Pull Up a Picnic Blanket

Photo credit: Dana Hogan, Skyfish Photography, found at http://wholegreenlove.com


After the balmy weather of the last few days, even I, your dyed-in-the-very-thick-and-warm-wool, Snowbunny of a hostess, is getting Spring Fever.  And Winter isn’t over yet.  But let’s take a short break from the cold and have our traditional Weekend Wrap Up out here on the picnic blanket.  Bring your own parka.

Remember the rules, ’cause if you break them, there’s a river nearby that hasn’t completely broken up yet… so it’s gonna be really cold when we throw you in.

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20 Responses to Pull Up a Picnic Blanket

  1. Joy says:

    I’m so ready for a picnic.

  2. SKL says:

    So glad we’re less than a month away from the official start of Spring. There has been enough snow and cold and weird weather in the past few weeks, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t miss it if it didn’t snow again until December.

    Yesterday we made an unscheduled visit to see the grandparents. It would have been great if we hadn’t stayed so long. Thing was, my brother was there chatting with my dad and they just couldn’t pull themselves away from each other until pretty late. Meanwhile, my mom found 2 movies for my kids to watch. So we didn’t get out of there until past midnight. So our Sunday morning church plans were cancelled. But other than that, it was a nice weekend. I got some good work done, but not so much that it knocked me out.

    I have been waiting since Wednesday for some projections from a client, which I need for a report that is due tomorrow. Wouldn’t you know, he just sent it to me at 9:30pm tonight, so my work is cut out for me tonight – but I am behind on my sleep, so I would rather go to bed.

    Today I cleared out a couple of cupboards and put together a bag of donation items, which is always nice. I just wish I could do this often enough that someday I could get ahead of the mess. I have these visions of getting rid of so much stuff that I could live out of a box. And then one day picking up my box and driving my kids out of town, never to return. Ha!

    Tomorrow I have to drop my car off at the fixit place for the next 1.5 weeks. So I need to finish clearing out my trunk, and I might as well fix the broken drain pipe while I’m at it, since the new drain section is in my trunk. Not sure how I will manage the logistics along with getting my kids to school in the morning and getting my report out. But I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

    Well, I hope everyone is looking forward to a good week!

  3. Sue says:

    I can’t wait for spring!!! This winter has gone on long enough! We had another busy weekend, but it was worth it in the end. Last weekend of basketball, and even though the girls didn’t come out as the champions, they played their hearts out and did the best they could. After bball, it was off to Share the Fun for 4-H. Trinity came up with the skit idea this year and I wrote it and guess what?! All the kids’ hard work paid off! WE WON!!!!!! Our club now gets to represent our county at the Great Minnesota Get Together in August and compete against other clubs throughout the state. GREAT JOB!!!!!! Other than that, not much is new with us. I’m working 4 days this week, we have our final bball party, Chris’s last wrestling practice, appointments and Toby’s birthday all to cram in the next 5 days. Whew! Better eat my Wheaties!

  4. Nikki says:

    Today sucks, I am sick and so is Bailey. He’s coughing so bad that he is throwing up everything he eats or drinks, and I can barely swallow. I had to take the day off, so I’m going to crawl back to bed. Hopefully I’ll feel better, and be back. I’d rather Bailey get better though…that is the worst for sure. 😦

    • Joy says:

      Man I’m sorry you guys are sick. Poor Bailey has missed a lot of school the last few weeks. Poor guy. Rest up, keep warm and get better soon.

      • Nikki says:

        Guess he’s making up for not missing any, before this. February has not been kind, to any of us. 😦 I slept till 2pm off and on, and so did Bailey. I can’t remember a cold getting me down like this.

  5. SKL says:

    So back on the topic of organizing. I was doing a little more today, and I find myself frustrated. Maybe you guys have some ideas (or can at least relate).

    Take my colored sock drawer, for instance. I dumped it out with the intention to put back only the stuff I will actually use. Now how many pairs might that be? I don’t know, but I went through and got rid of everything I was unlikely to ever wear, including those that were OK but not as good as other ones I have. So I probably got rid of about a fourth or a third of all the socks in there. But I still have a full drawer – I’ll bet it contains no fewer than 30 pairs of colored socks – and the sad thing is, I only wear colored socks once or twice a week. I could write a similar account of each other category of stuff I’m trying to clear out.

