Pull Up a Scoop!

Today, we’re meeting for ice cream. To hell with the calories, we’re going for the good stuff. The full-milkfat, double-fudge, dripping-with- caramel, top-it-with-hand-whipped-cream-and-a-cherry stuff. Grab your sundae and a chair, and join the fun.

As always, the rule is… be nice. If you’re not, we dip you in caramel, roll you in peanuts, and leave you in the park for the pigeons.

And here’s a question to start the conversation: describe your favorite ice cream concoction for us.

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22 Responses to Pull Up a Scoop!

  1. SKL says:

    Well, it’s a marathon work weekend. I was up most of Saturday night, but I am still not done with what I needed to finish by Sunday morning. It just keeps morphing and growing. I know it will feel really good to get it done, though I sure wish I could just lie down right now.

    This weekend flew by without much accomplished on the personal side. The girls were so contrary / disobedient yesterday, and Miss A was coughing a lot, plus Nanny had called in sick in the a.m., so I decided not to go anywhere in the evening. Aside from making the girls take a very long nap, I just read to them and watched half of a movie before putting them to bed. Today was a relatively normal Sunday. It was sunny but cold at midday. The kids got to play outside a bit, so that was nice.

    Not sure what about the girls is changing lately. It’s like they have unending energy for being pesky, but not so much for obeying Mom. I had no patience for it yesterday – probably because I was stressed over my work situation. But besides that, both of them seem to have grown older overnight. They are acting very school-girlish (for better or worse).

    Say, when is the first day of Spring? Is it tomorrow (Monday)? Happy Spring!

  2. SKL says:

    Oh, my favorite ice cream concoction? Well, when I first went to law school and still ate chocolate, there was an ice cream place on campus called “Licks.” I used to go there pretty often for a double brownie fudge sundae, with one big scoop of mint chocolate chip and one of cookies ‘n’ cream. With extra whipped cream on top. Mmm! I definitely gained weight from eating those.

    Nowadays I just choose butter pecan ice cream, because I don’t eat chocolate.

    • Laura says:

      I will NEVER understand how you don’t eat chocolate. That’s like saying, “I willingly gave up my right arm.”

      And according to my “Learning Calendar”, TODAY was the first day of Spring!! So happy rainy, cloudy, thunderstormy Spring, everybody!!

  3. Jenny says:

    well my favorite ice cream is (More than 1) Black Jack Cherry by Schwans, one called Birthday Cake. That one actually has b-day cake pieces in it! So yummy!!! Dairy Queen Snickers Blizzard.

    • Joy says:

      I LOVE birthday cake too Jenny. It’s awesome. Christopher likes it too. I love the Kit Kat Blizzards but the one in Annandale doesn’t have them anymore. I think that’s a good thing.

  4. Laura says:

    I’m into Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Sometimes I’ll get the “Twisted” one, which is both of those flavors mixed together. (When I don’t want to spend half my mortgage on a pint, I’ll get Blue Bunny or Breyer’s) I’m a sucker for DQ’s M&M Blizzards, and I LOVE that they now have “Mini-blizzards”, because I could never finish the small one, and felt really bad that I would have to throw half away.

    If I make a sundae, it’s going to be any number of flavors, depending on my mood – chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate, mint-chocolate-chip, regular chocolate chip… but it must be topped with hot fudge. Whipped Cream, Sprinkles and a Cherry are always welcome.

    • Jenny says:

      OMG you used to throw away your blizzards? I always get the medium and put them in the freezer if I can’t finish it. Then its a treat for the next day! It tastes just the same!!!

      • Laura says:

        When I lived close enough, I totally kept them!! But now, DQ is almost 20 minutes from my house, and on a hot July day, it would be liquid by the time I got it home to the freezer.

        I did get smart though… before they had the mini’s, Josh and I would split one, so we had nothing to pitch.

  5. Joy says:

    Well, I’m glad it’s Monday although I always am. I get back my nice quiet days. We got a lot done this weekend and the house is coming along really nice. Paul has gotten rid of a lot of junk in his “files.” He was able to burn them on Sat. I emptied out the front closet and I really can’t tell you the last time I saw the whole thing like this or the floor. I kept our movie shelf in the along the back wall and I’ll bet you I threw away 250 old VHS movies. I’d collected so many of them over the years but sadly we don’t watch them much anymore and they really were junk. They were so old that most of them wouldn’t even track so they really were unwatchable. It feels good to have the house getting clean like this. A week from today the painter comes and then we’ll get new flooring. I’m super excited.

