Pick Me, Dove!

How many of you watch reality TV?  Any show, doesn’t matter which one.  Have you ever thought, “Man, that would be so great to be on that show!  Wish I could do it!”  I like Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, American Idol and The Apprentice (Celebrity and the regular version).

I’ve always thought Survivor was hard and as much as I’d love to do the challenges and meet Jeff Probst, there’s no way I could survive like that!  First off, I need to eat!  If I miss a meal or even eat late, I end up with a headache, I get the shakes and I’m crabby!  Second, I don’t think I could be as cut throat as you need to be on that show.  39 days is too long to stab people in the back while lying to their face!  American Idol would be neat to be on, but I can’t sing like those contestants can.  I also need to have the feisty attitude going to want to have all eyes on me.  The Apprentice just scares me!  I know nothing about business management like that so I’d be in way over my head.

Dancing With the Stars is the one show that I would try out for if given the chance.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance, I love those pro’s and it would be awesome to get made up like that just once!  To have your hair and make-up professionally done, to have a costume custom-made for you…that alone would make me feel like a star.  Since I’ve started watching, I’ve always thought they should throw one ‘regular joe’ into the mix for fun.  A regular joe can’t dance any worse than some of those celebrities!  Well…someone over at DWTS or ABC or Dove read my mind!  Dove decided they needed a way to promote their new body wash so they came up with a little contest.  Submit your 60 second video (of yourself in a towel or tank top from the waist up no less) telling why you love the new Dove product (or Dove in general) and DWTS, and you could win a spot to dance on the season finale!!!!  One lucky winner gets 1 week of lessons (up to 8 hours a day) with one of the pro’s to perfect a dance that will air during the finale and showcase your hot new look from Dove.  Well, hello!!!!!!  Here’s my big break!!!!!!

So, after some in-my-own-head deliberating, I decided what the hell.  I’m going to submit a video!  You can’t win if you don’t try right?!  Ugh, easier said then done!  60 seconds seems like forever sometimes, but when you have to cram a bunch of info in and make it memorable, 60 seconds isn’t enough.  After many takes, I finally settled on one to submit. And then I filled out the app, uploaded my video and hit the ‘send’ button.  Holy crap, I really just did that!  I just entered a contest!  I’d never done that before!

Have you ever tried out to be on a reality show or even a game show?  What were the outcomes and would you do it again?  I’m still waiting for you to pick me, Dove, but I haven’t heard anything so I’m assuming it’s a no 😦  Shucks, I thought it was a sure thing!

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15 Responses to Pick Me, Dove!

  1. Joy says:

    I think it’s terrific you stepped outside your box and did this. One way or the other, way to go.

    We tried out years ago for the Family Feud. We did it with the Erickson’s and did a lousy job but had a really good time. It still makes for funny laughs.

  2. Michael says:

    I LIVE reality. That’s about all I need in my life. I certainly don’t want nor do I need some stranger’s drama anywhere near my life. I just don’t get the draw of the shows that take no talent at all.

  3. Jenny says:

    I wanna see the video!! You should post it on here! No never entered anything. I would love to be on the show Big Brother. All they do is sit around and do nothing. That would be awesome 🙂

  4. Joy says:

    Yes, I want to see the video too.

  5. Sue says:

    I still have it b/c one condition was that you retain the original video so they can use it for promo purposes. I did think about sticking it in here, but IDK, it’s me in a tank top! Nothing special about that! Oh, maybe that’s why they didn’t pick me 😦

  6. Laura says:

    I would have LOVED to do “Skating with the Stars” for that one season that it was on. I love figure skating, and that’s probably the one that I’m most likely to have sent in an audition video for.

    I could also see myself doing Dancing with the Stars. I’ve had dance experience, and I’d love to learn ballroom. Also, American Idol, since I have a music background. Stepping out of the box, but with a safety net, you know?

    I could not do stuff like Survivor. I could do the stuff, like living outdoors and the physical challenges, but I could not do the intrigue. Too much drama and backbiting for me. Either I can trust you or I can’t. And don’t put me in a position where I HAVE to trust you, but can’t. I might be able to do something like The Apprentice, since I work well in a group, and can manage projects. But again, they really play up the intrigue, and that gets tiring.

    Oh! Amazing Race! With the right partner, I could do that one. AND it’s a trip around the world, so that would just rock.

  7. Nikki says:

    OMG I can’t believe you actually did that! Way to go!!!! 🙂

    I’ve never really wanted to go on any reality show or contest. I always thought Family Feud would be fun but I think I would freeze in the moment. The Amazing Race would be the only one I would actually do. Like Laura said, with the right partner. I could never do it with Jason. He wants to do it to, but not with me! lol There are a couple friends I think I could do it with. But, I never will!

  8. SKL says:

    I think I would be too self-conscious to do any kind of competition where a bunch of people were watching me. I don’t watch reality TV, because it’s unreal in my opinion. When you take a bunch of “most extreme” moments from real life and concentrate them into a small time and space, that’s not reality. Plus I have no doubt those folks intentionally inject a lot of drama just to get attention.

    I probably sent in a few mail-in “contests” when I was a kid, but I never won any. By the time I was a teen, I was convinced I would only make a fool of myself, so that was that.

    Oh, I did get myself nominated for a volunteerism award in my previous job. My boss said “I should nominate you” and I said, “yeah, you should,” and he said, “will you write up the nomination for me?” Well, you were allowed to nominate yourself, so I figured that was OK, so I put together a nice binder with photos, etc. Another colleague also separately nominated me. I won and got a paid trip to Disney World with my mom and was recognized on the stage at the international Partners’ meeting (which was held in Disney World). So that’s my big claim to fame.

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