Pull Up a Bleacher

Well, it’s getting to be that time again – almost all of us, in the next several months, will find ourselves in the bleachers, on the sidelines, or in the audience, screaming, cheering, encouraging, applauding, and maybe even groaning and covering our eyes, as our kids, nieces, nephews and friends take to the fields, mats, pools, and whatever else to compete.  And I’ve discovered, in the last couple of years, as Josh enters that world, that the cheering section is a great place to catch up with the stories of your friends.  So pull up a hard, metal seat, and enjoy the Game. Show. Tournament. Meet. Whatever.

And remember, we’re into fair play and sportsmanship around here.  If you’re mean, we drag you to the 50 Yard Line and give you a flying atomic wedgie.

(btw… the bleachers in the picture are none other than those at The Friendly Confines – Wrigley Field)

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22 Responses to Pull Up a Bleacher

  1. Laura says:

    I am bloody tired. I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I feel like Lucy right before she found out she was pregnant (and NO, I am NOT pregnant!!). She said that she felt “dauncy… maybe I need some liver pills or something.” I don’t know. Maybe that’s what I need.

    Maybe I just need to win the lottery and take a really long vacation.

    Anyway… Joy, I LOVE the pink!! It was so dreary and damp and cloudy here all day, this is a nice change!

    • Joy says:

      Thanks Laura. I needed a little pink too.

    • SKL says:

      I agree about the pink. And yes, Spring should help your doldrums. But, have you tried vitamin D? It works wonders for me.

      • Laura says:

        I do take it, with a multivitamin and a fish oil capsule (gaaahggg)…. when I remember. And usually, after about a week of remembering, I feel much better. I really should get on the stick with that stuff…

  2. SKL says:

    Well, this weekend has been decent. My sister in the hospital said she was tired after having her kid and a friend’s kids over on Saturday, so she wanted to rest rather than put up with mine that evening. So I moved our visit to Monday. Which gave us the evening to shop. Miss E is growing (against my explicit orders) and really needs to be wearing Size 5, of which she had only 1 item. So I bought her some clothes, and a few token items for Miss A. It looks like they can wear last year’s Easter dresses again, but I bought some new white shoes. So we are all set with clothes and shoes for a while. Their closet is getting crowded again so I pulled out yet another bag of clothes for the little cousin. Man, it’s amazing how many clothes we go through in a short time.

    I thought the time change was going to be really brutal this year, what with our 8:30am church after being out late on Saturday. But we did OK. Hooray, we won’t have to do that for another year.

    So maybe this will be the week I get caught up on some things. Last week it didn’t happen. I do seem to make a bit of progress every day, but I am working on so many different goals. I did get all of our passports last week, so that was great. Still waiting for the girls’ original documents to come back. The mailman stopped delivering our mail because we still don’t have a mailbox out there (surprise, surprise). Presumably it will be installed as the weather warms up this week.

    I should probably make a list of what I hope to accomplish this week – because listing things seems to increase the likelihood of my doing them. Let’s see. Make dental, eye, x-ray, massage, and car appointments. Submit med insurance reimbursement request. Go thru Spanish books for donation to bilingual kids. Clean out car. Clear more stuff out of closets for donation. Once I receive kids’ documents back, get their files in order. Lots of work stuff that needs to be done this week. Meetings, therapy, hospital visits, and the usual stuff. Probably 100 other things I’m forgetting.

    Hopefully everyone will be healthy this week. I have a headache right now, so we’ll see. (I probably just need that massage ASAP, LOL.)

  3. Nikki says:

    I LOVE the header and color!!! 🙂

    This is right up my alley Laura, especially since Baileys baseball tryouts are this coming Sunday. Gosh, it seems not that long ago we were saying 45 days, 30 days, and so on. Now, less than a week! I’m very excited and nervous. Bailey isn’t nervous at all, but I think he is nervous for some of the other boys.