    We have an appointment for my mom on Thurs and she’ll be getting a bone scan and CAT scan to determine how far her breast cancer has gone and where it went. Please say a prayer for us. I also had to bite the bullet yesterday and give her my honest opinion about her driving. “She asked me if I thought she should be driving anymore” and I was sick of lying so I told her no. I said “your nothing more than driving impaired. Like a drunk or drug addict. She didn’t like it very much but I’m tired of her asking me this. I just said “what if you hit someone’s grandchild or pulled out in front of someone?” She tried telling me that she could “kind of see” and I then said “what if someone hit one of your great grandchildren and killed them and they could only see how you see? How would that make you feel?” She then called my brother to “tattle” on me but that didn’t work this time either and she later told me I was right. She claims not to want to be a burden to us and I tried telling her that we have enough to worry about with her right now and she’ll only be a burden if we have to worry about her driving. Cross your fingers, I think it worked. Plus the last time I was there I moved her steering wheel WAY UP HIGH and she won’t know how to move it and I put a pebble under her front tire so I’ll know if she drives. If she does, I’ll take her keys “accidentally” when I’m there on Wed.

    I have goulash cooking for our supper tonight and I’m off to start organizing my books up stairs. There are a few things I want to put in the dumpster while we have it here. Have a good day all.

    • Phyllis says:

      Joy, I’ll be lifting your family up in prayer, especially your mom! GOOD FOR YOU TELLING HER SHE SHOULDN’T BE DRIVING! That was one of the hardest things I had to do with my mom, but she was legally blind in one eye and had no depth perception anymore. And STILL the DMV issued her a license! Go figure. I suggested that since we were together all the time anyway why didn’t I just pick her up when she had to go somewhere. I also “borrowed” her car til I could get mine fixed. Believe me, I could’ve fixed it at any time, since it needed something really minor done, but I didn’t bother. A month into it she said that she really didn’t want to drive anymore, so why didn’t I keep the car. That way it made her feel like not driving was her own decision.

      Now I’m off to wash more walls.

      Oh, yeah, my favorite ice cream is a hot fudge banana split, followed closely by a banana split blizzard! Mmmmmm!

      • Laura says:

        I STILL remember that car, and your mom driving it. Fire orange Firebird!! I will never, ever forget it. And I’ll never, ever forget her. Every time I saw her, she had a smile for me.

        • Phyllis says:

          Yeah, how bout that Firebird! You know, she was close to 60 when she bought it and she really loved driving it. She could never figure out why guys in their 20 would pull up beside her and look disappointed when they saw her. LOL! 🙂 She was a one of a kind person, and we all miss her a lot! The floral arrangement you sent Nee at the time made us all laugh and reminisce. It was great!

  6. Nikki says:

    My very favorite flavor of ice cream is Dreyer’s Mud Pie. It’s a light coffee flavor with soft chocolate pie crust chunks and chocolate syrup swirl. We don’t buy it often, because it’s a limited Edition and it’s not available all the time, thank god!

    I’m glad this weekend is over, and we can focus on other things now. Bailey had his tryouts and did very well. We’ll find out where he placed on Wednesday.

    I have today and tomorrow off. I thought my 2 days off was next month, but was reminded Friday it was this month. I wish I would have realized it sooner, I would have scheduled an eye appointment, but of course it’s too late to get in tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has a good Monday.

    • Joy says:

      It wouldn’t hurt you to give the eye clinic a call and check. You may get in. The phone call is free. Do you go to Buffalo? I love that doctor.

      • Nikki says:

        Actually I just did, and low and behold I got in! 🙂 I am nervous though, but I’ll go! I am going to Buffalo Eye Clinic, but I hate to admit this but oh well, I haven’t been since I was maybe 10.

      • Joy says:

        I’m so glad. Let me know how it goes.

