Happy Friday everyone! I saw this picture, and it instantly made me want a new puppy. Then I came back to reality and remembered they don’t stay that cute and small. But oh, how I wish I could rub his little belly and kiss that nose!

Anyhow, how was everyones week, any plans for the weekend? I would like to go to Trinity’s (Sue’s daughter)  basketball game Saturday. If everything goes right, I’ll be able to make it.

Have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

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11 Responses to TGIF

  1. Joy says:

    Rub that belly and kiss that nose is right. I just want to scoop her up and snuggle close. Not sure what Miss Maddie would think though.

    Are you coming on Saturday??? That would be so awesome. She’d love it if you showed up.

    • Nikki says:

      Yes, unless it snows, Bailey and I will come! I am NOT an experienced winter driver so, that’d be the only thing stopping me. And I’m pretty sure Jason won’t want to come, but I’ll ask. I’m excited to see her play! 🙂

  2. SKL says:

    Well, this week I tried getting back into our routine, mostly. Miss E had her birthday, so now we are done with “festivities” for a while. In the next couple days I plan to clear up the remaining Christmas stuff and try to do some more organizing. Right now there is so much crap everywhere, it makes me not even want to look into those areas of the house.

    Work-wise, I am not being as productive as I should be, but I’m getting better day by day. I had a bunch of extra personal stuff I had to do this week, between car repair, kid birthday, immigration paperwork, and just dealing with the fallout from the last week of 2010. I am also still under the weather. And I’ve been visiting a stupid website again, though it’s getting less and less interesting. I really just need a good night’s sleep, or maybe what I need is another hard deadline. I actually think I just need to get used to my routine again, and things will get a lot better on their own.

    My sibs and I are starting to plan my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We booked a hall, and we’ll be getting together to figure out the details over time. So that should keep life interesting this year. Wow, 50 years – I think that’s awesome. Something I am very unlikely to accomplish under any scenario.

    Well, not much else to report tonight. Looking forward to a bit of “just plugging along” for a while, until the next big crisis hits.

  3. Ellen says:

    (OMG, this is a cute puppy! Would love to have a dog again. My week went way to fast, lol. Had training for 2 days, NCPI training. It is required for special needs teachers and para educators. It was interesting but much more difficult than I thought it would be. I think I did pass the exam though. Tomorrow eye exam again and then weekend! Have a great weekend you all.

  4. Laura says:

    Does that puppy even have bones???

    I’ll check in later. I’m on my way to the gym, and when I get back, the virus scan is likely to be running, so I don’t know when it will allow me to be back on.

  5. Joy says:

    I was out this morning for almost an hour. All I can say it thank goodness there’s no wind. My bird feeders have been neglected. When it’s as cold as it’s been I tend to just toss it to them and not fill all the feeders. Some birds, like the jays, prefer this. I’ve also had quite a few pheasants coming into the yard so I need Paul to bring home a couple of deer blocks and corn. There is so much snow that it’s hard for them to peck through it all for food. You should see them all out there now. I love this part of feeding all these birds. It’s like a live TV show.

    I’m looking forward to watching Trinity play basketball tomorrow. She seems to enjoy it a lot more this year and I’m sure it’s because she’s learning more and getting better at it. She’s really happy we’re going.

    That’s about it. I have a little laundry to do and I plan to read. I don’t know how it happened but I’m reading 3 books. Two in paper and one on the Nook. The only problem I have with the Nook is if I read too long on it I get a headache from ear to ear. It seems to be behind my eyes so I’m thinking it’s the way it’s lit up or the screen or something. I get the same way if I’m at the computer too long. Do any of you have a reading device like this? Are headaches common with them??

    Have a great weekend guys.

    • Laura says:

      Do you wear glasses? It could be your prescription. I know with my contacts, I have to wear glasses to read certain things, and I’ve heard of others who need a different prescription for computer use. It could also be the glare on the screen… I think they make screen covers to help filter that, but I’m not sure.

    • Joy says:

      I do wear glasses and I’m trying now to figure that out. The day we had my dad here for our Christmas gathering (Dec 18) I got bumped pretty hard and my glasses got bent, or so I thought and made my ear sore so I took them off for a few days since it was a Sat and I had no way to get in and get them fixed. I wore my old pair for a few days and things were okay with them. About the middle of the next week I put my old pair on and they felt okay so I thought maybe I just slightly bruised my ear. But then when I started getting slight headaches here and there and I’m not a headache getter. I seem to get them every few days and it doesn’t seem to matter which pair I’m wearing.

      I’m not due for an appt till next fall but with the meds I take, I think I’ll go in and make sure. Maybe I can get some kind of pair with just bifocals for only reading. I hate headaches and don’t know how people who get them often deal with them. I have to turn out the lights, close my eyes and sometimes apply heat. They haven’t been too fun.

  6. Laura says:

    My brain is just spinning this week. I’ve got so much to do, between the house, my volunteer work, and finding a job that it’s making me nuts! Seriously, I’ve started making to-do lists, and haven’t finished them because I started something else in the middle of it!

    I stood before my Den on Tuesday, and told the parents that someone else needs to step up and be Leader for next year, because I am needed in other positions within the Pack. They seemed receptive, and even a little thoughtful. I assured them that I wasn’t going anywhere, and that I had plenty of resources to place at their disposal, but that this wasn’t my strength, and I felt like I wasn’t doing the kids justice. I also told them that we didn’t need an answer immediately, so they could go home, talk with their family, pray on it, whatever. Hopefully, someone will step up.

    And, of course, on the heels of that, the next night, at the PTO meeting, I volunteered to help write grant applications to get money for new playground equipment. Sigh. Of course, I did that with an ulterior motive in mind: that if I do grant proposals for the PTO, I can count that as a viable skill on a resume. So it was mercenary, even if it’s time consuming. I’ve also signed up for a two-day grant writing workshop at the beginning of March. We’ll see how it goes.

    But I feel like I’m starting to organize things – very slowly – to focus on things that I need, rather than things everyone else needs. With any luck, it will lead to more organization. And lord knows, I need to get organized! I STILL haven’t found my headphones!

  7. Sue says:

    I’m so glad it’s Friday! I got called into work last night at 11pm b/c the team on call was busy doing another case and they had a stat section so they just started calling people to see who would show up. I figured since I worked today anyway, I might as well go in and just stay there. I got 4 hours of sleep. My eyeballs are starting to zone out 😉 Otherwise, the rest of the day went fine. We are going to our first fish fry of the season tonight. It’s a fundraiser for the elementary school and if I’m not mistaken, more for the 5th grade class for the field trip this spring. (Which I hope I get to go on!) Then, about 9pm and when it’s well below zero, I get to go back to Kimball to help set up for basketball games tomorrow. I’m excited everyone is coming to watch, but kinda bummed since I’ll be on the bench and won’t be able to chat with all of you. Don’t gossip to loud!

    Tomorrow night we finally get to bowl again and we are going out afterward for some much needed adult time. And I’m thinking that I’ll need a drink after the games tomorrow! Sunday I’m hoping is a lazy day, but I’m not holding my breath!

  8. Laura says:

    OH. Our big project for this weekend – I think I mentioned it before, somewhere – is to make a cake for Monday Night’s Pack Cake Auction. All the boys are responsible for making a cake for the event (with as little parental help as possible… Josh wants to make a “Battleship Game” cake… yikes. I might try to change his mind on that one), and they will be auctioned off to members of the community. Cakes have been known to go for over $100! I’ll let you know what happens… if I survive it.

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