    Watching Bailey and his team play is my very favorite thing to do. Especially when he’s pitching, I can’t even sit still, or talk to anyone, I get so nervous and excited. Part of being there too, is being with the other parents. I have became friends with quite a few, and really look forward to seeing them. We have such a great group of kids that will hopefully always be on Baileys team, great parents and their siblings are fun too!

    So, guess what I woke up to this morning?! My cruel cat playing with a fat mouse! He let it get away, and I think on purpose. He likes to play the “cat catch the mouse.” Now it’s in the heating vent along side the wall, and I am not happy! Happy Monday to me!

    • Joy says:

      OMG!!! I feel your pain!! ISH!!! Dumb cats!!!!

      I’m a little nervous for Bailey. I got terribly nervous when Jason had to try out. But he never seemed to. Maybe Bailey gets that from him. But I think Jason did care but just had to act cool. He’d say he didn’t care so “just in case” he didn’t he didn’t have to act sad. He could say “I didn’t care anyway.” It’s funny how how some people are. Paul never seems to get nervous about things either. I know it’s not a “man” thing because I know a lot of men who get nervous. Maybe that’s a good question of the day?

      • Nikki says:

        He says he’s not nervous, because he knows he’ll make a team. But he also said, he knows he has to do his very best because he wants to make the AAA team. I’m more nervous about the coaching position! I KNOW Jason is nervous, it’s all he thinks about. I can’t wait for the 30th to come and go, so I can have my husband back. lol

        • Sue says:

          Does Jason have to try out for a coaching position too or did I misread that? I’ll be thinking of Bailey and wish him the best! Good luck with the mouse, they are so nasty!

          • Nikki says:

            The coaches are voted on and picked by the board, and because Jason is on the board he already has a great shot. He’s up against the guy who coached Bailey last year and the BBA was not happy at all with their 2-14 record. Also, Jason’s volunteering 5 nights a week will come into account. I’d say he has a very good chance but until it’s official, we are on pins and needles. We spend SO much time, and money to have another year like last.

          • Nikki says:

            I’ve never been SO excited for baseball to start. He has trained and practiced all winter. I can’t wait to see him in action. You and Joy will be getting his schedule as soon as I get it. I am hoping for more home games, and the coaches pick tournaments and we’ll be entering more than last year, and closer to home.

            I put this comment here so the box didn’t get so small. But I thought it would still go to the bottom. Oops.

      • Nikki says:

        One mouse down but it’s not the same one because the one I saw Felix playing with was a fat one! Sari was chewing on a small one….why me?!

  4. Sue says:

    Well, I’m up for a second time this morning and feel much better this time around! I was up shortly before 7 to get the kids ready for school and just felt like a zombie! Couldn’t wake up and get rid of the cobwebs even though I had the best nights sleep since last Tuesday, so I laid down on the couch and just got up a little bit ago. There’s something I love about napping on the couch 🙂

    I have already put in my bleacher time 😉 Trinity did basketball again this year (as most of you know) and that is over now so my butt has time to reshape back into a butt and not a bleacher! I guess she is doing volleyball again. They had a fall session where the kids just worked on skills and now there’s a 6 week thing where the kids will have a couple of Saturday games. This time around it’s run by the high school coaches/kids instead of through community ed so maybe they’ll learn a little bit more. I think they have a game this Saturday so my bleacher butt will be back! Darn! She also does golf but thankfully there’s no bleachers there. I’m thinking Chris will want to try golf out this summer. That’s always fun!

    It’s suppose to be nice this week and I’m soooooo excited! MELT THIS SNOW!!!!! Can’t wait to see bare ground even if it is brown! Shoot, there was something else I was going to talk about, but can’t remember! Ah well, I’ve blabbed enough 🙂

  5. Joy says:

    I am so relieved and happy it’s Monday today. Both boys, both girls and my brother came out on Saturday and we ripped all the carpet out of the house. Big thanks to Michael for all his good advice. Almost all of it was used and will be remembered. I have to tell you all that I felt better almost right away. I also have to tell the people who don’t know me personally or on Facebook, I had to put three of my cats to sleep last week also so it was a really hard week for me. I’d have tried finding homes for them but two of them threw up after each meal (ya, really nice thing to clean up everyday) and the one would have run away and never went back so this was the only thing we could do. But I had to think, it was them or me and I really do feel better.

