Pull Up Monday

Happy Monday all. How did your Christmas go? I’m still just dragging and plan to do nothing today. Pull up whatever you feel comfy in and share what you did all weekend and how your holiday was. The kitchen’s stocked so grab your drink of choice and a snack and settle in and share.

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11 Responses to Pull Up Monday

  1. Jenny says:

    Christmas went great. Hunter was so excited that Santa came. He woke up in the morning and said “Ho ho came!” He also said that he heard santa and the reindeer on the roof…silly boy 🙂

    My brother in law flew in from SC today. Got in later then expected. His first flight was delayed more than an hour…therefor he missed his connecting flight in Chicago of all places. But he eventually got here!

  2. Sue says:

    I am not looking forward to tomorrow – Monday b/c it’s still Sunday while I’m typing! We are super busy at work and it’s going to be nothing but craziness. Christmas went great and we had a great time 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    Ohmygosh!!! I just got home, popped in here, and remembered that I forgot to do the post for tomorrow!! I’m so sorry!!! I’ll do TWO pull-up Mondays next week, to make up for it!

    We’ve been going-going-going this weekend. We’re in Chicago, so it’s family this and that. His family, then mine, then his, then mine. I never know if i’m coming or going. But it’s fun, so that makes it all worthwhile.

    Josh arranged for me to get a toboggan for my birthday… so today, for the first time in about 25 (holy crap!!!) years, I went down the hill on my family’s toboggan, which is now MY toboggan. OH MY GOSH WAS THAT FUN!!!!! I forgot just how much I love to go sledding. Josh wore out before I did. I can’t wait to go again.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOY!!!! I hope it’s everything you wish for.

  4. SKL says:

    Hi! Well, our Christmas was nice. I finished wrapping “early ” around 3:30 and slept from around 4-8am, when the girls got up. They were of course excited, and Miss A’s first comment was, “We’ve been good, Mommy!” ha ha. There was less than usual under the tree because nobody bought any “big” presents this year, but the girls were happy and they got the main stuff they wanted, along with a few surprises. Then I got back to work making the photo gifts and packing bags of miscellaneous gifts for the various riffraf in the extended family.

    Went to the grandparents’ house late in the afternoon, which was perfect timing. The girls got great presents from the grandparents and aunts/uncles and they really appreciated them. The bummer was that the step-cousins didn’t show up, for the first time ever. Not sure why, but most of the gifts under the tree were for them (they have young 6 kids total), so we didn’t get to see the kids open a lot of the stuff we bought. I was looking forward to the kids, but in some ways, this was better, because many of us were sick with the “crud” and tired and those kids can be loud and rambunctious. The adults enjoyed alcohol and got into loud discussions about politics, as usual. One in-law felt the need to adamantly argue with every person in our family (serially) about whether baby gates on stairs are a good or bad idea. Whatever. The rest of the holiday was very nice.

    We spent the night at my parents’ house and just lazed around today. My mom treated my kids to another film festival and they played with their gifts, while my sister and I worked on puzzles and chatted. Drove home around midnight and now I’m getting ready to go to sleep, so I can start Monday with a bang. Lots of work to do!

    Oh, and I still have not gotten over this congestion / cold / crud. I could not taste anything. Imagine a table full of yummy-looking cookies, pie, etc., that you don’t even feel like touching because you can’t smell them and know you won’t be able to taste them. On the positive side, I will probably not have a post-Christmas weight struggle.

    Oh well, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and is ready for the coming week!

    • Laura says:

      Just a warning…. enjoy these young years of “sleeping in” with your girls. Josh had me up at 3:10 Christmas Morning. I kept him in bed with me, and every 5 minutes, it was… “is it time to get up yet???” He finally fell back asleep at 3:40. He had me up for good at 5:50 – there was no getting him back to sleep at that point. I’m really glad I had to get all my stuff done before Christmas Eve (because we were traveling, I didn’t have a choice – everything had to be done), and could get to bed at 11. I managed to get in a decent night’s sleep.

    • SKL says:

      I decided that since life has given me lemons today, I’ll make lemonade. Can’t taste anything? This is the perfect time to eat all the stuff lying around that doesn’t taste that great. Like the rye-oatmeal crackers that sounded like a good idea at the grocery store. Taste like tree bark, but heck, so does everything else today, so why not? Oh, I feel so health-conscious right now . . . .

  5. Nikki says:

    We had a very nice, busy Friday and Saturday. I was looking forward to Sunday to just relax. We played Mario on the Wii all day, and I watched a movie cuddled in my bed. I didn’t even cook supper. We had plenty of left overs from the last couple days, it was a fend for yourself kind of day!

    This week I only nanny 2 days, which isn’t good given the fact that Jason’s hours were also cut. After the 1st of the year, and Bailey goes back to school, I will be going into our local daycare center about a job. I am nervously excited, it will be a good step for me.

    • Joy says:

      I didn’t know about Jason’s hours. That sucks. When did that happen and what are his hours now? Jeesh!!

      You’ll do great Nikki and I think it will be SUPER GOOD for you. I think all the way around, it’s going to be really good for you and in more ways than one. If you want me to come with you that day and sit in the car I will. I’ll be like Mayhem and will ride with you. I’m very excited for you.

      • Nikki says:

        LOL you don’t have to come with me. But thank you! The difference in now and years before is I am confident in myself. 🙂

        Jason’s hours were cut last week and this week. He has had to leave at 12:30. 😦 Maybe for even longer, we’ll see what they say after this week. They are super busy too. It’s not like the company is hurting, they just want to save money for themselves. They are being quite selfish but they are a business. They’ll spend $2000 on a catered lunch but then send people home. It makes no sense, and I know Jason is very frustrated. He’ll stick it out, he does have a good job.

  6. SKL says:

    I was just thinking how I spent the lazy month of December, up to Christmas. Keeping in mind that I work full-time 7 days per week (I did get Xmas off). Let’s see:

    6 days doing Christmas parties / events / gatherings
    4 evenings dedicated to dinner with friends
    3 evenings spent on cookies (2 successful, one not)
    3 evenings dedicated to vision therapy
    2 mornings of church/Sunday School (in addition to the 2 Xmas specials)
    2 evenings / nights spent wrapping
    1 day dedicated to niece’s first birthday party
    1 evening shopping with sister and 3 kids
    1 evening spent on Xmas cards including photos to insert in them
    1 evening at museum with kids
    1 evening at rec center (swimming) with kids

    25 days out of 25

    The rest of the time was spent relaxing, taking care of my cold and stuff like that.

    Wait . . . no wonder I feel like crap.

    (Actually, I am not feeling THAT bad, just bad enough to whine about it.)

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