Question of the day

Where are you the most ticklish?

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9 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Jenny says:

    hmm I would have to say ribs & feet

  2. Joy says:

    Under my arms. I actually love my feet tickled.

  3. SKL says:

    I don’t know. My neck? Ticklish as in “don’t touch me!”

  4. Laura says:

    My neck, I think. Right where it connects with the shoulder.

  5. Sue says:

    I don’t know if I have a most ticklish spot! They’re all ticklish! I see your reading Safe Haven, Mum! What do you think?!

    • Joy says:

      I’m only to the part where the little boy falls in the lake. He gets me hooked right away though. I’ll probably spent all day tomorrow reading it.

  6. Nikki says:

    My right side. It will send me to the floor in the fetal position! Not my left side though, well not like my right side!

  7. Ellen says:

    Mt feet. Especially my big toes. Already, when someone points at them, I feel some irritating sensation in them..annoying!

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