How do you feel about this?

William and Kate have, between them, asked SIX of their exes to the royal wedding. Many are balking that this is unacceptable. What do you think? Would you/have you invited an ex to your wedding? How did you navigate that with your fiancé?

From Gayle King

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14 Responses to How do you feel about this?

  1. Joy says:

    I think there are so many different kinds of relationships and different kinds of love so yes, I can see this happening to me. I don’t really hate any ex’s I had. I’m not really fond of people breaking up and then whining about how crappy of a person they were with. How much they hate them and what a jerk they are. It doesn’t say much for their judgement.

    I would invite and ex and like I said, depending on the person and the situation, I wouldn’t mind if my groom did either. After all, he would be marrying me.

  2. Sue says:

    There will be so many people there that are more important than exes and so much security that they won’t get close to them! I heard on Entertainment Tonight this evening that Camilla (?) scratched a bunch of people off the list who were good friends with Diana. IF that is true, shame on her! It’s not her wedding! William better be putting a foot down about that!

  3. SKL says:

    At the present time, I couldn’t see myself inviting any of my exes to my wedding. It’s not that I “hate” them, but why rub salt in wounds, and besides, who’s to say they would want to come? One of them is scary; two I still consider friends, but I would not invite every friend to my wedding. Well, maybe if it were a “royal wedding”….

    My first thought was, if these folks were in a certain social class/circle, maybe they pretty much had to invite them to avoid a public faux pas. But, they could just be friendly enough to be happy for each other’s happiness.

    My question about wedding etiquette is, why do you HAVE to invite the mother-in-law? There are so many weddings that would be more fun without them.

  4. Ellen says:

    I am wondering, they know each other from college, I heard they were dating since. How can they have serious exes?

  5. Prasad says:

    The world is awaiting for Royal wedding after so many years a marriage is in the royal family i hope both of them will live happily life along together with some one or two children so let us wish they will be the best couple of the world for the year of 2011 after this wedding she will also prove herself a kind hearted woman as like as Princes Diana and also participate in so many social activities.

  6. Laura says:

    It seems like they hung with the same crowd in college, kind of just “dating around,” if that makes sense. So if that is, indeed, what they did, those past romantic relationships likely turned into close friendships. And if *that’s* the case, then yes, I think it’s entirely appropriate to invite them. Heck, who’s to say that some of those past relationships aren’t already married, possibly to one another? Just because they’re “exes” of the royal couple doesn’t mean that they’re sitting in their bedrooms at night, pining away for their lost loves…

    On the other hand, if one of them was a significant relationship – like the one that Will allegedly cheated on Kate with – that would be a different story. I might be a little uncomfortable about that, if it were me… not necessarily because his eye might stray, but because I wouldn’t want to create an atmosphere of, “nyah, nyah, I got him and you didn’t.” That’s not what weddings are about.

  7. Joy says:

    I do think they dated “off and on” all through their young lives. I’m pretty sure none of the other relationships were serious but I think it’s like SKL mentioned, this is getting very hyped up.

    I know most people don’t love it like I do but I can hardly wait to watch.

  8. Nikki says:

    If both, the bride and groom are okay with it, then why not??? Personally, I wouldn’t because I am not friends with any of my ex’s. But you also have to remember I’ve been with my husband since I was 17. I never had any serious ones, and none that I still talk to now. Now if I had an ex that I was friends with, and he was a big part of my life and it was okay with Jason…I would invite him. If Jason had one/some he wanted to invite, it would depend on a few things. There are a couple that I’m not sure if I’d be that comfortable with.

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