Who Does That?!

Today it is bitterly cold here.  So cold, to quote Laura, it’s booger freezing cold!  So cold that you don’t want to go anywhere even though you have to but you really want to snuggle with a blanket cold.  Yeah, that cold!  But, I managed to rip myself from my house and head to town early before it gets any colder today.

As I’m bee-bopping around the mall ( I actually only went 2 places.  I know, it’s hard to believe!) trying to find new jeans for my son, who insists on growing at ridiculous times of the year, my stomach starts to growl.  Hmm, it must be getting close to lunchtime.  I ignore my hunger pains as best I can and finish up at Scheels.  I have to walk directly through the food court to get back to my car and my hunger begins to grow louder.  I tell them to be quiet b/c we’re not stopping to eat here when I have plenty of stuff at home that I could eat.  “Like what?” says my stomach.  “IDK, ” I say to myself, “There must be leftovers in the fridge that need to be eaten.”  So as I’m driving down the freeway thinking about what could be in my fridge, my stomach reminds me of the yummy sandwich I had at the restaurant the other night.

“Yummy.”  I think to myself.  I saw the take home box this morning in the fridge so I’m sure the other half of my philly steak sandwich is still there.  Waiting for me. Calling me.  Telling me how much better it is the day after.  Yum.  I can’t wait to eat lunch!  I drive through the below zero temps and howling wind as fast as I can because now I’M STARVING!

Safely at home, I whip the two shopping bags in the chair, peel my layers off, and head for the refrigerator.  I open the door and there’s my box.  Just like I knew it was.  Waiting for me 🙂  I pull it out (lunchtime!) and open it up.  To my HORROR guess what I find?  Oh, I dare you to guess!  Nope, not an empty box!  No no no!  It was worse than an empty box! How could it get worse you ask?  Because, my half of philly steak sandwich that I had saved from the restaurant was down to a quarter steak sandwich!  Someone took 2 big bites out of it and left the rest in the box for me to find!!!  AND, they didn’t even leave me the best part 😦  They took the best part when they took their 2 big bites, most of the steak!!!

Just so the sandwich stealer wouldn’t have the last laugh, I heated up what was left and tried to enjoy it.  I had a little meat and a little cheese, but mostly peppers and onions.  I ate MY sandwich, but am not close to being satisfied 😦  I don’t eat other people’s leftovers, it’s mean!  Who does that?!

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24 Responses to Who Does That?!

  1. Laura says:

    ooohhhhh, I would SO be laying in wait for the next time he brought home leftovers. There’d be like two bites left. And I’d LICK THEM before I put them back!!!

  2. Jenny says:

    ahhahaha. Thats funny. But sucky at the same time. Yea who does that? I can see Jason doing that, but not eating 2 bites, he would he the whole thing! Thats the worst when you’re so hungry for something and you get home to realize you don’t have it. Should’ve ate something at the mall, Sue! 😉 lol

    • Jason says:

      Let me say in my defense that I for the most part am the only one who regularly eats leftovers. Also I do try to ask before I eat something in the fridge if I know it’s not mine.

  3. Laura says:

    Oh, and I can’t take credit for the “booger freeze” – that came from Calvin and Hobbes.

  4. SKL says:

    Oh, around here we eat each other’s leftovers. I at least ask first. Normally I am considered the local garbage can (the only adult not on a permanent diet) and so I’m actually given a guilt trip if I don’t eat leftovers before they go bad. Even though I generally don’t like or want leftovers. That said, if there happens to be a leftover of mine that I’m really looking forward to, I’d better put a guard on it, because that will be the one my friends will “help” me dispose of. (“Oh, were you planning to eat that?”)

    I think the worst was what happened to my kids’ chocolate bunnies from the Easter Bunny. After the kids opened them and ate part, I put them in the fridge for them to finish later. Got the kids all excited for the chocolate bunnies they were going to finish upon arriving home the next night. Mr. Houseguest heard me pumping them up as we came through the door. “Oh, were they going to eat those? I didn’t know, so I finished them.” Dude. I seriously could not believe that one.

  5. shanef says:

    That reminds me of Eric. He used to eat the sandwiches I made for work. And it wasn’t just once he did it many times.

  6. Laura says:

    Steve says… “To be fair, he DID leave you some!!”

  7. Nikki says:

    Bailey! But he’d eat all of it. He eats everything!!!! I will eat most left overs but always ask if they are from a restaurant and are someone else’s. Jason would never do that either, I can’t see him ever eating someone else’s food.

