Question of the day

Who was your fist celebrity crush?

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12 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Jason says:

    Gwen Stefani without a doubt!!!

  2. Joy says:

    I’m not sure which one came first but these were hanging on my bedroom walls. Donny Osmond, David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman.

  3. Sue says:

    Luke Perry I think. He’s the only poster I hung up!

  4. SKL says:

    I probably shouldn’t answer. Actually, I’m really not sure. I think it might have been the dude who played Bobby on Streets of San Francisco. Or maybe he doesn’t even count.

  5. Jenny says:

    I would say Devon Sawa from Casper the Friendly Ghost, Luke Perry & probably the Hanson boys… lol

  6. kweenmama says:

    Shaun (sp?) Cassidy. Lol.

  7. Laura says:

    Bo Duke. He was never in posters on my wall, but he was my first crush. The posters belonged to Michael J. Fox, Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver), and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones/Han Solo.)

  8. Ellen says:

    Les Poppies, definitely! A French boys band. I was 12 years, and all my bedroom was all over with posters of them. Oh, Bruno and Pascal were my favorites. I went with my sister to a concert. After the concert, she had to drag me from the stage, the boys were giving signatures away but my sister wanted to go home!! 🙂 Here a link of Youtube, and the funny thing is, I still can sing with the lyrics, after 40 years!!! Real youth sentiment!! 🙂

  9. Nikki says:

    Jordan Knight and Joe McIntyre from NKOTB. The only poster I ever had was a framed one of Jordan my grandma bought me. Then my mean brother broke it. I was heart broken…

  10. mssc54 says:

    Billie Jo, Bobby Jo and Betty Jo from Petticoat Junction. When I was a kid I would army crawl down the hall and watch the show from under the chair my mom would be sitting in! lol

  11. Phyllis says:

    Davy Jones of the Monkeys! How’s that for a flash from the past?

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