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Pull Up a Sofa Cushion

After a holiday weekend, it’s always nice to just pull up a comfy couch cushion and relax. Mostly because you’ve eaten so bloomin’ much, that’s about all you CAN do. So I’ve provided the couch. And doesn’t it look like … Continue reading

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So, how do you feel about this?

To contend with the Medicaid costs, AZ Gov. Brewer is proposing a “penalty and incentive strategy,” that would impose a $50 fee on smokers, and a similar fine on obese people. Do you think this will encourage people to “take … Continue reading

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Another Use For Starburst Wrappers

Check out what I saw on the news last night. How cool is this. I LOVE the boyfriend.

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Question of the day

Do you take things from hotels? What?

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