Nikki has the week off. Her sister has been in town so we have to forgive her!! Well, I for one am so glad this week is over. I’m not one to wish time away but it’s been stressful. My mom started her chemo on Tues and other than a few minor things, it’s been okay. Our house is torn apart and Paul and I are back to living in the kitchen. The flooring guy came today and tomorrow all the new linolium will be in and on Monday the new carpet will be in and other than furniture, I CAN SEE THE LIGHT.

So, CHEERS to you. What plans do you have for the weekend???

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15 Responses to TGIF

  1. Laura says:

    Well, aside from my distraction all day today of getting a NEW PHONE!!!! FINALLY!!! (GoodBYE AT&T, it hasn’t been fun)…. I’m a little stressed, and sad, and nervous, and all those Mommy things, because tomorrow night, Josh goes off to his buddy’s house for his very first sleepover party. And it’s making me all weepy because my little bitty man is growing up!!! Too damn fast, if you ask me!! (‘course, when he’s having a temper tantrum, it isn’t nearly fast enough)

    But, fingers crossed that he makes it through the night. I think he might, since he’ll be with several of his buds, coming off of Chuck E. Cheese and Pizza… I’ll let you know what happens.

    • Jenny says:

      awww cute!! Very first sleepover…. good luck!! I’m sure he’ll do just fine, you’ll be the one worried. LOL

  2. Jenny says:

    Joy, I can’t wait to see what your house looks like all finished! I’m sure it feels like its taking forever, but it’s all worth it!!

    The weather today was AWESOME! So beautiful out. I think Hunter even got a sunburn on his neck today. He has a little rash on his neck and his cheeks & nose are rosy. Spent a lot of time outside today.

    Nothing planned this weekend. Work tomorrow morning and Saturday morning. I hate working Saturday mornings because I feel like the weekend goes by to fast. Mel & Mark are coming Saturday to drop of some Scentsy stuff. Enjoy the warm weather we’re supposed to have this weekend!! And some rain too….

  3. Sue says:

    I don’t have too many plans this weekend! Trinity has food review for 4-H Saturday morning and is doing Fruity French Toast. That’s all that’s planned at this point. It’s finally nice enough to play outside without 20 layers on so the kids have been out all week having a great time. Course that means bedtime is pushed back a little, but nothing beats fresh air. I am contemplating painting my back door/laundry area tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I have enough paint left so…we shall see. I also have 5 loads of laundry on my bed that should get folded sometime this century, but that is the one thing I hate doing! Other than that, it’s been pretty quiet out here.

  4. SKL says:

    This has been an interesting week around here.

    You know I usually work at home, but this week I had to go downtown every day. We had a lot of wind and weather in the early part of the week, and on Monday morning, our electricity went out. It was out for hours so I finally had to go in to the office. On Tuesday I had to go in again, because the internet here was still out. Then Wednesday thru Friday, I’ve been attending a conference. Which means being in a suit, heels, etc., which is really uncomfortable for me. It also means getting up early to get ready and pack on top of my usual morning things. And staying up late because of all the work I couldn’t do during the day. I have been kinda sick this week, so the loss of sleep and the discomfort have bugged me more than usual.

    My baby niece has taken her parents on a ride. She had some really bad days and setbacks, but today she really bounced back. They gave her a steroid to make the breathing develop faster. They had told my sister she would take weeks to get to the point of breathing on her own, but as of this morning, they saw enough improvement to extubate her. So people are happy today in our family.

    One of my clients – always a messed-up organization – threw us for a loop over the past week. They fired the guy we were working with, and nobody told us until some days after the fact. Also, his right-hand retired last week, also with practically no notice to us. To make things more interesting, the bank that works on half of their deals has moved its staff around, too. Right now I’m pretty much the only person who knows what this organization is doing. I’ve been spending the past couple days cleaning up messes (like scheduled cash transfers that didn’t happen) and helping people understand what’s going on, even as I wonder myself. I’ve been asked to participate in their board meeting Friday at 10am and present – something. Did I mention I’m in a 3-day conference? So I am supposed to be getting stuff ready for the board meeting etc., but I am tired and I really need some sleep, so maybe I should take a nap . . . but that is dangerous . . . .

    Oh, and Mr. Houseguest is moving out. He flies out Friday morning. Then we have to ship his boxes to his new apartment. We had his good-bye dinner Wednesday night.

    This weekend, I’m planning to go to my parents’ on Saturday afternoon to do their taxes. I bought the girls a couple of kites, and I hope my dad will be able to help the girls learn to fly them. I think that’s the sort of thing a grandpa ought to do, don’t you? (The grandparents usually have my sister’s 16mo on the weekends nowadays, so I’m not sure my dad will have much time for my girls.) I also bought the girls some little easter baskets and materials to decorate them with. I plan to ask Nanny to help them decorate them as they like on Saturday morning, while I work. On Sunday, hopefully we will have gotten enough sleep to go to early church, and then I’ll work as my sister takes care of the kids. I also have to do my sister’s taxes on Sunday.

    Speaking of sisters, Miss E was funny today. She told me, “when I grow up, I want to be your third sister.” She wants to pretend we all grew up together. I’m not sure what that says about my parenting . . . .

    • Sue says:

      What a week you’ve had! I’m so excited for all of you that your niece is breathing on her own! That is wonderful news!!! So is Mr Houseguest leaving! YIPPY!

  5. Nikki says:

    SKL, I am so glad baby is improving! 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her to continue!

    The only plan we have all weekend is baseball practice at 3 tomorrow, then a little pizza party to kick off the new season. 🙂 We’re more than excited!

    It’s been so nice to be outside, in short sleeves. I’ve been cleaning up the yard, and soaking up the rays! My sister was here from CA., she was cold putting layers on and we’re peeling layers off. lol

  6. Joy says:

    I feel so bad for my mom. She’s not feeling very good and she sounds so old. DAMN cancer and DAMN chemo!

    • Nikki says:

      I talked to her yesterday and she sounded very old. How weird that is, it can affect someone like that over night. 😦 I’ll see if she needs/wants me to come over.

    • Nikki says:

      Wow, she sounds worse now. 😦 She said she feels better than yesterday though because she slept. But wow does she sound bad. I hate this…and she wants no company. But I wouldn’t either. This sucks…

    • Joy says:

      I seriously hoped and prayed this wouldn’t happen but deep down I knew it would. She may need fruit or something over the weekend but as long as we hear from her we should leave her alone. Nobody wants someone staring at them when they feel like that. It’s fatigue so at least she’s not throwing up or anything and she doesn’t have a fever. I’ll call her again tonight and then again in the morning. I love you for being there for her Nikki. The weekend of Easter I’m going to bring her to stay out here for the weekend. I think it’ll do her good to get out.

      • Nikki says:

        I am glad she isn’t throwing up. I just feel so bad, and so helpless. Easter weekend would be a great time to get her out of her house. She’ll love that.

    • Vicki says:

      My mom was the same way after she had her chemo treatments, never was pukey sick but just sick and not interested in eating. The docs gave her what i believe was called “predizone” and man did that pick her up and kept her up.
      Now my step dad was another story, he was puking sick immediately following the chemo treatments we had to carry puke bags in the car for the ride home, but he had lung cancer and had to have a much stronger chemo.
      I agree, damn cancer.

    • SKL says:

      I’m so sorry. I know what you mean. My mom’s got really bad, but I don’t think it was so bad right after the first treatment. Then again, I”m sure no two treatments are alike.

      Cancer sucks. There’s no two ways about it.

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