Pull Up a Chair

It’s been a while since we’ve pulled up a simple chair around here.  So belly up to the table and let’s talk.  What’s on your mind? What’d you do this weekend? Plans for the week? Did you get snow? Rain? Hurricane? Drunk?

Remember the rules, they’re simple.  Be nice.  No swearing, unless it’s absolutely effing necessary.  If you’re nasty, we’ll pull out the velcro suit and pin you to the wall.  And toss popcorn at you.

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32 Responses to Pull Up a Chair

  1. Sue says:

    Anyone like to drive me to work tomorrow?! Times like these I wish I just had to get on the light rail!

  2. SKL says:

    I have gotten so much done in the past few days, I almost can’t believe it. I hope this becomes a roll. I bought “boosters” to replace the girls’ car seats (although Miss A is techincally not big enough, I can’t see buying a baby seat for a 4.5-year-old). Miss E is so thrilled with her new seat. It’s the little things in life . . . .

    Did my friend’s taxes today. She got a refund, and she was so happy, she cried. I only wish I wasn’t constrained for time. Usually we have a nice chat-fest afterwards, but today I had to rush out. Of course the weather had turned bad and driving was iffy. Dang, what is this, winter or something?

    So this week we have doctor appointments to follow up from the accident. I am still stiff, have a sore neck, and keep having headaches on the right side of my head. I’m not one to be dramatic, but it’s been long enough. If they recommend a massage or two, I won’t be opposed! I’m hoping it’s something that will be easily dealt with. But please, none of those muscle relaxers (aka valium). They make me stupid for days. I don’t have time to be stupid.

    Still feeling buried in “too much stuff” around here. Even though I have cleard out a lot of stuff – the more I clear, the more I realize how much I still have. I have some ideas for approaching this more systematically and hopefully more effectively. But, I don’t know how long that’s going to take. One day at a time.

    • Laura says:

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they recommend massages for you! If they want to give you valium again, ask them if there’s an alternative. I know Steve went through several different drugs, several different times after his wreck until they found the right combination that didn’t make him sleep all day or have other ghastly side effects. They should be able to find something that works for you without making you loopy/stupid.

    • Ellen says:

      Have you tried a ice-pack on your head/neck? It helped me when I banged my head to a monkey bar at the playground. Good luck with it.

    • Jenny says:

      Are you opposed to seeing a chiropractor? Your neck is probably so out of wack right now and that’s why you’re getting headaches. A massage would definitely help, but you also need to be re-aligned! Recommended by someone who works for a chiropractor and is a massage therapist 😉

  3. DM says:

    drizzle and wind. Continued to dung out our old red barn for the weekend antique/born in a barn show in April. Two women approached us last Fall about renting our 100 yr old barn out for 3 events this year. both of them owned successful retail stores in Cascade but decided rather than be in a store 7 days a week, they’d like to try doing events. so anyway, I lit the pile of old hay on fire Saturday morning..it continued to smolder all day today in spite of the rain. I think I smoked my neighbor out Saturday. 🙂

  4. Joy says:

    What a crappy day it was yesterday. I’m thankful everyone got where they needed to be safely. It was snowing and blowing so hard that it looked like it was snowing sideways. I really do like winter but I’ve had it with the snow. Enough already. We have nowhere to put anymore of it and I dread the spring thaw. The funny thing is there’s no way to even measure what we got as the wind carried it and the drifting is a nightmare. There are patches in the yard knee deep and other spots are clear and I can see the ground.

    This is the first time I’ve been alone in almost a week and it feels pretty good. It’s so nice and quiet. I had a very rough week last week. Now I’m facing getting rid of my pets though and that’s such a hard thing for me to have to think about but the way I feel now and the way I felt at my mom’s…….I’m just depressed to be home. It’s so funny that I thought this was it for me. Had I not gone away to her house last week I wouldn’t know it was possible for me to feel good. So today I’m going to pick out a paint color and then I’ll have to call the vet. I’m putting the vet part off. It’s hard to do. I don’t know if I’ll have to get rid of the dog or not either. I’m going to pray that Maddie and Willy will be okay to keep. There’s no way I could get rid of Maddie. I can’t even go there.