  8. Jason says:

    Sue I just wanted to say I love when you write. Your stories are personal and they’re so funny. You’re a great writer, you should write some books! 🙂

  9. Joy says:

    The other thing that really still makes me want to put my head through a wall is when I “think” something’s in the fridge that I plan on for a meal and it’s been eaten as a “snack!” I’ll put a rotisserie chicken on the shopping list and before it’s even home, two pieces are gone. Then a day later I”ll go to warm it up for supper and all that’s left is a leg and wing or something. It does NO GOOD to get mad cause it’d still be gone and it will still happen next week. I’ve gone though this for 31 years. He used to eat off my plate and that REALLY TICKED me off. He’d eat my french fries if we were in McDonald’s. He eats so fast and then he’d be done and he’s start on my fries!!! It took me many years to really yell and tell him to knock it off. Then he’d say I wasn’t going to eat them all anyway but I said “they’re still MINE!” I don’t know why people do this kind of thing. I can open a can of pop and Paul will walk by and take a big slurp out of it. THE FIRST SLURP should be mine. It’s the best one!!!

    The only thing I can say now is if there is a leftover box in the fridge and it makes it past one day, I’ll dig in too because leftovers shouldn’t be eaten after 2 days, 3 at the most later because of the way it’s made and brought to you and you bring it home, bacteria grows a lot faster on take out food. Not that it’s an excuse, it’s just the way it is.

    • Laura says:

      I’ve had people try to steal food off my plate. Usually they draw back a fork-pricked hand. (yeah, eating with me is a real adventure, I’m tellin’ ya)

    • Nikki says:

      This reminds me of “Friends.” Every time someone tried to get some of Joey’s food he’d say, “Joey doesn’t share his FOOD!!!!” LOL

    • Sue says:

      Toby doesn’t eat off my plate, but he always eats my leftovers! The thing that made me mad this time was that I was on call the night before so I didn’t have a chance to eat my leftovers any earlier. He usually does not leave anything either so that was the other kicker!

  10. Karen Joy says:

    This just never happens in our house.Poor Sue!!Id been so disappointed.My husband is SO careful with everything he does,he’s so worried(too worried)of doing something wrong he would NEVER touch anything in the fridge before asking!I guess now reading others comments I will be super grateful for my man and his manners.If he wants to eat something he asks first if its meant for supper or if I want it.Now when my nephew stayed with us I did go through this.He ate everything!!I even hid stuff so he wouldnt eat it all.

  11. SKL says:

    That’s funny, Joy. I think some people are more in the habit of “sharing food” than others. When I was a kid, that was what forks were fore – to stab fingers that dared to stray toward one’s food. But at some point, living with people from a more “sharing” culture, I got used to the idea of it, up to a point.

    There is one person here who really likes to make sure everyone else eats (especially me, the resident garbage can, see above). Once in a while if something is too much of a hassle for me to warm up but she thinks I “just have to” have some, we’ll agree that she can get a plate ready for me. So she heats it up, mixes it just right . . . and the smell is all through the house and at this point I’m hungry . . . but now she’s hungry too, so she’ll stand there and eat her fill off my plate while I wait. Obviously I can’t complain, but I’ll say, “do you want to get a plate so you can have half of this?” “No, I don’t want any, munch, munch.” It’s really just funny, but it happens every time and I end up having to “demand” to be allowed to eat the food she served “for me,” ha ha.

  12. Joy says:

    Paul “claims” it came from a big family where if you didn’t eat fast, someone else would eat your food. His family all ate in minutes where my family took a long time to eat and eating was also a time for talking so nobody, NOBODY ate fast. Karen’s dad, my Uncle Max was slower even than my dad and that’s s-l-o-w.

    • Karen Joy says:

      LOL!VERY slow!!

      I came back here to comment because this afternoon on our way home from city shopping my husband and I were discussing how our neighbor,his uncle while snowblowing their lane open this one day this week blew the snow onto our JUST CLEANED(took a big machine 45 mins!!)driveway.Wes exclaimed WHO DOES THAT?I had to laugh at that,it made me think of Sue and her sandwich!!

      • Laura says:

        My grader driver DOES THAT, that’s who!!!

        Couple weeks ago… ok, months. Our first two snows of the season. New driver. First snow, he takes out our mailbox (I’ve got it TIED TOGETHER right now. County says they’ll give me $15 toward replacement. Uh, huh. I paid $60 for this one!!), then the next snow, three days later? I’d JUST finished blowing the driveway (someday, I’m gonna put a picture of my driveway up here to drum up some sympathy)… anyway, I’d just finished, and here he comes with the stupid grader. Puts a 3 foot high berm at the bottom of my driveway. There’s no way I could get my truck out, I had to bring the snowblower back down. It took me 45 minutes to get through that damn pile of snow!!

    • Joy says:

      That’s funny Karen. Poor Wes.

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