Good Question….Brand names

I thought this was a really good question. Brand names. Do they make you feel better? I’ll admit that there are some name brands that I really like and then for other things, I could care less. I think we’re a lot like this to a certain degree.

I do like Nike or Sketcher’s tennis shoes. I love my Not Your Daughters Jeans and I’m particular about my socks. I have a couple of Sherpani purses but I will buy other brands. I don’t buy name brands just to buy them but I tend to stick to what I like without a whole lot of looking around.

I do buy Dove Soap, Clorox Green products for cleaning, All Free and Clear and I think we all know I only use the OLD Downy. I use Aqua Fresh toothpaste. It’s not that I will only use these products but once I find something I like, I don’t shop around. If I got a sample of something I wouldn’t be a snob and not try it because I would but I won’t buy something new if I haven’t tried it somewhere else. I kind of think it’s like if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I like what I like and really don’t like experimenting.

But one of the things in this news story just made me shake my head and wonder what in the heck some of these people are taking. They feel better carrying a Victoria’s Secret bag though the mall rather than a plain bag or they felt smarter using a MIT logo pen. I kind of think that’s silly but again, that’s just me.

It was suggested that brand names make you feel better or boost your self esteem. Hhhmmm, I just like the certain brands because they’re comfortable or they work well and they hold out for a long time but I sure don’t buy Nike shoes to boost my self esteem or to make myself feel better or to prove to other people that I’m cool. Is that just my age?

What brand names do you like? Do you only like them for that name? Do they make you feel better about yourself?

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15 Responses to Good Question….Brand names

  1. Karen Joy says:

    Im exactly like you Joy,you said it all well.I find things I like and stick with them but always willing to try new.

  2. mssc54 says:

    Really the only thing that comes (immediately) to mind is PET ICECREAM!

  3. Jenny says:

    I could care less what the label says!! If its cheap, we buy it. I can’t stand the people who spend hundreds of dollars on clothes all because of its label. Who cares? Really??

  4. SKL says:

    I am not big on experimenting, but I will try something new if I have the right trigger. I became a Tom’s toothpaste fan after staying in a bed & breakfast in Maine that provided Tom’s toothpaste in the rooms. I pretty much quit buying other kinds of toothpaste, and I’ve also tried other Tom’s products (though I don’t love all of them). I will also trust an Aveeno product over most competitors. Not sure whether it’s all good experience or also the sense that it’s more down-to-earth (which may or may not be true). As far as clothes, I rarely buy them, but when I do, I like a nice style. Some name brand clothes have a nice style, so I’ll buy them if the price is right, but I’ll buy a no-name item just as fast, if it looks good on me.

    I am pretty much an anti-image person if anything. It floors me to see what some people will pay money for. I remember when I was working at a big CPA firm, and I was a young manager. One of the guys was leaving and we assigned another guy to pick out a gift for him, and we’d all pitch in on the cost. The dude decided to pay over $100 for a Mont Blanc pen. One stinkin’ pen, and no, it was not gold or silver. The only thing that distinguished it from other non-disposable pens was the shape of the little white thingy at the top. So if you go into a meeting with one of those pens, the other people there think you’re hot stuff because you have over $100 to waste on a pen. I was raised in a barely working-class family, so the idea of all the things that could have been done with that $100 had me almost choking. But I was told that I’d better keep it to myself, or people would know what kind of person I really was. Ugh. So glad I don’t work in that environment any more.

    I also don’t get the whole Coach purse thing and a lot of other stuff like that. Who really cares? If it’s nice looking and long-lasting, that’s one thing. But just because of the name? I don’t think I can ever think that way.

  5. Ellen says:

    If clothes fit the way I want, and it is for a good price, I buy it. I love to have nice stuff, but it make them even nicer if they are for a very good (cheap) price.

  6. Morocco says:

    I like the packaging that the brand name products come in. I buy Tide detergent, Crest toothpaste, and Clorox bleach just to name a few brands that I am loyal to. Like you Joy, some things I am not very particular about

    As far as clothes go, I like brand names because they tend to be more durable. However, I try to purchase them on sale or clearance because I am not willing to go into debt for stuff like that. I shop at Macy’s a lot and I love to see how much I have saved at the bottom. During really good sales, you can get nice quality stuff for unbelievable prices.

  7. Sue says:

    I am like everyone else so far! I have certain brands I like so I stick with them and as far as clothes go, well that’s a post unto itself! I try very hard to either wait til something is on sale or I have a coupon for x% off. Jeans are about the only thing I’ve given up on waiting for sales b/c it just doesn’t happen. And, if I find a pair I like, fit well, ect, if I wait for a week or two, they won’t be there when I go back so for me I gotta buy them as I see them!

  8. lucy says:

    I’m like everyone else. Stick to certain brands because they work or are comfortable. I think for most teenagers/young adults that care about brands it’s all about status. Having juice couture pants and gucci sun glasses makes them feel better about themself. I find that very sad if your self-esteem is attached to the brand of clothing or product that you buy.

  9. Laura says:

    I’m brand-loyal as long as that brand is loyal to me. For example, I was a Dawn-only user (dishwashing soap) because I liked the way it worked AND the way it smelled. And then they changed the smell, but wouldn’t admit it. Suddenly, their “original scent” wasn’t the same scent, and when I wrote and asked them about it, they played dumb. Now I buy the Wal-mart brand, which works just as well, and still has that old scent I liked.

    But once I find a brand/type that works for me, I tend to stick just because I don’t like going through the whole process of research, although I will if I have to. So I use the same laundry soap, softener, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

    Clothing? I have the same blanket issue that Sue has. I’m larger than “normal” (she’s thin, but very tall; I’m average size, but wide), so finding something that fits well is extremely difficult. For a while, I was very pleased with the way that Lane Bryant pants fit. Finally, I could walk in and buy off-the-rack without trying on! And then they introduced a new sizing (square, circle, triangle, colors, numbers – put them together in the combo you need!) and every time I go in, the same size fits differently. It’s enough to make me want to buy a burka and be done with it.

    Instead, I’ve branched out to different stores, trying to find a new “brand” that will fit my hips and calves correctly.

    There are a few “name brands” that I like – Fossil, Lucky, some Brighton stuff. But in general, it’s whatever fits and looks good.

    Oh, and Asics running shoes. MUST have Asics running shoes.

  10. Nikki says:

    Nope, I change all the time…I am always trying new things. I actually wrote post about it. I am not loyal to really any one product. Toothpaste is generally Crest 3D whiting now. I have been loyal to that so far. Laundry soap, I buy the cheapest. Bar soap, I flip flop between Dove and Olay, but never anything else. Dish soap, that is an ever going battle in my house. Jason buys “Joy” for the obvious reason (which is weird but whatever!) and now that Gain released a dish soap I buy that.

    Clothes, there are brands I prefer. I love Aeropostale tops and jeans. And Maurice’s jeans. I did find a pair of jeans I liked at Penny’s and I was surprised. I used to buy clothes at Target and even Walmart years back. The quality is crap, and I won’t waste my money on their clothes anymore. Target, occasionally maybe I will get some lounge wear but that’s it.

  11. Phyllis says:

    I’m not much for specific brands of stuff. Household goods…. if it’s reasonable and servicable you’ll find it here. Clothes, the only prerequisites are they look nice (in MY opinion, no one else’s), are reasonable, and comfy. The same thing goes for shoes. I don’t carry purses anymore, haven’t for about 15 yrs., so they don’t matter to me, but when I did use them, it was reasonable and attractive that I looked for. I know….I’m one of the weird women, but I am who I am.

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