Pull Up a Loveseat

I was going to do “Tunnel of Love” and make it all cute for Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t find a good picture.  They were all either cartoons, icky-sticky sweet, or rock album covers.  I suspect it’s a really good thing I had my browser set to “safe”, now that I think about it…

Anyway, I figured a loveseat was appropriate for today, so picture a room with a whole bunch of these in it, where we can just sink into the cushions with a cup of whatever, wearing our yoga pants with the stretchy waistbands, and just sit and chat.  The romance stuff comes later, anyway, when our other half (or our kids) bring us flowers. Or pasted-together cards covered in glitter and “Hug Me!” candies.

So grab a cushion and sink in.  Share your day, unload a joke, whatever.

Remember the rules… be nice, or we duct-tape you to the one hard chair in the room and throw Red-Hots at you.

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14 Responses to Pull Up a Loveseat

  1. SKL says:

    So is everyone feeling warm and cozy? We finally got a bit of a thaw, and that’s a relief, but I wonder if it’s the reason all three of us have headaches. Or is it related to last week’s car accident? Miss A also has a fever. (Is there no rest for the weary?)

    So tomorrow’s V-day, and my kids did their valentines today. They did a pretty good job, doing most of the writing and packing (of candy) themselves. Miss A is hoping she won’t be too sick to go to the school party tomorrow afternoon. I’m supposed to bring oranges for the class fruit salad, but do they want enough for the kids only, or are the parents supposed to come? I will have to ask tomorrow morning.

    I keep forgetting that ours is a non-traditional family. The other day we were at Bob Evans, and they were advertising a V-day special with 2 adult entrees, and it included a sucker for the kids. So my kids wanted to know if we were going to come and partake. I explained in front of the waitress that that’s for kids who have a mom AND a dad. The waitress seemed a bit shocked by that statement – like she was embarrassed for me. Funny, you can tell from a mile away that the girls are adopted, so what’s to be embarrassed about?

    The weekend was not very eventful. Only thing, last night we went to eat at the cafe attached to our grocery store, and I didn’t figure in the fact that it was V-day. They said 35-minute wait, which would have been OK, except that it was really a lot longer than that. Like well over an hour. It really put me in a crummy mood. Though I suppose I should have seen it coming.

    This week, I will be working on getting my car fixed under the insurance policy of some dude from Wisconsin. They also want to talk to me about injuries. I mentioned that my kid had been throwing up the day after the accident and I had stiffness and stuff like that. I don’t want to be all dramatic just to cost somebody money. Even though I probably am hurting from the accident – and the girls probably are too – is it something that requires medical attention, or just patience as the body heals itself? And as for the girls, how do I really know what they are or aren’t feeling? I don’t want to ask all kinds of questions to bring out their inner hypochondriac. I also don’t like to allow medical intervention when it’s not really necessary. But, how do I know, when both kids have been sick and complaining of headaches? I guess I’ll talk to the insurance adjuster tomorrow and see what their process is for this kind of situation. I also have to take my car in for their estimate (and I plan to get my own estimate too). And eventually get the work scheduled and done.

    Other non-work tasks for this week – passport apps, moving my 401K, filing a health insurance claim, applying for work/nonprofit expense reimbursements, and getting some more old stuff cleared out.

    PS, I did manage to reduce my internet procrastination today. Hope it becomes a trend. I have a good idea, but I need discipline to apply it. I want to resolve to post no more than one comment on each article on “that site,” which means I’ll have to use my brains to make my “one” comment say all there is to say. I like this because I’ve allowed my writing on blogs to become really lazy. To be limited to one brief comment would mean some intellectual challenge. Now my humorous side says I might as well reduce everything to a Haiku or maybe just one word. But I don’t think I can be that disciplined. Maybe someday.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah… I don’t think most of the commenters on That Site would get a Haiku. Forget completely the idea of using one word!!

      I suspect that the insurance is going to require a medical examination for you and the girls – and it could already be too late, unless you have somehow been documenting their symptoms both before and after the accident. Unless it’s brutally obvious that the problems were caused by the other vehicle striking yours, they often balk at coverage, especially of “soft tissue” damage, like headaches, vomiting, whiplash, etc. They could come from anywhere, will be their argument.

      • SKL says:

        To be honest, I would never go to the doctor for what I’ve seen so far. Just want to make sure that if something crops up (which I don’t anticipate) it would be covered. Once when I was rear-ended I was hurting badly enough to worry and go to an urgi-care center (it was a Sunday), and my health insurance denied the claim, saying the car insurance was primary. Since I didn’t want to file a claim on my parents’ insurance (it was a no-fault accident due to ice on the road), I paid out of my pocket. So I am feeling a little wary this time around.

  2. Joy says:

    I’m leaving for the day. Good heaven’s, it’s 5:30 and I’m up and awake. There should be a law against this!!! Anyway, my mom is having surgery today so please say a prayer for her and I. I’d tell you more but I’ve been sworn to secrecy!!! Kind of true but not really.

    You all have a great day and I’ll fill you in as much as I’m able to when I get home tonight.

  3. DM says:

    woke up this morning thinking about writing some songs for a jug band (friend on facebook said they went to a jug band competition over the weekend in Minn. which got me thinking..what is a jug band? wonder what they would sound like? what sort of silly songs might they sing/ etc. Think I’ll form one 🙂 you guys all have a good valentine day..will be praying for you and your mom, Joy. time for work. Dm

    • Laura says:

      Oh! I know for SURE there was a really good Jug Band on an episode of I Love Lucy – somehow they got roped into performing with them. Maybe it was when Tenessee Ernie Ford was guest-starring. It was hilarious, and I tried to find a video of it, but I couldn’t.

      • DM says:

        thanks for trying to find that video. I think YOU should put together a jug band @ play @ our next music festival. 🙂 I would even be willing to play on the harmonica (and I only know two songs) 🙂

  4. Nikki says:

    The weather is nice and warm, everything is melting, fast! Actually sounds like it’s raining. This weekend was a long one. Bailey has a big Algebra/Geometry test today so he literally studied and worked on worksheets all weekend. I was never good at math, so I’m not much of a help. Thank goodness for the internet. If he was stuck on something, Google was our savior! And I found so many worksheets to print off.

    Today is a weird day, worried about our grandma’s surgery but being positive. It’s Valentines Day, but It’s also Monday so….that means work, school, and baseball practice. I am making a nice meal, shrimp & pasta with a Four Cheese Rosa sauce, and garlic bread.

    Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

  5. Jenny says:

    Loving this weather we have! Although its kinda windy, but I’ll take anything abovie 20! Our driveway is pure ice. Hunter fell on his butt this morning walking to Grandma’s house. He likes to walk on the very icy parts.

    Lastnight I started going through a whole bunch of Hunter’s baby stuff and putting them on Craigslist. He is probably gonna be the only child so I figured I would make more space in the basement by getting rid of all this stuff! Also the stuff that’s at Grandma’s house too.

    No idea whats for supper…. Happy Valentines Day everyone 😉

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