Happy Friday everyone. My week was fairly quiet, with the exception of Bailey having the same stomach virus he had last week. I spoke to the school nurse, and she said that has been the case with many kids. It comes and goes, and then sneaks up on you again within a week. This should be it though, crossing my fingers tightly!

Not too much going on this weekend. I am having dinner with an old friend Saturday night. We were supposed to get together 2 months ago for her birthday and it never seemed to work out. Looking forward to some good Mexican food and a margarita, and of course some much needed girl talk.

How was your week? Any weekend plans?

Relax if you need to, or go out and about if you need to! Whatever you do, or don’t do…enjoy it!

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28 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. SKL says:

    Hello! I’ve had a less-than-banner week! But I’m still plugging along!

    For Friday evening, I have tickets to a stage production of The Sound of Music, which is a big favorite of my daughters. We will go to dinner and then see the show. No special plans for Saturday / Sunday, other than trying to come up with a valentines’ craft (I haven’t gotten around to this yet – got rear-ended on my way to the craft store on Tuesday). I don’t want to just buy valentines, and I would like the girls to practice their writing while having some fun. So we’ll see what I come up with. It may just be construction paper and stickers at this point.

    Other than that, my usual weekend schedule – work on Saturday while the nanny handles the kids’ art, Spanish, and swimming lessons; shopping Saturday night, hopefully with some music mixed in; church Sunday morning, and work the rest of Sunday while the kids terrorize my sister.

    I heard it was supposed to warm up by the weekend. Yesterday and today it has been super cold (for here, anyway). If it does warm up a bit, maybe we can try to do something outside – the girls want to earn some money shoveling, for one thing.

    I never did get a chance to talk to my sister when she was in the hospital. I called and her husband answered. He also took over her cell phone and texts, so I don’t know if she saw my texts. He said he’d tell her I called and she’d call back. He also said she was going home yesterday. So I will call her tomorrow and find out the scoop. I probably should have done that today, but I was pretty well occupied with other things.

    Well, that’s about it for us this weekend. I hope everyone gets decent weather and has fun.

    • SKL says:

      This morning I fell on my butt getting to the car! This is what I get for being too lazy to put salt out. As for the valentine craft, I gave up and bought some cute “valentine sacks” which are both valentines and candy bags, and some stickers. It will have to do! Bah!

    • Joy says:

      The kids will have fun no matter what kind of Valentines they trade with their friends. I sure hope you didn’t hurt yourself.

      • SKL says:

        I know, I just like to make it a real project rather than just buying ready-made. It isn’t really necessary, of course. It’s not like they never do crafts at school. But somehow I just hate those store-bought valentines. At least the ones I bought don’t have all kinds of ridiculous messages on them. “Im hot for you,” etc. Ugh.

        I didn’t hurt myself seriously. Just went straight down, whoosh! and popped back up again. Probably got a few little bruises.

  2. Laura says:

    I’m trying a new discipline method for Josh. He’s been very disrespectful lately, yelling, arguing, doing the “fist punching the hand” thing (that someone will often do when they’re thinking that you need a beating) that he picked up from some kid at school. He also “fake falls”, which drives me absolutely up one wall and down the other. Seriously, you’ll be standing there talking to him, and whoops! he’s on the floor.

    So I started taking away DS time. He absolutely LOVES his DS, and is already restricted to playing it only on weekends (Friday after school until Sunday evening). So losing time is a big deal. It started with the fake falling. It was getting to the point where he wasn’t getting dressed because he was falling so much. So I told him, “every time you fake fall, it’s ONE HOUR off of your DS.” And I’d put a red poker chip in my pocket.

    Well, that evening (Tuesday) passed, and there were no more chips. Thursday morning came, and it was Armageddon around here. NOTHING got done except a lot of yelling and screaming. He wouldn’t get dressed, wouldn’t go to the bathroom, nothing. He just kept getting distracted and reading books, and screaming at me. He didn’t eat breakfast (I stuck an oatmeal breakfast cookie, some cereal and some blueberries into his backpack, so he ate on the bus), didn’t brush his teeth or his hair, and wasn’t talking to me by the time we reached the bus stop. I was SO happy to see him get on, but I was frustrated, angry, and profoundly sad, too. I felt like the worst mother in the world, because I’d lost it, too.