    Enough of that!

    I’m making taco’s for supper. I’ve just been craving them so today is a taco day. That’s about it from me for now. Have a great day all.

    • Laura says:

      I’m so, so sorry that you have to go through this on top of last week. I know very well how hard it is to have to say goodbye to pets, they’re parts of our family and our hearts. I hope that there is someone close who can take them for you – maybe you can still visit? or would that be even harder?

    • Nikki says:

      😦 I’m sorry, I know how much you love them. You have way too much on your plate, hang in there, I’m always here for you!

    • Joy says:

      Nobody will take the cats Laura. I’m going to have them put to sleep. Paul will take them. They’re too old to give away and they’re inside cats. People have told me to just put them outside but they run in as soon as you open the door and I can’t live like that either. I’d lay awake at night worrying that they’re cold or hurt. No, I can’t do that. I’m really hoping we can keep the dog. We’ll see how that goes.

      • SKL says:

        Good luck with your decision. I know it’s a hard one. Sorry that you are in this position. ps, I hope your mom is doing well.

  5. Joy says:

    I forgot to say that I love that dinning room table. I want it now!

  6. Nikki says:

    I love that table too. In fact I love the whole set up, the wood on the walls, the light fixture and the valances.

    I’ve never been so happy for a weekend to end in my life. Everything was fine on the home front, we didn’t do too much but relax. We did go to open gym Sunday.

    Emotionally, I am spent. I am done wasting my energy and tears on people who don’t give a damn about me…my eyes have really been opened. You all know that song by Toby Keith, “What about me”…that’s what I feel like singing to a certain person, but this person is so delusional and self centered that they would never think it’s for them! Good thing they are two thousand of miles away, makes it easy to distance myself from them.

    Bailey’s baseball camp starts today, we are more than thrilled about that. It’s today, and then the next 2 Sundays. Tryouts are March 20th, just around the corner!

  7. Laura says:

    If you click on the picture, it’ll take you to a resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains (I think), where the table is located… I think I’ve used pics from there before.

  8. SKL says:

    Today I went to the doctor to see if there was anything concerning about my neck, etc. What he told me is kinda what I figured – a muscle spasm – but he ordered x-rays in case I decide to go do them, which I will decide if the soreness doesn’t go away pretty soon. I talked him into giving me an order for a massage, LOL – he laughed at me but he did the order. That and some meds that I probably won’t use. I figure, why should I not get a paid-for massage if that’s what will fix the problem? Now I have to figure out what the next step is. Where do I go for the massage? As for chiropractors (to Jenny), I’ve never been to one. I’m a little scared of the idea. Plus the doctor didn’t suggest it, so I would probably have to pay for it myself. I don’t know. Maybe someday. I’ve found that yoga is really helpful in keeping the body working and feeling good, if I could just get time to do it every day.

    So the doctor started asking me about adoption because his daughter wants a sibling and he’s single. So we chatted a little and he asked for my phone number (to follow up about adoption questions). I didn’t want to say anything before, but I feel a little bit of chemistry with this guy. I would never be unprofessional about a doctor visit, but if he wanted to be social outside of work, I might not be opposed to the idea.

    • Joy says:

      Do I see a little love in the air?? That would be awesome.

    • Jenny says:

      In my opinion, DON’T go to a spa!! Either find a massage therapist at a chiropractor’s office or someone who has their own massage place. When you call to make an appt, I would tell them what happened and that you have a Dr.’s referral. Also use ice or maybe you can find something like icy hot to rub on. At my work we sell biofreeze. Thats awesome stuff! You just rub it on and it does it’s magic. I hope the massage helps you!

      • Jenny says:

        oh and another thing, of course the Dr. didn’t suggest a chiropractor! They usually don’t see eye to eye…..

      • SKL says:

        How would I go about choosing a chiropractor? I live near a big city, so I’m sure there are lots of them around here (some even called me after my accident became public record, LOL – but they would be the last people I’d call).

