Question of the day

If you could gain the ability either to talk to animals AND understand them and have them understand you OR see the future, which would you want?

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9 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Jenny says:

    I wanna see the future!!

  2. Laura says:

    Hmmm…. I’m gonna have to think about this one. Because I already kinda-sorta have the ability to talk with and understand animals. It’s all a matter of knowing how they think – like understanding the “pack mentality” with dogs, or the “herd mentality” with horses. Understanding how they respond to fear, pain, pleasure, etc.

    But, unlike the “see into the future” question we had recently, THIS time, there’s no stipulation that “you can’t change anything anyway”, so I might want to see it so if there’s anything horrible, I can take steps to head it off.

    So, maybe just now talking through it, I’ll take the future thing.

  3. SKL says:

    I don’t know, can I sleep on it? On second thought, can I just sleep?

  4. Ellen says:

    I want to talk and udnerstand animals. The future is for the future, do not want to know, it will be boring otherwise. Every day is new now, then it will be known.

  5. Nikki says:

    Oh tough one! I would love to see the future, but I think it would drive me mad in the end. I’ll go with understanding animals and them understanding me. We already talk to them like they understand us, it’d be nice if they really did. I do think they understand some things.

  6. SKL says:

    I’m not sure I’d want the critters to understand everything I say. A lot of what I say isn’t particularly useful in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes I don’t even want my kids to “understand” it.

    Do you think the critters would still respect me if they knew all the things I’ve said about the in-laws over the years?


  7. Joy says:

    I’m going with the animals even though I’m kind of like Laura, we seem to understand each other but I’d never want to know the future. I’m such a worry wart that if I knew what was going to happen, I wouldn’t enjoy the good because I’d be anticipating the bad.

  8. Phyllis says:

    I’ll take talking and understanding the animals, and them understanding me. The future thing, nah, I don’t think so. At our house, we’ve always seemed to get warnings of things that can be prevented or headed off. If it’s something that can’t be changed through a different course of action, like death, then there aren’t any warnings. But there’s no way I’d ever want to see everything that the future holds. Could anyone one really mentally handle knowing things that can not be changed? I, personally, think that would be more of a curse than a blessing. Yep, I’d take two way animal communication.

  9. lucy says:

    Talking and understanding animals. I can’t change the future and would just worry about things …

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