To our good friend.

I hope you have a lot of laughs.

Da Bears are doing good for you

So sit back and have a little dew

And a little cake.

Us girls really do love you. Happy Happy Birthday Laura.

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  1. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!!!! I hope you have a great day and get everything you want 🙂

  2. SKL says:

    Happy birthday! (I usually don’t comment on these because I don’t want anyone to feel left out if I skip theirs. So, happy birthday to everyone I ever skipped, too!)

  3. Laura says:

    OHMYGOSHLOOKATTHATHARRYPOTTERCAKE!!!!!!!!!! It’s MOST EXCELLENT!!! (and I totally want that pile of chocolate!) Thanks, Joy… you’re so incredibly sweet!!

  4. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!!

  5. Nikki says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!!!!!!! We really do love you, and are very fortunate to have you here! Have a beautiful, wondrous day!

  6. Ellen says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!

  7. Vicki says:

    Happy Birthday Laura

  8. mssc54 says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And goat head and spoil yourself today.

  9. Laura says:

    Thanks, everyone!!!

    And ….

    SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, JOY!!! You’re such an incredible sweetie!! A million hugs for you!

    My day went relatively well… We traveled home today from Chicago. It was a pretty nice drive, dry roads, sunny weather, Josh happily killing stormtroopers in the back seat (Santa brought him a DS). When we got home, we found that our neighbors had cleared the 8″ or so off of the driveway… and then walked into the house to discover that it was 43 degrees and falling! Our furnace had died. It’s a very good thing we returned today, because it was 13 outside. I fear, had we been gone another day, we’d have returned home to frozen/burst pipes and a birdcicle named Hamlet.

    Anyway, I had a mini-meltdown, then ran out to check the propane tank – my first thought was that we’d run dry. Nope, low, but fine for another couple days, at least. And Mr. Propane is scheduled to stop by tomorrow. So that’s good. Shoveled a path for him through a 3′ berm of hard snow, so he could get to the tank. Then went down, kicked and swore at the furnace for a while when it wouldn’t fire up for me, and called in our guy. He gets here, flips the switch, and wouldn’t you know it? The damn thing FIRED RIGHT UP!!!! Made me look like SUCH a girl. But he said that it was all dirty in there (which is why I had the cleaning scheduled for next month…), so he cleaned it all up nice and purty. We’re up to 58 as I write this.

    We wrapped up the day by going out to dinner and watching the beginning of the Iowa/Missouri game. IA was winning when we left, so all is well.

    Good night, my friends. Thanks for all the lovely wishes, and for always being there with fun stuff!

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