A Party Fit for a Princess?

Photo Credit: I think it's a TLC photo. I got it off of SFGate

Ok people, I have to preface this by saying that I checked out how much it would be to have a McDonald’s birthday party for Josh, and nearly choked at the $130-$150 price tag.  So this video almost put me in the ICU.

Maybe it’s because I never had a “destination” birthday party.  My biggest “do” of a birthday party, that I can remember, was a surprise party that my parents threw for my 16th.  My birthday is in winter, and that year, winter started early allowing us to flood the backyard early, which meant a nice, long ice-skating season… and a 16th birthday party ON ICE!  How cool is that? It was a blast, and I’m sure it didn’t cost my parents much at all… paper plates/cups maybe.  Pizza (did we have pizza? I don’t even remember.) Of course, my mom made a cake – she always made my cakes.  So let’s say, $50 for the whole thing?  And I remember the important things… playing Crack the Whip and Who’s Got It? (reverse ‘Tag’) with my friends, teaching some of them to skate, just generally having a really, really good time skating in my own backyard with my best buddies.

I talked briefly with Steve, and together we put together a remembered budget for our wedding… we spent around $20,000.  For a wedding, though.  A wedding that involved a string quartet, a professional Jazz band, and an open bar.  And that $20k included the dress, flowers, invitations, and a full meal for every guest.

This is a birthday party for a SIX YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL. And yes, I know I’m screaming.  Because it’s just unbelievable that people would do this.  And the thing that really gets me most, I think, is the way the little girl responded when the party planner asked about the budget.  She (the party planner) clarifies the mom’s answer of “fifteen” to her question of budget with, “Fifteen hundred or fifteen thousand?”

The little girl responded with a very emphatic, “Thousand”, as she sits there sucking on her drink.  Talk about ‘entitled’.  This kid is absolutely sure that she deserves every cent of the eventual $32K that was spent on her.  And why wouldn’t she?

I can see it now, though… in about 12 years, her parents are going to be all over national TV again, this time, screaming that the government needs to pay for their overindulged little “princess” to go to school because they can’t afford the “ridiculously high” tuition.

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9 Responses to A Party Fit for a Princess?

  1. Jenny says:

    This makes me sick!! yea that little girl sat there saying 15 thousand, like DUH! I remember my b-day parties were going bowling and then going back home. Now these kids are spoiled brats. Kinda like the show on MTV Sweet 16. Makes my jaw drop watching those shows. Makes me sad knowing that these kids are gonna grow up and think they can get what they want, no matter what the price tag is. Their lives revolve around money and they’re only 6!!

  2. Joy says:

    I just fell off my chair and need to apply an ice pack to my head!! THIRTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A CHILD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!??? I’m feeling faint again!

  3. Sue says:

    Pardon my French, but that is f-ing ridiculous!

  4. SKL says:

    See, I think it’s my job to teach my kids about the real world. You know, the world most people live in. The one where sometimes if you want one thing, you have to give up another thing – even if it’s under $10. Where you feel lucky because you know there are some kids who don’t have the basic things you enjoy every day.

    This little girl is apparently not getting acquainted with that real world.

    Now, I am cognizant of the fact that my kids probably feel too entitled. They think it’s normal to be allowed to choose what they eat for breakfast, and to have a sweet after dinner if they’ve been good. They don’t realize that most kids don’t have a membership to the rec center or the museum, and that buying organic food isn’t only about wanting what’s best. Forget the idea that some kids don’t have coats to wear to school, or books to read. I have slacked a bit in the reality department – though I do work on this, bit by bit.

    When it comes to birthday parties – I haven’t thrown one since my girls were 1 – and those were modest, more for the purpose of being social with adults than pampering the kids. I will probably have a combined party when the girls are around 5, but I am thinking just some eats at my house and having the kids play with my kids’ toys for a couple of hours. I don’t mind spending a little money, but how much is really necessary for little kids (and their parents) to have fun?

    Of course all of these extravagant “kid” parties are really just an opportunity for the parents to show off.

    Now I must say that I don’t tell other people how to spend “their” money. I have a few luxuries which I don’t feel guilty about, because they employ other people and keep the money circulating in the economy. I have monthly maid service, lawn and snow removal service, I pay to get my kids’ hair cut, I have a massage once in a blue moon. I pay for my kids to have 9 kinds of lessons each week. I don’t consider that to be “waste” because those folks need the money more than I do. So in the birthday party context, if you’re paying for someone to pretty up the house and garden, prepare food, serve and entertain the guests, and clean up afterwards, that’s fine and dandy. If we’re talking about extravagances that merely add to the bulk of the garbage collected afterwards, I’m not a fan. But mostly, I would be worrying about the message my kid was getting. Because although my kids mean the world to me, I still don’t want them getting the message “I’m better than others” or “I deserve more than others.” That’s terribly unhealthy in my opinion.

  5. Phyllis says:

    Are you freaking kidding me? That’s more than I paid for my HOUSE!!!!! (O.K., so I’ve been here 40 yrs., but c-o-m-e o-n) REALITY CHECK, PEOPLE!!! 😦 These things (and people) are totally insane! But, oh dear, we wouldn’t want little Sally to be like “normal” kids. You know the ones I’m talking about….. the ones that give a list of 10 or so things they’d really like to get and are then thrilled that they actually might 5 of them!

  6. mssc54 says:

    On the other hand…

    Show of hands of the people who want to be one of the suppliers for a child’s birthday party that has a budget of $32k (raising hand). 🙂

    Some of the most successful birthday parties we have in the last couple of years was renting a jump castle to be errected in our front yard and THE most popular was when we rented a couple of hours at the local county indoor pool! Now THAT was fun!!

    • Phyllis says:

      Ok, mscc, I’m lifting my hand because I know what you’re saying, but I don’t really think I could, in good conscience, be involved with this type of party planning. 😦

  7. Nikki says:

    Holy crap! NO WAY! I’m all for having a party and celebrating, but that is ridiculous! IF we had unlimited funds, I could see spending more than I do now, but thousands?! I don’t think so!

    I would never want my son to grow up and think that’s normal. That is far from normal. Wow…

  8. kweenmama says:

    My kids don’t even get a party every year. I’m just not a fan of them. I think the parents of that little girl are being grossly irresponsible in teaching her about the “real” world and where money comes from. Her sense of entitlement is only going to grow worse. 😦

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