St Cloud. I didnt do it this year cause nothing really interested me, The previous two years I was shopping by 5AM. It was all very tollerable.
    I remember the first Black Friday I did I had no idea what went on and what to expect, first off i thought it was crazy enough that people would wake up at this ungodly time to go shopping but i did it and I went to Walmart in St Cloud to get some great deal on a computer. HOLY CRAP I couldnt believe my eyes. 4:30AM and no place to park in the parking lot, no possible way to push a cart in the isle, could hardly walk thru them, pushing, shoving, couldnt find anything, check out lines went totally across to the back of the building. I walked out the door with my computer and said im never doing that again. I guess i meant in that place. lol

  12. lucy says:

    I like to shop but am not dedicated enough to spend hours in a line to get a good deal. I love internet shopping for many things, but do not buy shoes or clothes. I have to actually try those things on first.

    I still have lots of x-mas shopping to do…. I only have a couple books for my niece right now. Hopefully I ll have some time this weekend.

    Love the new banner. Its’ pretty

    • Joy says:

      Thanks Lucy. I really like it too.

    • Laura says:

      Being of a Victorian Romantic Figure, I have to do a lot of online shopping for clothes. Many stores don’t carry plus sizes – Old Navy used to, but they quit – so we’re relegated to the computer. I can tell you, it’s far less painful than I expected! Most places are very particular about making their size charts accurate, and if you don’t mind being honest with yourself, often the size you order is the one that fit. The only thing that doesn’t work is if you don’t know if something will look good. I have found that places like Lands End, if you join their site, will show you a “model” that looks like your shape – and believe me, THAT’S a bit of a shocker!! But again, it’s accurate enough that you can figure out if something will look good or not. I’ve had really good luck with buying clothes and shoes online.

      • SKL says:

        This is the second time today I’ve read something good about Land’s End. I need to check them out.

        I buy shoes online exclusively now. It is just too hard to find shoes in stores that fit me. I even buy most of my daughters’ shoes online. The selection is just better.

        Clothes – I don’t know. I have kind of an odd shape, so I really like to try stuff on first, because I sure don’t want to buy something that’s just going to hang in my closet forever. I hardly ever buy clothes anyway. Maybe I should give it a go at Lands’ End’s website and see how I like it.

  13. Morocco says:

    I started by making a list and sticking to it. I did not go out on BF for the aforementioned reasons. However, I have the majority of my shopping done because I did a good portion of it online. I love when packages come in the mail!

    I’ve been tackling the wrapping as well. My goal was to do 5 gifts a night. The first night I did 3, then 5, then yesterday I wrapped a whopping 29! At the rate I am going, I figure I will be done with the rest of the gifts I have at home in 3 days tops. As far as the online orders I made, I plan to wrap them as they arrive.

    I’m tired already, but I figure if I get that stuff done early, I can actually relax the rest of the season.

    • Nikki says:

      The only other problem with buying online is the waiting. I can’t wait for it all to get here!!!
      29 in one night?! Wow!

      • Morocco says:

        Ikr! But while I have been waiting for the online orders to arrive, I’ve had time to get what we have at home wrapped. Yes, 29! last night I did another 20! Almost done, lol

    • Joy says:

      It also seems like they all come on the same day and I rush around trying to hide things in case someone stops over or if it’s something for Paul and then sometimes I forget about them and find them later and have too many and have to buy more ……..!!!

  14. SKL says:

    Ha ha, I have big boxes at the foot of my bed. I told my kids they contain gifts for the in-laws and such. (Which is mostly true.) I put a laptop bag on the top box and I’m betting they won’t move it to look inside, just because they aren’t programmed to do that. So far, so good. Hopefully it stays easy to “hide” their gifts at least until they start doubting Santa.

    So far I’ve been pleased with the online purchases and deliveries. A couple of things were different from what I expected, and a couple of gifts haven’t come yet, but nothing tragic so far. One thing was, I got my kids swimsuits, and Miss Purple’s came in pink while Miss Pink’s came in purple. (They don’t wear the same size.) I was expecting the pink, but the purple was supposed to be red or something. Oh, well, I think we can deal with it, but I was a little bummed.

    I don’t want to wrap too early, for a couple of reasons. One, I might forget what the stuff is / looks like. Second, I might decide to switch the recipients around at the last minute. Like, one year I bought a bunch of stuff at Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve, and around 1am I realized that one of my bags had not made it home. No idea why, but at that point, I had to come up with “something” for various in-laws and out-laws. So I re-distributed and all was well (other than that bummed feeling you get when you buy stuff and lose it). So in short, I probably won’t start wrapping until I am close to being done shopping. But it would be nice to spread it out over several days, at least.

    • Laura says:

      Here’s a trick… When I wrap a buncha stuff, I leave off the bows until very last. I wrap the paper on, and immediately, stick a tag on the bottom that at least has the recipients name on it, and that tag gets stuck to the tape at the bottom of the package. If I’m really industrious, or have more than one package for that person, I’ll put what it is on the label as well. I can tell you, it’s saved me more than once from embarrassing confusion!!

      It’s also saved me from the frantic wrap-fest right before the Big Day. I usually end up having time, but then I can use that time to decorate, make bows, tag stuff, etc.

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