Question of the day

Osama Bin Laden is dead. How did you first hear about the news? What was your initial reaction?

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10 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Laura says:

    I had just come up from my basement cave, where I was watching MI:5 (it’s a British Spy Show that always leaves me a little unnerved by the reality of it). Sat down at the computer, and saw someone’s FB status pointing out the Fox Banner that was misspelled (it said “Usama Bin Landen is Dead”). Well, I laughed for a second that it said “Landen” instead of “Laden”, and then it hit me what the whole headline said. It was like in the cartoons, where the character runs off the cliff, but doesn’t fall for a second, because he didn’t look down.

    I went over to the site, checked it out, checked out a couple of others, too, because I didn’t believe it. Then I stayed up until past midnight, listening to the ABC News live stream on my computer, and discussing the finer points of the mission with my brothers.

  2. Michael says:

    Actually our (widowed) daughter called me early Monday morning to tell me. It was her husband (SGT BUDDY JAMES HUGHIE) who was killed by a Taliban sniper on the border of Pakistan/Afghanistan on February 19th, 2007. 😦

  3. SKL says:

    I was sitting at my computer working and my sister called me. Then I checked the news sites, which still didn’t have much up since BO hadn’t given his speech yet. They were reporting what certain military folks had told them “on condition of anonymity in order to speak before the president.” Three very different news organizations / sites were reporting the same info, which was different from what Obama eventually said. I kept checking the news for an hour or two as the details trickled in (and transformed before my very eyes).

    My initial reaction was, well finally. I did not see it as a big WOW kind of thing. I knew they had never stopped looking for him; they were bound to catch him unless he died on his own before that. I kinda thought they’d try to bring him in alive, but I could see how that would have been impractical.

    I was most surprised this morning when I heard they’d “buried him at sea.” That makes no sense to me. They hanged Saddam so everyone, friend or foe, would be sure he was dead. But to report “yeah, Osama’s dead, but you’ll never see any proof because we dumped it in the drink”?

    • Laura says:

      Let the Conspiracy Theories abound!!

    • Ellen says:

      I had the same feeling. They say they had brought the body of Bin Laden to the ship and there they did the DNA test. So, I hope so much we will see pictures of his dead body and that we see the results of the DNA tests, because otherwise, I am afraid, we will have again endless Conspiracy Theories.

    • mssc54 says:

      Makes alot of sense if you stop to think about the process of holding OBL as a prisoner. Just think about the process.

  4. Joy says:

    I heard the news after a scary 20 minutes or so of wondering what in the world the Pres had to say on a Sunday night at 9:50. I couldn’t imagine what was this important. When he didn’t come out and didn’t come out, I was getting very worried.

    My reaction was to give Paul a high five. What a horrible monster. Then I prayed that there wouldn’t be any retaliation.

  5. Nikki says:

    I was sitting at the computer and Jason was on the couch. At the same time that it came over the TV, I had refreshed my FB and about 10 statuses were about him being killed. I wasn’t surprised, more relieved but then scared about what might happened now.

  6. Morocco says:

    While watching television.

    I felt solemn as I do when any person dies. Sad also that he chose the route that he did in life that lead to his demise. I don’t think it was appropriate for people to “celebrate” his death. God is the final judge of all of us.

  7. Phyllis says:

    I actually heard it on the radio news Monday morning. Reason be I rarely watch much television. My initial reaction was OK, finally! When I heard DNA testing and buried at sea, so quickly, it aroused my suspicions. I not really a conspiracy theorist, but this is a bit of a stretch and I confess I have suspicions. I’m praying that we are not subject to retaliation, but we, as a nation, do need to be prepared.

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