Pull Up a Kite!

WOW, was it windy today (Sunday). Beautiful… mostly sunny, temps in the mid-80’s. Josh wanted to fly a kite, but it was too windy for that. We’d have lost the kite for sure.  Still, I couldn’t handle being in the house, so we went to the park instead. Met up with our friends, Jen and her son, Trace. The boys had a good time getting completely dirty playing, and then Trace’s grandpa showed up and kidnapped the boys. As I write this, they’re somewhere in the next town, getting muddy and wet and God knows what else. Jen said she’d deliver Josh home sometime before bedtime.

How’d you spend this bee-yoo-tiful weekend? It’s supposed to cool to more temperate, season-appropriate weather. More in the mid-50’s, which is right up my alley. I like sweatshirt/jeans weather. As nice as it was today, I can’t bear shorts weather from April till October.

Rules still apply. And if you’re mean (as some have been), we remove the kite, tie it to your back, and fly you into the nearest oak tree. Good luck gettin’ down!!

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12 Responses to Pull Up a Kite!

  1. SKL says:

    I would count this as a great weekend (so far). I did do a lot of work, but my girls also had some good times. On Friday I went home from the conference early (had to get out of that dang suit), and I got some organizing done. Mainly of the girls’ many books – some rearranged, some donated. Then we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

    On Saturday morning, besides their swimming lesson, the girls decorated their Easter baskets with stuff we bought at a craft store, and they are really cute. In the afternoon, we went to my folks’ house, where they were babysitting my 16mo nice. The three girls had a blast, and then after watching an ancient Lassie movie, I did my parents’ taxes and drove home in the wee hours.

    Sunday we slept in, and then we hung out in the backyard and enjoyed the lovely weather. It was so nice to have a warm day. Later, my sister walked the kids to the park. There Miss E fell into a huge mud puddle, but we got her cleaned up and the girls bathed and the rest of the day was fine. The mud puddle gave me a good excuse to get caught up on my laundry, which is always nice. (I know, I’m weird.) I got some things organized for the girls’ school week, and I bought tickets to the West Side Story (in a Broadway-type theatre) for early May.

    I hear that Wee Baby is doing very well according to her doctor. I wonder when we will be able to feel relieved and confident that there won’t be any more major scares. I know it’s still early. My sister was able to hold baby and do “kangaroo care” the other day, and I understand she’ll be able to do that once every 3 days for a couple of hours. Baby is able to cry now, which is good and bad, as my sister can’t really do anything to make her feel better. Other than that, I don’t have much new information.

    Funny that you brought up kites. We were hoping to do some kite flying this weekend, but it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe Tuesday evening if the weather cooperates.

    On Monday, I plan on taking all 3 of us for haircuts and then grocery shopping in the evening. And on Friday, Miss A has a follow-up eye appointment to see if she needs more vision therapy. I’ve been supposed to do her therapy several days per week at home, but I have not been super about that. So we’ll see. She’s doing a lot better with her letters, but when I try to get her interested in learning a few words, she looks away, like she used to with the letters. Granted, lots of kids her age are not ready for it, and she could just be a late bloomer or whatever you want to call it. We’ll see what the doctor says. Meanwhile, Miss E is reading some easy books with little assistance, and she’s pretty pumped about that.

    Other than that, I’m hoping that this week will be relatively normal. It’s the time of year when our work really picks up, so hopefully I’ll be focused and productive and keep out of trouble. I have been pretty good this weekend, so hopefully it’ll be a trend.

    • Phyllis says:

      I so happy to hear that Wee Baby is doing so well. What a blessing. Is your sis holding up alright and feeling pretty well?

    • Joy says:

      I’m continuing to send all my good thoughts and prayers to the Wee Baby. What’s her name and how much does she weigh now?

  2. Jenny says:

    Hunter flew his first kite this weekend!! Funny you wrote that. He thought it was awesome. He gets so excited that he almost starts crying. Papa Sean bought a dragon kite and it’s beautiful. It wasn’t all that windy when they flew it. Hunter was just happy holding onto part of the string and watching it. Until he seen the 4 wheeler drag in the driveway then he decided to go and play with that! LOL

  3. Phyllis says:

    Waaaay too windy here to fly a kite, and right now the kids aren’t here to do it with. Kind of a bummer! I did nothing, repeat nothing, Fri (though I took my daughter’s family to Portillo’s for lunch as a treat) or Sat, though today I did help my friend begin to clean out her garage to the point of exhaustion for both of us. Still some more to do, but the bulk of it’s been handled. It was a great day for it, with the warm temps and great breeze! It was a really nice weekend!

    • Laura says:

      mmmmmm……Porrrrrtillllllloooo’ssssss…….. [drooling like Homer Simpson]

      I wish we had a Portillo’s here.

      • Phyllis says:

        Their beef & cheddar croissants are the BEST!! When Ally & family are back next month they REALLY want to hit there!! I guess they’re only in IL. Seems goofy, because folks would go no matter where they’re located! ❤

    • Joy says:

      I’ve never even heard of Portillo’s. I’m thinking that’s a good thing. One less thing to crave.

  4. Joy says:

    If anyone is mean enough to get tied to the oak tree, I’m not helping you down!

  5. Nikki says:

    Our weekend was okay, it could have been warmer though. Bailey had practice Saturday and it was sunny, but a little chilly. Sunday we had a field clean up day (we’ll need a few more) and it was cold and windy! But I was able to get the golf cart out and smooth out the field so it can dry evenly, hopefully. Really, I just wanted to drive the golf cart!

    I’m so happy it’s Monday, Bailey went back to school and I get back into the swing of things. I’ve been so off on everything. I need to get out running/jogging today if the weather holds out. Thanks to Sue I have a running stroller, and I’m sure my daycare girl will love that as much as I will!

    Have a great Monday everyone! 🙂

  6. Joy says:

    I’m sitting in the kitchen for yet one more day. After this, my new flooring will be in and all will be good for a while. I’m so happy with the way it all looks. The brown walls look good with the butter walls and the “oak” linoleum looks surprisingly real. Paul, Toby and Sue can’t believe it’s fake. I’m thrilled. I do miss my chair and watching my birds out the window so I can’t wait till tomorrow morning.

    I’m also starting a weight loss challenge with three neighbors (Vicki being one of them!). It’s kind of like the biggest loser and our town is putting it on. The weigh ins are private though. I’ve gotten fruit and a lot of vegetables and I know I have to learn to eat right. I only eat one meal a day and that’s supper and I have to eat smaller amounts during the day so I don’t gorge myself at supper and then sit so full and feeling ill each night. I also got a drink maker thingy so I can chop up ice and chew on that. I plan to quit drinking pop altogether and I’m going to try and eat as healthy as I can. This isn’t SOOOO much about losing weight to look good but I really want to get off the medication I take. I know I have an upward hill to climb since the tree’s and pollen are getting bad now and most of the exercising I’ll need to do I’m going to have to do inside. Me and my Wii Fit Plus are going to get really chummy in the coming weeks. So cross your fingers and wish us luck.

    I’m off to re-pot some plants. Have a great Monday everyone.

    • SKL says:

      Good luck! I keep yo-yo’ing with the last several pounds that I want to lose. I know I can get into those better habits; I just have to be stronger. So, good luck to all of us!

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