I’m starting to wonder…..from Pam

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3 Responses to I’m starting to wonder…..from Pam

  1. Laura says:

    Well, we’ve already seen 2 1/2….

  2. Phyllis says:

    Actually, we’d probaby be trillions of dollars ahead financially. This guy is spending waaayyyy too much of future generations assets! In my opinion, if the money sent to various industries had instead been sent to individual households, say a million dollars to each, we’d have been able to jump start the economy by using it to pay off homes, purchase new homes, buy cars, educate families, donate to worthy charities, etc. The building industry would be much better off, people would still be working and things would be in much better shape than they currently are. Course, this is just my opinion, and nobody’s from the gov. is knocking on my door asking for my opinion.

    So the short answer is: couldn’t be any worse! : (

  3. SKL says:

    Well, they say that the current balance between the parties will have the effect of neutralizing the President, so we’ll see.

    Did anyone catch the fact that he announced that the would “must” go along with him on his plans for Egypt? I thought he was going to be the president that respected all the other countries’ equal sovereignty and thus got us less hated in the world. Where does he get off saying anyone over there “must” do anything?

    Not sure I trust him to deal with a middle east crisis for multiple reasons. They see him as a Muslim and I think he’d like to keep it that way.

    The other thing that keeps going through my mind: what’s happening in Egypt is where the USA is headed, if we don’t stop the slide toward socializing, catering to special interests, and giving the Feds dictatorial powers. Someone in Washington needs to wake up and do something before it’s too late.

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