Question of the day

If you were dating someone 10 years older, about what might you have differences about?

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6 Responses to Question of the day

  1. SKL says:

    Ha ha, where did this question come from? 10 years is nothing at my age!

    My all-time favorite guy is about 12 years older than me. He’s a divorcee and his two kids were little when he divorced (15+ years ago), so that colored his outlook on relationships. So let’s see, what are our differences:

    1) I wanted/adopted kids; he has closed that chapter.

    2) I would love to think “marriage”; he’s closed that chapter.

    3) I like having a house; he likes his small but nice apartment. I think we might disagree over how money should be spent (on lasting assets vs. rent, for example), if we ever pooled our money.

    4) We haven’t had a chance to get together (even for coffee) in years. If it isn’t my kids/job, it’s his adult son who lives with him off and on.

    5) His free time revolves around golf and laundry. (Seriously, every time we talk he’s doing laundry!) I’m more interested in arts, nature, and . . . kids!

    6) Theoretically, he can start seriously thinking about retiring. Though I don’t think he actually is thinking that way.

    We do have a lot in common, too. But some things just aren’t meant to be. Though I don’t think it’s because of our ages.

  2. Ellen says:

    I think time-memories and music.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Oh P-l-e-a-s-e… a guy 70? By then all they’re thinking about is their aches and pains, how the kids don’t call, yada, yada, yada! Thanks, but I’ll pass on this one.

    But if I was 30 dating a guy 40 I don’t think there’d be too much difference in our ideas, money handling or music for that matter since I’ve always enjoyed a variety of music, even the music of my folks era. Plus at that age guys are in their prime so they’re a lot more fun and much more active mentally and physically.

  4. Vicki says:

    I am 8 years older then Sean and I honestly don’t see any difference, apart from he listens to older music then I

  5. Nikki says:

    I think it depends on the people. Like Vicki said, her and Sean aren’t that different. But the things that stick out on my mind would be the kids factor, different taste in music; that changes so much in 10 years. Maybe the night life, depending on how young the younger one is. A lot of my 30 year old single girl-friends still party it up, not too sure if the majority of 40 year old men do.

  6. Joy says:

    I also feel it depends on the people and what their general interests are. Paul and I are 16 years apart too and other than he can remember not having a TV, the interests we have that we don’t share don’t affect our relationship. He saw the Beatles live and I love them so nothing has really been bad for us. Of course he was willing to have another set of kids. That didn’t really take too much talking on my part.

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