    I thought I had everything in place as far as paint colors and carpeting and now Paul threw in that if I wanted, we could get partial wood flooring!! I’m over the moon about it. “Wood people” hate “fake” wood and we’ve disagreed about it for years so now we’re going to put it in Paul’s room and an area of the living room but now I have to rethink all the paint colors I picked because I don’t care for light oak, honey blonde color with brown. I wanted brown paint and white trim but with the wood, I think brown is too dark. I “think” I know the color and tomorrow I’m going to look at the flooring.

    Today I’m just going to tidy up the house and try to get rid of as much as I’m able to with Paul at work. We have a dumpster sitting throwing distance from my deck but I can’t do one thing with him home because “you might need that one day!” Yesterday he argued with me about an old shower caddy rod he had behind his closet door!!! Since the last 3 times we needed a new caddy we just went and got one and this thing is just an old “extender” rod for a shower caddy, it’s not even the whole thing!!!!!, that needs to be from floor to ceiling and we’ll never have a shower like that so why keep it???????

    So, ya, I’m going to do some serious going through things today. Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment with my mom and we’ll find out where we go from here.

    Have a great day all.

  6. Laura says:

    Nikki, I totally had you in mind when I chose Bleachers for today’s post! I’ll admit, I was coming off of Josh’s wrestling meet, too, so that influenced. In two weeks, I’ll be back in the bleachers for his next TKD tournament, and then we start shortly after that with the summer sports. He’s thinking about Swim Team this year. Just like his mommy! I was a wicked breast-stroker when I was ten. forget butterfly, though. That was invented by sadists.

    I had a cleaning fit this morning, so all the things I WANTED to get done, I didn’t. Which means that my entire schedule for the week is thrown off. But at least the bathroom/laundry room/entranceway is clean. I haven’t given it a good, deep, cleaning in a while, and holy mother of …. was it DISGUSTING!! On the surface it looked good, but once you realized that that “shine” was actually solidified & polished dust, well, holy cats. This is what I get for letting a 7-year old Booger Saver clean his own bathroom….

  7. SKL says:

    So I got some stuff done today on the personal side. My kids’ documents came back, so I got the adoption/citizenship files in order and hopefully that’s the end of that. Whew! I know I always complain about all the paperwork, but man. From the day I chose an adoption agency until today, it is hard to fathom the “formalities” I have had to go through. And each one was so stressful – what if it gets screwed up or delayed? What if they don’t accept it? How much butt will I have to kiss to get cooperation on this? What if it gets lost in the mail? What if, while I’m waiting, the law changes / the birth mom changes her mind? So I am really happy to put that era behind me.

    I also made a bunch of appointments today. I had to go outside to do them, because my phone is not working inside. (Too bad, I can’t get any work phone calls!) I have appointments for my eyes, teeth, massage, and car, all in the next week. They said I can just walk in for the Xrays, so I will try to do that early tomorrow morning. I have another headache today, so I sure hope that massage does some good. This is starting to get old.

    I also finished a couple of quick computer filings that I needed to do (that reminds me of a couple more I need to do, though). Got general filing done, donations out, and more stuff for the baby cousin in a bag. Used my lunch hour for a nap. Even did some actual “work,” ha ha. Got to get a little more done before I cart my kids off to the hospital for a visit.

    Laura, I can totally relate to the dirt issue. Today I was looking for something and every time I pulled some stuff out of a “slot” on my desk organizer, the dust flew into my hair. Not very impressive housekeeping!

  8. SKL says:

    Oh well, change of plans. Miss A has the flu. So no visit to the hospital today. Miss A will not be allowed into school tomorrow, either. I hope it’s the same thing Elena had, because if so, she’ll probably be fine by morning, and at least we can do something in the evening.

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