      • SKL says:

        Also, how do you decide whether it’s better to apply heat or ice? The doctor suggested heat. (I haven’t used either so far.)

        • Jenny says:

          I would never recommend just heat. You can use both heat and ice. Alternate like 10-15 min. each, but always end with ice. If you use just heat and if your muscles are inflamed, heats just gonna make it worse. I know heat feels better than putting an ice pack on, but its def. not better! Do you have any friends or relatives that go to chiropractors around you? Word of mouth is very helpful.

    • Vicki says:

      Trust me, a doctor will never recommend a chiropractor even if they would beable to do something better for you. Doctors give meds to heal, chiropractors get things back into place where they belong.

  9. mssc54 says:

    What’d you do this weekend?
    My favorite uncle died. He lived in LA so I loaded up our two yooungsters and drove the 888 miles to go to the funeral and too see family. Our 27 year old daughter let me borrrow her 2007 Tahoe so we rode in style. We left Friday about 1:30pm ish and pulled back in our driveway this morning about 1:30am ish.

    Even with the death of Uncle Allen I would have to say that the trip was very enjoyable. Lindsay (9) and Porter (6) were real troopers! Before we left Lindsay made pb & j sandwiches and put CapriSuns in a cooler for them. Whenever we are on a long road trip like that I don’t like to stop unless it’s for gas. Only had to stop three times on the side of the interstate so Porter could pee!

    I haven’t been to Eunice for ten years so it had been a while since I had seen many of those relatives. Although we have made it to a couple of the family reunions you can’t really get the flavor of them unless you visit them in Cajun Country! I didn’t realize how much I missed them and their way of life.

    Chris (my closest cousin) has a big camper trailor that sleeps six so he set that up for me and the kids. Which means we didn’t have to be in the same hotel as my mom and six siblings. BONUS!! Don’t get me wrong but… with four sisters, one of them is bound to be in some sort of a mood that is unpleasant. In fact after the funeral we all went to the Cajun Camp Ground for a lots of gumbo and other stuff. My oldder sister was being such a, ummmm, not nice person that I found out later that my youngest sister asked her what the problem was between us. Honestly I think she is envious of me and my family. I’ve been married to the same woman nearly 37 years. She’s on her third marriage. Our three grown daughters are all very successful in every area of life. Her two children; her daughter is a former stripper with three children by three different fathers. Her son is divorced twice (I think). I think wheb Older Sister saw me with Lindsay and Porter and how well behaved they were and well mannered ect. that she internally felt something. Or maybe she just wanted to be a bitch that day and I was the easiest target (I’m not around nearly as much as the others).

    The people that live across from my cousin do animal resues so it is like a little mini zoo over there. They live in the country and the guy probably has ten or so acres. We were able to take Lindsay and Porter across the street and they truly enjoyed all the animals. I kidded the guy that he needed to get an old gumball machine and put some feed in it. Porter was jazzed that he could pick handfulls of grass and feed it to the democrat (the donky, hehe).

    Both Lindsay and Porter were able to meet cousins that they have never met. Lindsay bonded with one of them quite well and they played together for hours. One of the funniest things is that Porter was drawn to and just smitten with his second cousin Emily. Emily is a beautiful, petite, 19 year old and Porter was like a moth to a flame with her. It was very cute.

    If we are Facebook friends you can go and look at the pics I put up during the trip. They are under my “On the Road” album.

    Plans for the week?
    My Mrs. goes before the School Board Tuesday night. After being chosen Teacher of the Year of her highschool she is now in the running for the TOY for the county! Other than that I don’t think there is anything out of our normal/ordinary going on.

    • SKL says:

      Sounds like a nice weekend. Call me weird, but I always feel so good after the family is pulled together by something bad. I guess it’s because we are never pulled together in that way by something good. Not sure why that is. I also tend to laugh at funerals. Oh well, there has to be one in every crowd.

      About Porter’s new girlfriend – there is a guy who blows my youngest away like that, too. They were 18 and 3 when he visited, and she was smitten. Strange how chemistry works. I have forbidden anyone to joke about them getting married, at least not in front of her.

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