Does Changing Lanes Save You Time?

Do you constantly switch lanes while driving? Are you “one of those” who can’t seem to stay in the same lane? Always switching back and forth? Sometimes people like this remind me of a little kid who can’t wait their turn or think someone is going to beat them somewhere. Someone will pass you by and give you a dirty look and a few minutes later you’re sitting right next to them at a red light.

People who are in and out really are really one of my pet peeves. I can see it sometimes but others make me think “what was the point of that?” If the person in front of you isn’t going anywhere what makes you think passing will get you anywhere faster?

So, does changing lanes save you time? Here’s a Good Question.

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7 Responses to Does Changing Lanes Save You Time?

  1. Laura says:

    On the expressway I generally hang out in the right lane. It was drummed into my head from a very early age that the left lane was “for passing ONLY”. So I follow that rule. Usually. I will pass, I’m not shy about it, but only when someone isn’t going my rate of speed, which is generally the speed limit or a little over (out here, highway SL’s are 70, which is a comfortable speed for me. I go crazy in Chicago, where everything is 55 or 65)

    On the farm roads, there’s generally no need to pass, unless you get stuck behind a tractor or other equipment, and then they’ll generally find a wide spot with a good view (we have a lot of winding roads) and move to the side so you can safely pass.

    but I’m generally not one of those pass-so-you-make-up-ten-seconds-and-then-get-stuck-at-the-light-and-lose-it-again people. Unless the person in front of me is a dithering moron who can’t read the speed limit sign and insists on doing 20 in a 40. THEN I get crusty and pass if I have the opportunity. But that’s to save my sanity, not time.

  2. Nikki says:

    Well, I very rarely even go on a freeway but I will pass if I see a big break in the far distance. Otherwise, what’s the point. I’m not going to pass someone just to be one more car ahead. Changing lanes too much, I think is dangerous. In town, there is never a reason to pass.

  3. Joy says:

    I’m not saying I don’t pass cars because I do but zig zagging like the car in the picture I used makes me wonder why people do that. I just don’t see the point in bumper to bumper traffic because I don’t really think you accomplish anything. I’ve been with people though who “NEED” to get ahead of the car in front of them and sometimes it really makes me nervous.

    I was taught the left lane was for passing only too Laura. I wish more people learned that way. It would make it so much easier to get around slower drivers. I know some people like to drive faster than others so if the left lane is for passing traffic, everyone should be happy but you get that one driver who’ll be in the left lane like he’s alone on the road doing what he thinks everyone else should do. I’m married to someone who thinks everyone should do what he thinks they should and he’ll mosey along in the left lane with his head in the clouds!!! That’s one of the reasons I drive almost everywhere we go.

  4. Jason says:

    Yesterday I was going to Hutchinson to get some stuff from Menards, and a couple of miles outside of Dassel two cars decided they just had to pass me. I had my cruise set at 60-61 mph, which is 5-6mph over the posted speed limit. When we reached round-about I had caught back up to the cars that past me. The furthest I think they got ahead of me was maybe 400-500 yards. I just don’t understand the purpose of that.

  5. Joy says:

    I don’t get it either Jason. It’s like some people just can’t wait to zoom past you and you end up at the same place almost at the same time.

  6. Laura says:

    I went to Waterloo today. While I was on the expressway, I was in the left, truck was in the right. He was moving to get in front of me, but was going to cut it really close, so I moved over to the left, since I was going faster than he was anyway. Meanwhile, a car was coming up fast from behind. You could certainly see, from her vantage point, that the large truck and I were changing places, that I was passing him. She totally tailgated me… I’m talking like a foot off my back bumper. It was really annoying. So I got past the truck….. and SAT there in the left lane. Just to piss her off more. Usually I don’t do things like that, but it was obvious that I was passing this truck. She didn’t need to be rude. So yeah, I decided to be rude back.

  7. SKL says:

    I have not had a chance to get online much in the past couple of days, and won’t for a few more days. Anyhoo, I don’t change lanes unless the person in front of me is REALLY slow as in less than 55 mph. Too much stress – I don’t need it.

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