Pull up a Beer!

Today, we’re hanging out in a real English Pub… this one is called “Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem“, and it’s located in Nottingham, England. And we’re hanging out there, not because I like beer (I don’t), but because I really, really want to visit England. And right now, this is the only way I’m getting there.

So, have a seat, order a pint and some chips, and relax. And if you’re mean, we lock you in the “cursed galleon”!!

Oh, and the “second” topic of the day is… where would YOU like to go, if money was no object?

ps… I swiped the picture from “Jerusalem’s” Facebook page. They have lots of fun pictures there and at their website, which you can access by clicking on either the picture, or on the link above.

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11 Responses to Pull up a Beer!

  1. Jenny says:

    I hate beer! I wish I liked it though. It’s just a simple drink that goes with anything. And you can get it anywhere. I would love to go to England also! Maybe when they make a super jet that takes like 5 hrs to get there. I don’t think I would be able to do that long flight!

    Saturday was a perfect day!! Got the garden started. planted tomatoes, onions & jalapenos. Worked in my flower bed a little bit. Today we went and had lunch at my mom’s house. The weather was crap!

    Tomorrow morning I go and have my consultation with the surgeon about my gallbladder. I hope they can do the surgery ASAP. I’m tired of feeling this way! Other than that, everyone enjoy the long week!

  2. SKL says:

    If I could go anywhere and money were no object, I’d really like to travel all around the world. There is no “one place” I’d like to go, but rather a long list of places.

    I had an OK weekend. Got very little work done, but after all, it was Mother’s Day. This morning we had cake for breakfast and then I took the girls to church. Next we were going to pop in at the zoo to see the new elephant exhibit. However, that was not meant to be. We were stuck in traffic for like 45 minutes and then they wouldn’t let us into the zoo parking lot. Turns out that not only was this a “grand opening” for the elephant habitat, but they were letting moms in free for Mother’s Day. So it seems everyone else in the county had the same idea I had. So we gave up on that and drove to my parents’ house. My sister took the girls to the park for a few hours and I had some time to chat with my dad and brother.

    My brother’s daughter is going to college next year and unlike us, her dad wants her to attend a private university. But he doesn’t have the money for it, and she’s not getting enough financial aid to cover it. So he asked me to c0-sign for a parents’ loan. She’s a really good student and all that. But I wasn’t prepared for this question. Thing is, as much as I love my brother and his kid, I don’t think they’d be approachable if my kid needed help going to school. I’d probably just tell my kid to go to the state school if it came to that. I know co-signing doesn’t sound like a big deal, but he’s counting on his kid to pay all these loans off and I know how big a burden that can be. If the first year is any indication, she’s gonna owe as much after 4 years of college as I owned after college + 4 years of grad school. And I had trouble making my payments in the early years of my career. SO, does that mean I’m going to be on the hook for it, and if so, should I just make a loan to them outright so it isn’t on my credit? I don’t know. What happens if they ask again every year, and what happens when my nephew goes to college in 3 years? A lot to think about. But I believe I gave the impression that I would do it, so I guess I am stuck.

    Anyhoo. Later I went for a walk with my sister, chilled a while, and finally blabbed with my mom for hours. We pretty much solved all the world’s problems. Got home about 4am. So I need to go to bed now! Tomorrow is another busy day.

    Have a great week, everyone!

    • Joy says:

      Boy, that’s a tough one. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t co-sign. First of all I think that’s a lot of responsibility for a kid. I’m not saying anything will necessarily happen but “what if” she decides in 2 years it’s not for her? Kids jump into things a lot of the time and it takes a really stand up person to pay back this huge amount of money. I’ve watched enough of Judge Judy to see that a lot of times when people borrow money and then change their mind or they buy a car and it quits running, they think they don’t owe the money anymore.

      Are the parents in the position to pay you back if the daughter can’t? I think it’s like what we talked about the other day. If you can’t afford to just give it, I’d really think about it. Another thing you mentioned, will you now be responsible for all your other nieces and nephews? I think you’re a very kind person because I can’t really see myself doing this for anyone other than my own kids.

      • SKL says:

        That’s the thing – my brother doesn’t have money and who knows if he ever will – and his wife frankly doesn’t have the hottest track record. Here’s an example of what scares me. While his stepdaughter was married, her in-laws took out a loan toward a minivan for the young couple and their 3 kids. They did it because the young couple didn’t have credit. So within a couple of years, they got divorced and Stepdaughter kept the minivan and decided the ex-in-laws were still responsible for the payments. Her mom agreed with her, from what I understand. Now who’s to say my SIL doesn’t instill the same sense of entitlement / irresponsibility into my brother’s kid? Who’s to say she’s going to think fairly about the fact that I have 2 daughters and 4 nieces/nephews and nobody else in the fam is in the position to help when my kids go to school? It’s not like I have millions, and as I’ve mentioned before, right now my cash balance is shrinking thanks to taxes. I certainly don’t have enough money to give that much to each niece/nephew for 4 years and still have as much left over for my kids. I’ll be 59 when my kids go to college – who’s going to give me a “parent loan” then? So I really wish I had been able to think of a way to say “whoa” without sounding like a bitch.

  3. Nikki says:

    There are so many places I’d love to see. I like SKL’s answer. 🙂 BUT if I am to pick one place, it’d be Italy. I’ve always wanted to go there. My sisters and I have always said someday, the 4 of us will all go. Maybe when we’re all old, we might make it!

    Do you think they’d have Corona Light in this English pub?! That’s the only beer I’ll drink.

    We had a nice weekend. Saturday was beyond gorgeous! We had baseball practice, and afterwards a few of the boys stayed and played a little game of whiffle ball. I think those boys would play until you dragged them off the field. After that we hung out at home, got some things done around the house and watched some TV.

    Sunday was crappy weather, but I thought we had a good day. We had a really good supper. We had grilled chicken, salads, asparagus, and Sue made the best dessert ever. And it was practically fat free. BTW, Sue….I want the recipe, please. Was it just the pudding made with fruit layered in or did you add something else? I know you said, but I can’t remember.

    Thunder and lightening woke me up this morning and it was a monsoon early this morning. Right now it’s not raining and the birds are chirping away. I hope it continues because we’d really like some decent weather for Bailey’s game this evening. That’s all I know…have a good Monday everyone!

  4. Vicki says:

    Wow, this photo looks just like the back seating part of the pub Sean and I always went too when we were in the UK, It was called the Cuerdley Cross. On the cooler nights Seans dad was back there stoking the fire up keeping us all toasty warm(sometimes face burning hot, lol). I love the english pubs I thought they gave off a warm, friendly feeling. I always said that it would be cool to open up a english style pub here at home just cause i loved how they look and how you felt when your inside.

  5. Laura says:

    We actually had a halfway decent day here, weather-wise. It rained some, so I pulled the truck out to get it rinsed off… which promptly caused the rain to stop. I’m trying to work my way through this house and get it to a manageable state of clutter. That funk that I went through lasted quite a while, and I could barely drag my butt out of bed, let alone clean with any kind of depth. So my work is cut out for me. I’m feeling better, lately, so I’m trying to do a room-a-day. Today, unfortunately, nothing got cleaned except the laundry (which included three king-sized blankets), but I suppose that counts for something, right?

    My visit-place, I’ve said before, is England/Scotland/Ireland. They kind of revolve through the #1 spot. Right now, England is in the #1 spot, but if I give it a couple of weeks, Ireland will rotate back there, or Scotland. So I’m lumping them all together.

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