Here’s to another Friday! I always welcome Friday with open arms, it’s the only week day we have no plans in the evening. We hunker down, and have some quality family time at home.

Saturday, we’re heading out to Paul and Joys to rip their carpet up. I can’t wait to see the end result, when it’s all said and done. It’ll look nice, and Joy will be able to take a deep breath of fresh air. 🙂

What was your week like? Any weekend plans? Whatever you do, or don’t do…enjoy it!

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16 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Karen Joy says:

    This week we painted…and painted!!Never ended so it seemed.Then I had fun shopping for new area rugs and pictures.Its a new fresh look in the house and Im a happy gal!
    Have fun at Joy and Pauls ripping out carpet!Im sure when its all done it will have been worth the work.Painting too?Let us know how it turns out.Happy weekend to all!

  2. Sue says:

    I’m glad it’s Friday and can only hope I feel better tomorrow. I’m having muscle spasms in my back so I may be seeing a lady about a massage tomorrow 😉 Kinda glad the week off I’ll have is suppose to be nice and I’m looking forward to Saturday and seeing everyone. Seems like forever since we’ve been together! Other than that, not much is new. The house is picked up and I love having a clean kitchen. Here’s to a good nights rest!

  3. SKL says:

    We’re supposed to get 12 inches of snow by tomorrow. Nice ending to a week that was almost continuous rain. Oh, well! I hope we can at least drive to go do what we need/want to do. Go to dinner, visit my sister in the hospital, go to church.

    I got my car back today. It’s funny, after just 1.5 weeks I had to re-learn (and re-set) various features. Today was a busy day as I had a couple of work “emergencies,” then had to attend a rigorous meeting (most of the afternoon) and then rush to pick up the kids and take them to swimming. The girls did really well tonight. Miss A has finally gotten brave enough to try swimming on her own in the shallow water. And she can swim a little way. She is so strong, once she finds her “technique,” she’ll be across the pool in no time. We got to the pool earlier than usual, so all three of us got a good workout.

    I have a lot of personal stuff that was supposed to get done this week. I will try to get some done tomorrow. I don’t hold out a lot of hope, though. With all that snow, probably everyone will decide to work at home all day, which means someone might barge in on me at any moment. And if you get caught doing “personal” stuff when interrupted at “work,” people assume that all you ever do is personal stuff.

    Nothing really exciting over here. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

    • Joy says:

      I sure do hope we’re done with snow here. 12 inches??? ISH!!!

      Did they say anything about the stain when you took the car back?

      I love hearing about the swimming. I’m glad everyone’s having fun with it.

      • SKL says:

        About the stain in the car – I got a call today saying that the insurance company paid for everything. They didn’t say anything about the puke stain. One thing that may have been in my favor – the front seats were already stained when I got the car. So they said they would make a note about that. Maybe they just assumed all the stains were prior to my using the car. Or maybe the insurance company decided it wasn’t worth pissing me off by making me pay. Anyhow, I’m glad that’s behind me.

        They cleaned my interior while it was in the shop. That was nice. But the not-so-nice thing is that they threw everything around and nothing is where it was when I dropped it off. I need to do a thorough cleaning and get rid of a lot of stuff. If the weather ever gets warm/dry enough, that is.

        Is this the time change weekend already?? Dudes. I do not want to give up an hour of sleep.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Tools recommended. Needle nose pliaers, razor knifes, painters tape, wheel barrow(s).
    Use needle nose plyers to grab a corner of the carpet and fold it back leaving the backing faceing up. Using the razor knife cut 3′ wide strips. 3′ strips should be rolled with the backing facing out (make strips short/long enough to easily manage). Secure carpet rolls with tape for ease of handling. A standard size wheelbarrow should just fit through your exterior door so park it on top of the cushion after you pull back the first section. Place rolls of carpet in wheelbarrow and cart off to where ever. Cushion is 4′ wide so there is no need to cut it so roll and secure it the same way as carpet.

    Dust masks are a good idea. Dirt has a tendancy to migrate through to the carpet/cushion to the subfloor over time so you will need to remove that too. Vacuuming the dirt instead of sweeping will minimize excessive particulates from becoming air borne. A HEPA vac is ideal. If you have a shop vac put some water in the bottom of the recovery tank before beginning. Be sure to pay particular attention to remove dirt from corners and edges.

    I think that’s it but I’m on my phone so I’ll read back over it in the morning. Have fun!

    • Joy says:

      Thanks Micheal. I’ll show this to the “removers.”

