What do you think?

Bill would require babies to undergo paternity test.

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22 Responses to What do you think?

  1. SKL says:

    Yeah, I don’t like this. If an unmarried guy or woman wants a test done, then do it, but why require it for all? Waste of money and time – and also, it’s an invasion of privacy and sometimes, opening a can of worms.

    I know at least 2 women in their 40s, who are “middle children,” whose dads are not their biological fathers. Surely there are many, many more out there. Do their dads know this? Intuitively, probably. But that’s between them and their wives. It should not affect the child, in my opinion. And really, that’s what ought to be the focus here – the child’s interest.

    Now if the issue is a single mom wants to sock a man with child support, by all means get the proof. Or if the state wants to defray welfare costs by making the father pay, I could see that. If a guy wants to be sure it’s his kid before he marries the mom – more power to him. But don’t mess with families. That’s my thought, for what it’s worth.

  2. Laura says:

    Oh, I had SO many comments on this one. First and foremost, it’s none of the state’s business. It really isn’t, unless the mother wishes to get the state involved – suing for child support, for example, and the guy is claiming that the child isn’t his. Then, ok.

    But in addition to the scenario that SKL pointed out, what about: a same-sex couple (ladies, obviously) who has a ‘hired’ father who wishes to remain anonymous? A couple who used in-vitro and donor sperm? Are they going to nullify the sperm bank’s anonymity policy? How about multiple births? Are they going to require that each twin be tested? Triplet? Quad? How about Home Births? Are they going to be required to test, as well?

    This is just a ridiculous idea, especially when so many states are on the brink of bankruptcy. And there’s no way, if I was giving birth, that I would pony up the money for it, and I surely would not approve this expense to be borne by my insurance – assuming I had the choice in it. And I wouldn’t blame the insurance company for refusing the cost.

    • SKL says:

      Your second paragraph is so right. How about where two partners who used a donor egg or sperm don’t want to know for sure who has the bio link? What about babies whose moms have made an adoption plan? What is the point?

      And by the way, for a paternity test, don’t you have to have a sample from the dad? What do they do when no “dad” drops by to offer his sample? Just put it in a big government database? And then, will they run everyone’s DNA when they get stopped for speeding, just in case they are a match?

      I was surprised at how many people thought “yeah, sock it to all those whores.” I mean, since when is this the role of our government? Sounds like something they would say in a conservative Eastern country right before stoning someone.

      • Laura says:

        I know… I don’t know how something like this would even make it to the floor. Don’t these legislators have a team – even one person, like a lawyer or an assistant – that they run this stuff by? Why would nobody else raise these questions? Or don’t they care?

  3. mssc54 says:

    YES – YES – YES – YES – YES – YES – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Two reasons;

    1) Scumbag males who impregnate females as a recreational sport and just move on to the next vagina to make themself feel all manly with the first thought of what sort of life that little baby will have to endure. These guys need to be FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. Jst look up the stats on the rate of poverty of children of single parent households.

    2) Some wome think that just because they have a vagina and are the one who has to carry the baby that they are completely and solely in control. Some fathers are left without any knowledge of their child. That is just wrong any way you cut it.

    • SKL says:

      So I could see requiring it where a single mom wants to claim state help with child support. I could also see it before an abortion – along with the dad’s recorded consent. But why require it in a case where a child is born to a married mom, or a single mom where the intent was always to be a sole parent (e.g., sperm donation)? I just don’t see any benefit to the community or the government in most cases – which you need to prove in order to force something like this.

    • Joy says:

      How would you identify a sperm donor? Aren’t most of them private? Can you always find out who’s it was?

      • SKL says:

        I think you can find out who the sperm donor was, but the whole point of it is that the mother wants to do it solo, and the donor agrees to that up-front. I think I did hear of a case where a sperm donor was sued for child support, which I think is an outrage.

  4. Joy says:

    No, I don’t think this could work. The reason’s being as SKL and Laura mentioned. What if no “man” shows up for the test? What if it was a one night stand? What if it were multiple births? What if it were a same sex couple? There are too many “what ifs” here.

