Don’t you sometimes think things get take a little bit too far? What do you think of this?

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10 Responses to Seriously?????

  1. SKL says:

    I had a lot to say about the new guidelines, which you know states will consider making into laws soon.

    I don’t mind the rear-facing to age 2 recommendation. I do think it should be only a recommendation, not a law. Some kids get carsick and puke, scream, etc. if they have to rear-face. Even though it’s safer in a front-end crash, there are other considerations and the risk of a really catastrophic front-end crash is not that high.

    Personally I felt right turning my kids around age 2.5. They were not uncomfortable or anything, but I felt that at that age, they needed to see what was going on around them as we went on frequent long drives. So we could talk and think about stuff. It seemed wrong that my kids had no idea what I meant when I said I needed to wait for the green light before I could go. Now, my eldest is 4.5 and about 30 lbs. Before my recent car accident, she could probably have still been rear-facing in her car-seat based on the car seat specs – so the new recommendations say she should be. But come on. For that matter, whatever adult rides with me would be safer rear-facing, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Especially since it’s chubbier kids, not slimmer ones, who are at higher risk in an accident.

    Now on the booster recommendation. I have nothing against boosters if it helps the kid sit up comfortably and safely. I don’t think they are “that” much safer than just a lap belt, but since my car has lap and shoulder belts in the back seat, and since the law says I have to, and since my kids think their boosters are pretty cool, I am going with the flow for now. That said, I do think they are going a bit overboard with the 4’9″ or 12yo limit. Neither of my kids’ birth moms grew taller than 4’9″, so at least one of my kids will probably be over 12 when she reaches that height. If she is OK with sitting in a booster, then I am not going to kick her out of it. But if she is the only kid in middle school sitting in one and she wants out of it, I don’t know. Let’s just hope the law doesn’t get that crazy. I mean, what do short adults do? Isn’t there a shoulder belt adjuster that would protect their neck without shouting “wee baby” to all their friends?

    What really irks me is the whole “you don’t care about your kid if you don’t rear-face / force a booster until she’s too big.” It’s the same as “only stupid/lazy people feed their kids formula.” Don’t you dare tell me I don’t care about my kid. Of course, I am learning to filter all that crap, but still – it doesn’t help anything.

  2. Jenny says:

    ok I think the whole rear facing thing should be up to the parent. I was thankful that when Hunter turned 1 he was able to be turned around! He was horrible in the car!! What kid wants to be sitting backwards and not be able to see whats going on?

    The booster seat law, I have a problem with too. A lot of grandparents bring or pick up grandkids from school. How many of them have booster seats? I’m sure NONE of us were in booster seats until we reached a certain height. 12 years old seems kinda old to be in a booster seat…who knows, thats just my opinion!!

    • Sue says:

      Especially when they could be a 7th grader!

    • SKL says:

      As far as “us,” I personally never even used seat belts regularly until it became law when I was a teen. Never owned a car seat. All of us kids would pile into the back seat and fight over leg space. That is, when we werent traveling in our dad’s service van, which had only 1 actual seat (the driver’s).

      But yeah, I can see the point of a well-designed baby/tot car seat and I don’t mind young kids in boosters (still don’t think boosters should be required by law though). But where is this going to end? Where will the next set of “guidelines” take us? It’s frustrating and a little scary.

  3. Sue says:

    I think it’s getting to be a little crazy. I barely had a car seat as did my 3 other siblings and magically, we are all still alive. I know they are much safer than not having anything, but come on. Trinity will be in 7th grade when she turns 12 and there’s no way I’d make her sit in a booster seat then. In fact, she’s already out of it. The other problem I have with this is, what about kids who are tall? You can’t scrunch up a 2 year old the size of a 4 year old in a rear facing seat and expect them to be happy! They should be recommendations to start, but not law.

  4. Phyllis says:

    I think the car seats for babe and toddlers are a great thing. They should be moved to a booster based on height/weight measurements and personally I feel the timing is up to the parents, who (I firmly believe) know what’s in their child’s best interest. Recommendations based on height/weight, sure those are good things. Laws to enforce it based on age, etc? NO WAY! We’ve got a 3 yr. old who’s about 42″ already. Her brother, who’s 18 mo. is already over 33″. That means the age issue will end up being ridiculous in their cases. One more example of BIG BROTHER trying to “oversee” (read as interfere) in our lives. Enough already!

  5. mssc54 says:

    I think someone is trying to justify their salary.

    I used to lay in the back window of our family Plymouth:

  6. Nikki says:

    This is ridiculous. Guide lines sure, recommendations fine…but laws after a certain age/weight is ridiculous. Especially these! Bailey was in a booster until he could safely reach his feet on the ground with his butt to the back of the seat. That’s MY guide line!

  7. LVISS says:

    We keep our kids on our lap .
    What is the use of the booster .

  8. with cars travelling at such high speeds anything that adds to baby/child safety makes sense to me !

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