      • Laura says:

        You’ve scheduled a massage/mani/pedi to keep you occupied while all this air-polluting is happening, right? You really should be somewhere else, so you don’t breathe that nastiness…

    • Joy says:

      Michael, thanks so much for all the tips. I know Toby and Paul thought your idea’s were really good. They really liked the rolling it up with duct tape in smaller swatches. It’s going to be so much easier to handle and get in the dumpster that way. Toby really liked your idea about the water in the wet vac too. Thanks so much for the tips.

      Laura, I’m not sure yet what I’m doing. A lot depends on how long it’s looking like it’ll take and how bad it really is. I know it’s going to be really bad and really gross but if we tape off the rest of the house I may be okay in the kitchen and if not there, I know I’ll be fine upstairs. The duct work isn’t the same so there’s no way it’ll go up there. I may go looking for rugs too or may just wander over to Sue’s. I’d like to stay home. I haven’t seen my brother since Christmas and would like to be around but if I can’t breathe, I’m outta here.

    • Nikki says:

      I’m actually glad you said that about the water in the shop-vac, because I imagine that’s what we’ll use! Jason brought home gloves too, I am not ripping it up without gloves.

  5. Laura says:

    Today being Friday, it is the sixth week (wow! already!) of our new Friday Night Movie Night around here. This is the only way I know how to get Josh used to watching movies all the way through. It’s crazy that he still gets scared during them. So far, we’ve watched Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Sword in the Stone (Disney), and Hercules (Disney). The only one that he really made it through without hiding his face or crying/being scared is Sword in the Stone.

    He’s chosen Cats & Dogs for tonight. I own it, but I’ve never seen it. Have any of you? Is there anything I need to be prepared for (death of a main character, scary parts, etc.)?

    In other news, I’m STILL sick. This is getting really tiresome, I’m telling you. First, we’ve got The Cold That Never Dies going around town. If you haven’t been able to avoid it, you got a cold sometime in January, and it has just held on and held on. I was one of the lucky ducks that got it. And then it turned into the flu last week, which required a course of Tamiflu, which I swear made me sicker than the Flu did. Now the Tamiflu is done, and I figured, good, I’ll finally be better. Nope! Sinus infection. Sonofa… I’ve never said this before in my LIFE, but I will be SO GLAD when Spring gets here and I can open this house up and give it a good airing.

    Otherwise, same old, same old. Fighting with myself to finish the taxes. Writing a Grant Proposal for the school that must be done before the end of the month. Participating in the planning and execution of a silent/live auction even to benefit the school. Preparing and executing Den Meetings and a Pinewood Derby next weekend. Not busy at alllll…………

    • SKL says:

      I know what you mean about being sick. I haven’t been really well or rested since at least October. It’s just one thing after another. I was hoping life would be simpler after E’s January birthday – but no. Enter strep, car accident, sister in hospital . . . but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook, lest my own negativity prevent me from seeing and magnifying the good stuff. And yes, Spring, we are ready for you! Though I am looking out my window and seeing nothing but white . . . .

      • Laura says:

        We’re in a bit of a thaw right now. I stick my head out and smell poo….. I’ll keep the windows closed a little while longer, thanks!

  6. Phyllis says:

    Great advice mscc! I’ll have to remember it for when I’m doing/helping with that type of project in the future. I did know about the water in the shopvac already, and has used that.

    12″ of snow? OMG! Does winter ever end by you SKL? All I can say is “Please God, no more snow in Chi-town!” I pray your sis and the babe will continue to do well.

    Laura, you’ve really had a sucky winter health-wise. You’re funny…..(me singing…. you know the tune so just go for it) “It is the cold that never ends, it just goes round and round to my friends!” Brahahaha!!! Try getting THAT out of your head now! LOL! 🙂
    I like your idea of a movie night with Josh. He’ll start getting into it soon, the sad thing is that all movies have some sad parts in them. But at least the good guys still win!

    Around here my granddaughter and I were supposed to have a jama party, watching movines, eating popcorn, etc., but she’s got strep throat, so that pooped out! Sooooo, as we speak (yes, at 10 pm) I’m about half way done with the infamous cabinet that didn’t get done last weekend thanks to the bathroom mirror (which is still up by the way). I took a break from washing/drying everything (and sorting into piles i.e. keep, give to daughter, give away) to sit back and catch up with you folks. But I’m only working another hour then off to bed to get up and finish tomorrow, reason being I thought I had more energy than I actually do right now. Oops.

    Have a great weekend all! 🙂

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