    So obviously I have bought more stuff than I will ever need, and on top of that, people have given me tons of hand-me-downs from “when they slimmer.” A lot of them still have price tags on them. They are all nice clothes and many of them even look decent on me. But when will I ever wear all those clothes?

    Why is it so hard to just donate them? I think it’s because in my closet, with the price tag on, it seems like they are worth what the price tag says. But as soon as they go into the donation bag, they are worth whatever the thrift store will sell them for – assuming they don’t end up in the garbage bin. So I think, you never know, maybe someday I will want to wear this to a party, or I’ll have a friend or relative who will appreciate this. I’ve even caught myself thinking that it’s just a matter of time before my kids are that size.

    For the record, I did fill a huge garbage bag with clothes so far, but I feel like that’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to what I should be clearing out.

    What do you think, ladies? Is this typical or do I have OCD? How do you put yourself in the right mindset to REALLY clean out your closet?

    • Joy says:

      I think we’re all guilty of this. I’ve come to the point that I no longer save things on “memories” alone because believe it or not, I’ve saved a pair of socks if I was wearing them and did something special!! I NO LONGER DO THIS thank goodness.

      As far as things with the price tag on them. If I have the room for clothes I don’t wear I’ll let them hang there but if I’m clearing out, I get rid of all of it and once I do, I never think about them again. I actually feel good about giving them to the Epilepsy Foundation because I feel someone will feel so fortunate to come upon these items wherever they get rid of them.

      I would never save something though in case someone I know might wear them or want them. I’ll hang on to them for me or for a Halloween costume but not for someone else. I just don’t have the room. I think you’ll feel good to just donate them. It helps you and someone else. It’s a win win all around.

    • Laura says:

      I am guilty of saving things “to grow back into”. It started when I was a kid, and I’d go through my closet getting rid of clothes that I’d grown out of, and my mom would suggest that I keep them and diet, slimming down enough to “grow back into them”. I STILL have a box of clothes with that exact label on it… from college!

      Recently, I went through a whole bunch of those things – didn’t get to “that box” yet, but it’s on the list – and realized that I’d kept some of them for so long that they’d gone out of style. Even if I *did* lose enough weight to fit in them again? I’d never wear them because they’d be so obviously dated. And more than likely, if I lost that much weight, I’d want to go buy new clothes anyway! That made it much easier to get rid of all that stuff.

    • Joy says:

      When I lost 50 pounds, the last thing I wanted to do was put on old clothes. I went SHOPPING!

  6. Karen Joy says:

    Oh that picnic picture looks so wonderful!I look SO forward to it getting nicer out!We just came home from AZ this past friday and I’m feeling sorry for myself already.Having a hard time with this cold weather.No one is feeling sorry for me though:(
    I’ll be grateful we arent sick like so many are by the sounds of it.
    Im in the mood to pick up a paint brush so Im hoping I can talk Wes into starting that project with me this week.Enough holidaying..time to get to work.We’ll find out tomorrow what we can or can not do structurally to the kitchen and decide from there what kind of renos to do.Painting will happen no matter what..I can’t look at the color I have now any longer!!!Hope everyone has a good week and feels better-Nikki-get better soon!!!

  7. Laura says:

    Well, our house took the plunge this weekend, and we’ve painted a black skull signifying “Plague” on our garage door. Josh spiked a 102.6 fever yesterday, and today I took him to the doctor. Influenza A. Oh, lovely day. He’s had two doses of Tamiflu, and Doc put Steve and I on “prophylactic” doses – preventative Tamiflu, because we are currently carrying it, but it hasn’t gone full-blown flu yet. I’m hoping that it never does, since I have a Grant Writing Workshop for the next two days, that I’ve been looking forward to for two months now! Isn’t that the way it always happens though?

    Oh, and Steve, in all his 12-year-old mental glory, riffed on the whole “prophylactic” thing for half the afternoon… so I took a nap 🙂 .

    Here’s hoping the plague passes quickly.

  8. SKL says:

    I hope everyone who is sick feels better soon!

  9. Janice says:

    We are in Northern Idaho and I am so ready for picnic weather and the sun to come out!

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