    The biggest reason I don’t like it is I don’t think it’s up to the government to do this. To force this. We’re such a broke state right now that I wonder how is this going to get paid for. I feel a woman can ask for this test if like mssc said and the man won’t man up and if a woman wants to have child after child or keep the biological father in the dark, that’s a major character flaw and I don’t think this will change anything. You’re always going to have “those kind” of people. It goes back to the man (father) actually having to show up for the test. For people like us, I could have cared less. I knew who my boys fathers were so to me, it wouldn’t have mattered one way or the other but again, I don’t feel I should have to pay for it and I don’t want my state telling me what to do. What if they said I had to abort the baby? Once you open a door like this, too many other things are liable to happen.

    • mssc54 says:

      Okay I hereby exempt sperm donations. But everyone else MUST comply.

      Fertitiy doctors have been known to make “donations” themselves.
      Wives have been known to fool around.
      SINGLE MOTHERS ESPECIALLY SHOULD BE REQUIRED! The baby’s daddy will end up showing up eventually. Just look at the decades old rape cases that are s0lved these days because DNA testing wasn’t available.

      • SKL says:

        Why do you think the state has a role in proving that wives have fooled around? Please explain the benefit to society, because I am stumped.

        • SKL says:

          Keeping in mind that only the wives who fooled around AND GOT PREGNANT will be caught.

          And by the way, husbands have been known to fool around, too.

      • Laura says:

        So, if I show up at the hospital and give birth with my husband at my side the entire time, he giving me the emotional and physical support I need all the way through… it’s obvious that we are married and very much in love, and we want this child more than anything else in the world…..

        The state has the right to go into my husband’s and newborn’s mouths with a swab, take their DNA and test it?

        Absolutely not. IF I had an affair and didn’t tell my husband about it, that is between him and me. The state has NO BUSINESS interfering in that.

        Unless and until I (or the guy that horizontal mamboed with me) involve the state and demand a test, they need to keep their fingers out of my family’s DNA.

  5. Jenny says:

    No I don’t think it should be required, optional yes

  6. Nikki says:

    No, it’s not the states business. If the women wants a paternity test done, ask for one. If the man wants one, get one. It should be paid out of their pocket. Why should I have to pay for a test to determine who your babies dad is. You should know that, and if you don’t, figure it out on your own! This really just tells me way too many people have casual, unprotected sex. Do that at your own risk.

    • Nikki says:

      I am not discounting the ones that always intended on being the sole parents. But like Joy said, there are way too many “what if’s.”

      And when would it ever end? Have you seen Jerry Springer, sometimes there are dozens of potential fathers.

      • SKL says:

        Interesting point – what about prostitutes? Are they going to test each of the johns from appx. 9 months ago?

      • SKL says:

        And to your other point about too much casual, unprotected sex – I agree. On a certain other site I visit, the idea that women should maybe be a little selective is always met with disgust and derision. Like it’s completely unrealistic. I know I grew up decades ago, but has this world really changed that much? Is it really that much harder to keep our clothes on?

  7. Phyllis says:

    Absolutely, positively NOT!!! The gov. has absolutely no right to involve themselves in “personal affairs” , we are STILL entitled to a right to privacy. I believe that if an individual wants or needs to prove paternity that the decision is theirs to make, and the expense is theirs to shoulder. In the case of a married couple, if the dad is unsure if the child is his, and desires to have a test done, that is his decision to make, and his expense to bear. If he’s unsure and doesn’t desire the test done, that also is his decision to make. A lot of men have previously raised children they where they knew, without a doubt, they weren’t there at the time of conception simply as an act of love. Not too different from adoption. IT IS AN INDIVIDUAL CHOICE AND NEEDS TO REMAIN SUCH!

    Expense resulting from personal choice is a personal expense. It’s not the responsibility of the insurance company or taxpayers to pay expenses for people of little or no moral fiber. I feel the same on the question of abortion, but that may open a can of worms we don’t desire to open here. However, I confess that in certain cases, i.e. a result of violent crime, that particular cost should be absorbed by tax dollars if necessary. Or the service rendered be written off by the hosp. But only then!

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