        • Nikki says:

          We have awful insurance for this. They cover nothing, not even a free yearly exam. Co pay isn’t expensive, but they cover nothing. Not glasses, frames, surgeries…nada! But I will go, and pray that I will not need glasses.

        • Joy says:

          We have crap for eye and dental coverage too.

          • Sue says:

            Ours does cover one yearly eye exam, but nothing else. Nikki, I can’t believe your’s doesn’t cover the eye exam! That’s preventative medicine! Insurance is such BS sometimes!

  7. SKL says:

    Joy, congratulations on telling your mom about her driving! Wow, that is quite an accomplishment – I can feel the tingling all the way over here (I would be crawling on the floor from the exhaustion after that kind of stress). As my dad would say, “you done good.”

    Prayers for your mother and your whole family. Hoping for the best.

    Nikki, don’t feel bad about the vision coverage. I have really never had vision coverage until just this year. The good thing about it is that you don’t really get “catastrophic” bills from the optometrist. Either you need glasses / contacts ($100 give or take, unless you’re fancy), or you don’t. Or they send you to a doc your insurance might cover if (God forbid) you have something worse going on. Anyhoo, good luck! It’s not that bad!

    I just went to the dentist today and got a filling. It was weird because after I got there, they said, the assistant is sick and needs to go home, do you want us to just fix one of your old fillings or reschedule? Huh? So I had them fix one and they did it without numbing me or anything. I think that was a first – and it was no big deal. It was nice to not want to bite my tonge or mouth afterwards. But, after I made them go back in 3 times to smooth the filling (or whatever they do), I said it was OK even though it really isn’t right. So now my teeth don’t close all the way and I keep biting down like I’m gonna grind the filling with my other teeth. I have a feeling this is not gonna end entirely well.

    So last night and the night before, I got only 1-2 hours of sleep each. I did not even get a nap today because of the dentist appointment. I sure hope I get some sleep tonight. I did get some work out of the way, but not enough. (I know, what else is new?) This evening I will probably take the girls grocery shopping and try to get home a bit early so I don’t have a very late night.

    Have fun, everyone!

    • Joy says:

      Thanks SKL. We’ve been hedging this subject for so long and every time she’d bring it up we’d talk about something else. I kept telling her to wait. I mean she had a mastectomy and had a pacemaker put in a day apart. It was easy to get her to wait. At least now it’s a conversation. I also know when the tree’s start budding out I’ll need to swap cars with her because there’s a ghost that lives in my Tahoe and when I get the a/c fixed, it only last a few days and just won’t work and I won’t be able to take her to her doctors appts without a/c. I’ll tell her we’ll swap vehicles for the spring and I know she’ll never want to drive an my truck.

      Good luck with the tooth and GET SOME SLEEP.

  8. Laura says:

    Congratulations, Joy. I haven’t had to have that particular talk with my parents, but I’ve had to have others, and I know, they’re not easy AT ALL. So good for you. Why is honesty so hard? It’s so simple, and hedging is only prolonging the agony, but we seem to be able to hedge or lie or whatever so much easier. But good for you for doing that. I couldn’t imagine you guys having to deal with ‘what might have happened’ if it had!

    I’ll keep you and your mom in my thoughts this week – I hate waiting for test results. Here’s hoping you get the best news possible.

    Anyone out there a Harry Potter fan? ‘Cause this is a reference: This week, I could really use a Time Turner. I have too damn many things going on. I’m scheduled wall-to-wall this week with projects, practices, appointments, meetings, competitions, outings, and events. Dang, I should be paid for this. I’d be rich. I don’t think I worked this hard at any of my jobs!! But the end of the tunnel is in sight – next Friday. My last project ends on Thursday.

    Nikki…. BRING SUNGLASSES TO YOUR APPOINTMENT!!! I guarantee that eye doc is going to dilate your eyes, and they’ll be hyper-sensitive to sunlight. So bring the darkest sunglasses you have, a baseball cap, and if they have those little insertable sunglasses? You might take one of those, too. When they dilate my eyes, I use all three, until my eyes start recovering. It doesn’t generally last long, but you’ll be thankful for the extra protection. Otherwise, the appointment will just be a lot of “read this line” stuff.

    Ok, my break is over. I’m back to creating a slide show for one of the events this week.

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