    So I added to the ‘red chip’ system, and turned it into an opportunity for digging himself out of that hole he was creating. Reward him for his good behavior. So I got a jar, put a label on it with the instructions on one side, and “Josh’s Good Behavior Jar” on the other.

    When he got home from school, we talked about that morning, and I outlined the program: every time he completed one of his chores (we’ve been letting them slide), gets ready quickly & within the time allotted, helps with other things, visibly controls his temper… he gets a Blue Chip, which stands for 15 minutes earned back.

    We left for Tae Kwon Do, and miracle of miracles, he didn’t ‘fake fall’ a single time. In fact, he was more focused in that class than he has ever been. He earned two Blues during that time. Thursday morning, there wasn’t a single raised voice, and he was ready to go early. Last night, he helped with dinner. He got into an argument with his dad, bad enough to earn a Red, but there were other things he did where he earned more blues. This morning, we even had time for a snowball fight at the bus stop.

    I really hope this continues to work this well!

    • SKL says:

      Good thinking, Mom! One thing I’ll note is that my brother used to do odd things like the “falling” thing when he was that age. I figured out it was a series of nervous “tics” and it was related to stress he was having at school. There was still a big challenge to figure out what to do about it, but at least we weren’t taking it personally. I know how frustrating that can be!

      And don’t even get me started about the dawdling! Miss E is horrible that way, and her “excuse” always sounds so good – whatever she’s doing instead of getting ready is something I’d LOVE her to do ANY OTHER TIME. Ugh!! One day at a time!

    • Jenny says:

      We’ve really started cracking down on Hunter’s discipline. Ever since our dreaded going out to eat incident on Tuesday evening. Long story short, he wanted ice cream but wouldn’t eat his food. Cried the whole way home from the restaurant. So now if he doesn’t do something that he’s asked to do we will send him to his room. Also start taking his beloved trains away. I’ve also been working on when he’s finished eating for him to ask to be done. Not just get up and walk away. So far it’s been working.

    • Joy says:

      Good luck you guys. I used to barter stuff with my kids too. It really did seem to work. I also think you need to let them “earn” things back or they feel they’re in such a hole they’ll never get out and sometimes that looks really bleak to a child. With a time out they serve time and come out but when you take something away, I like the idea that you let them earn it back. It makes it more reasonable in my opinion.

      When my boys were small and we’d go to Canada to visit, I’d give them each a roll of quarters and if they fought, they had to hand one over. Even the “tricky silent” one lost a quarter too. Not just the one who said “he’s looking at me” but both in that situation. I had an silent instigator and a yeller. If they did that they both lost out. If neither of them lost a quarter in half an hour, I’d give them both one back. By the time we got to the border, they could “go at it” in the border store which they both looked forward to as much as seeing grandma and grandpa. I know I took a lot of heat back then for “bribing” but I’m a believer on doing what works and this worked for us.

      • Laura says:

        I don’t think that’s bribing. I think it’s a reward system. To me, a bribe is, “if you behave, I’ll give you five bucks.” In your case, they were going to get the money anyway, right? You handed it to them as soon as they got into the car. So it wasn’t “behave and I’ll pay you,” it was, “here’s your spending money, behave or you don’t get to keep it.”

        World of difference in my view.

  3. Jenny says:

    Nothing planned this weekend for us. Jason & I are doing our Valentine’s dinner tonight. We are going to Ciatti’s Ristorante in St. Cloud. mmm Italian food. Can’t wait!! Jason said something about another fishing tournament tomorrow he might go to. Other than that just being outside and enjoying the 30’s-40’s!! woohooo

    • Nikki says:

      We’re doing ours tonight also. At home though. Sirloin steak tips, mashed baby reds, and sugar snap peas. I found a recipe for a marinade that you can also use as the sauce for cooking the tips in the crock pot. I should put it in a post, it is so good and super easy!

