Should she get the puppy back?

What do you think? Should she get the puppy back?

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7 Responses to Should she get the puppy back?

  1. Laura says:

    That woman is a special kind of stupid.

    Honestly… “I packed water bottles in there with the dog.” And he can open them with WHAT THUMBS??? Moron.

    No, she shouldn’t get the dog back!! They should consider repossessing her driver’s license as well. I hate to think what kind of damage she does with it!

  2. Jenny says:

    All I can say is Who does that?? How dumb can she be? Some people are just idiots. No common sense at all. Hell no, she shouldn’t get that puppy back!

  3. SKL says:

    Giving her the maximum benefit of the doubt, she is not smart enough to take care of that puppy. But gosh, I hope they don’t gas the little furball.

    • Joy says:

      There are so many people who want to adopt this puppy SKL that it’s now a lottery with hundreds of people wanting that pup.

      • SKL says:

        I heard that some shelter recently gassed a famous war hero dog before its owner had a chance to check for the dog. I think I’ve read that dog’s book to my kids. Can you imagine appending the book to say “alas, once in the states the dog snuck out of his yard and was summarily gassed”? Ugh. So much for animal protection.

  4. Nikki says:

    No way should she get that poor puppy back. Seriously, how stupid can someone be?! This story flat out pissed me off!

  5. Phyllis says:

    Absolutely NOT!! Did this woman even begin to think this through? And the statement that she was deprived of her son getting his birthday present. I don’t question why her son is in Georgia and she is not, personally I consider the child very lucky at this point. Imagine opening a gift wrapped package from your mom, on your birthday no less, and finding a dead puppy! Talk about trauma! Where are her brains? Water bottles? P-L-E-A-S-E!! What about food? How about poking “air holes” AFTER the box was taped? MORONIC! Thank God postal workers heard the poor dog panting! And, maybe it’s just me, but it ticks me off to hear adults slaughter the English language! Learn to speak correctly for heaven’s sake! Maybe…. oh, I don’t know….maybe you could actually string 2 correctly phrased sentences together? But that’s a subject for another day perhaps.

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