      Enjoy your Italian, that is my 2nd favorite type of food!

  4. Vicki says:

    This week I got started on some immigration paper work this week, Seans coming up for his 2 year permanant status so this should be the final process and when said and done he should get his 10 year green card.(thats how it SHOULD go but who knows with the gov)ugh! lol. Im hoping Monday and can get this stuff mailed out.. I know one thing, they don’t believe in the paper reduction act..holy smokes for printed papers and copies of copies of copies. 🙂
    Sean went to the UK this week to visit family which he hasnt seen in two years I stayed back this time to tend to the animals and the cold weather..he returns on Tues. just a short trip but a trip none the less a trip.
    Tomorrow I have to have the pickup in St Cloud in the morning so it can get ‘pimped’ out, Sean ordered all kinds of chrome stuff to put every where. hopefully it looks awesome when finished.
    Im so looking forward to this warm weather that is coming and they say its staying around for at least one week. yeaaaaaa!! bring on the slush!!!! I drove to Litchfield this morning and when i left the truck thermo read -7 an hour later leaving Litch it read +10 thats 17 degrees in an hour..wow!!

    • Vicki says:

      I should learn to proof read before hitting the send button..oh well.. LOL

    • Joy says:

      Let’s hope it all goes according to plan. I’ll bet Sean is having fun visiting with his daughters and friends. That immigration stuff is sure tough for those of us who follow rules and laws.

      • Vicki says:

        Yes Joy, it sounds as if he’s having a nice time. He’s been pigging out at the “chippy’s” which are food places that sell the fish n chips, sausages(bangers), kabobs etc..walk in order and take out.

    • SKL says:

      You ain’t kidding about the paperwork!! And what makes me nervous is that once you finally get an Important Document, they want you to mail it back in to get the next one. And it says “don’t copy this document.” So then, what if someone loses it or damages it while it’s in transit?

      You remind me that I still have to do my kids’ passports. Maybe I’ll get that ready today.

      • Vicki says:

        I know, mailing things makes me nervous but its the only choice. you cant send it as sign on delivery or we cant anyways because it going to a PO lockbox in California, alls we can do is track it.
        Seans medical was lost in translation some where so he had to redo his medical when he was in the US. What pisses me off about that is the special trip to London UK just to have that medical done and the expense of the hotel etc, then they go and lose the stuff and we have to redo it all and this medical can’t be done at just any doctors office it has to be a immigration approved one. which we ended up driving into the city for it, about 70 miles. crazy but you cannot argue with them, you just do as told. they basically hold your future in there hands.

        • SKL says:

          Don’t remind me about medicals – think international adoption – 3 unrelated adults going to 3 different doctors, twice each, to get (a) state documents and (b) notarized statements that exactly meet the foreign country’s requirements – 6 months later Da Mama storms the office of the holdout / dyslexic doctor – OH MY WORD! Adoption AND immigration are definitely not for the faint of heart. (I’m hyperventilating now . . ..)

      • Laura says:

        I would totally be photocopying everything anyway. I don’t trust the gov’t as far as I can throw any one of their employees…

        Good luck to both of you!!

  5. Joy says:

    I just got done making this for supper. For some reason WordPress hasn’t let me comment for a while so I’m just trying this.

    Tomorrow is Paul’s birthday but I have a lot of “stuff” with my mom next week that I can’t talk about right now so we’re going to wait and celebrate him and Toby the beginning of March. I’ll be able to talk about it more next week.

    I’m so grateful for this nice weather. I’ll have to be out and about next week and I shouldn’t even need my oxygen. YEAH!!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  6. Melissa says:

    Not sure what we are doing this weekend. My mom is coming to visit us in the morning while Sean’s truck gets “Pimped” out. 🙂 Maybe I will get my kitchen floor scrubbed this weekend. I am so happy that it is going to warm up. I’m tired of this cold and snowy weather.

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