Cheers to it being Friday! I hope everyone had a good week. I know we did. Not too much going on other than the usual baseball, work and school stuff. Bailey’s baseball team is now 3-0. A far cry from last season. They’ve already won more than they did all of last season.

This weekend sounds like it’s going to be a relaxing one for us. We have plans Saturday morning but that’s it for us. What about you? How was your week? Do you have any weekend plans?

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30 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Joy says:

    We were learning to read labels Monday night at our weigh in. I’ve been watching all my calories, fat and protein but haven’t really paid attention to all the other things. I’ve been well under my 1800 calories a day that this woman told us we should eat. I’m not as good at eating 6 times a day nor am I good at the protein. After Monday’s meeting I’ve been looking at more and more labels and today I discovered that I eat a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup everyday at noon with 4 saltine crackers in it. I’ve been eating this for years. It’s a comfort to me each day while I watch The Bold and Beautiful. So, there are 2.5 servings in one can. I don’t know how 2 1/2 people could share this and feel full but whatever. There are 60 calories in one serving so that’s right around 150 calories. That’s okay for lunch right? There are 890 mg’s of sodium. So double that is 1980 and a little more for that half serving puts the amount I’ve been thinking is okay is my daily allowance of sodium and that’s not counting everything else I’ve been eating. From what I can tell the average person should get somewhere around 2000 mg’s a day!

    I feel like I’m fighting a battle against myself. I really wonder why we’re just getting to this conversation half way through the program. Why wouldn’t we have discussed this at an earlier meeting so we all would have known more what to do and how to be eating? I’ve never calorie counted to diet before so most of this is all new to me.

    Well, at least I know now and didn’t have soup today but I could cry. I look forward to my mug of hot soup each day.

    What do you guys eat for lunch?

    • Laura says:

      Have you checked out the other brands of soup? I think Progressive might be the one that works with Weight Watchers (checking pantry…). Yeah, Progresso works with WW, so there are very few calories, but they’re wicked on the sodium. So I checked my Campbell’s Select Harvest Light. I have Savory Chicken Veggie, and Italian Style Wedding soup. Both are 2 servings/can, and both are 480 mg. of Sodium/serving.

      So you might check that line, and some of the other lines of soup. I know it’s not the classic Campbell’s Chicken Noodle, but it’s still soup, so you might be able to find a good one. Also, have you considered making your own, using low-sodium broth, or even making your own broth? You can control the sodium much better that way.

    • Vicki says:

      Joy, I sometimes have a sandwich, turkey or ham..low calories although the ham is high in sodium..but oh well..i have it on wheat bread which is 60 calories a slice or the lettuce wrap with crab, tuna or egg salad using miraclewhip lite and what ever crunchy veg i can think to put in it..such as celery/onions. Ive had soup before too, progressive i do believe it was. I loved the clam chowder one.
      I don’t feel ive done that well this week..Im able to start up my excersise routine again..had a docs appt yesterday, got two more weeks of antibiotics.. need to go back in two weeks will tell you more about it when i see you.
      Wednesday i was in Eden Valley with the sheriffs department keeping 400 kids safe from traffic, they(the high school) had a 5k run/walk so we had to block traffic and make sure they all stayed in order..I considered walking it with them but the shoes i had on was not right and thats what stopped me from doing it. I couldnt ride horse so i rode in the squad.
      This morning i have to go to the Litchfield middle school and talk with a bunch of 8th graders with a couple others from the Sheriffs department..ugh!! I need to talk about the mounted posse..hmmm what to say? I need to try to remember not to say shit and other words..lol I don’t consider myself a great public speaker, we shall see.
      Have a good weekend..I don’t think we’re doing too much…weathers turned crappy again.

    • SKL says:

      For lunch, I usually eat leftovers, cereal, or my “meal replacement” rice crisps.

      Be careful to focus on the positives, not the negatives, when you want to make a lifestyle change. The more attention you give to anything, the more you’ll have that thing in your life. You can’t go all day thinking “no calories, no calories” without developing unhealthy cravings and eventually giving into them. Instead, focus on how good your food looks/tastes/smells, enjoy each individual bite, appreciate when your body feels satisfied, and think about the good that the food will do for your body. (There really is no “real food” that doesn’t help your body in some way – fats help brain function, red meat builds your strength, etc.) And then find some other positive thing to think about until you are hungry again.

      • Laura says:

        She is SO RIGHT. That “calories calories calories” thing has been my downfall SO many times. Truthfully, it’s one of the things that keeps me from succeeding – I have this little voice that keeps saying, “you’ll NEVER be able to eat xx EVER AGAIN”

    • Joy says:

      I’m trying really hard to stay positive. It’s such an up and down thing. This weighing in with friends is what’s helping me do this. You feel you can’t cheat. There is no way to cheat when someone is weighing you in. When I’ve dieted in the past I’d reward myself at certain levels of loss but doing this you can’t gain. So if you splurge and gain one pound you have to pay. The motivation is here for me. I’m glad she’s doing another one following this one. I’m not really having trouble. I just wish I’d known more at the beginning. If I’d have known about all that sodium I’d have quit eating my soup 5 weeks ago and would have probably dropped a few more pounds. Sodium tends to keep you bloated.

      I’m learning too much!!!!

  2. Michael says:

    Ugh, is all I can post now (actually testing while Im driving down the Interstate at 82 mph). Got about 8 more hrs to go until I get home around 6:30 am. Then much earned sleep.

    This may be the perfect venue to unload.

    • Joy says:

      By all means unload but wait till you get home. PLEASE.

    • Laura says:

      I really hope that you’re just *saying* that you’re texting while driving just to tweak us. Otherwise…. KNOCK IT OFF!!! We want to talk to you tomorrow, not cry over your corpse!

      • mssc54 says:

        Okay so now I’m back home and have had one good night’s rest in my own bed.

        I got a frantic, call from my youngest sister on Tuesday saying that mom had died but that she was back. Mom went into respiratory arrest and apparently brought herself out of it. She has a DNR in place.

        TOM TOM XL says its 686 miles there and 702 miles coming back. I loath my TOM TOM XL!

        I left Charleston about 4:30 pm heading west. So of course I had the sun in my face until it went down. The trip down was for the most part uneventful.

        I walked into the hospital about 1:30 am local time which means it took me about 10 hours to make the trip.

        Mom was awake when I walked and my sister (I have four) was sleeping. Mom managed a smile and we chatted for a couple of minutes. Sister wakes up, we chat and I try to sleep sitting up in the other chair but end up going down to the van and laying the seat back in the back for a couple of hours of rest.

        After mom ate her breakfast my sister asked me if I wanted to go down to the cafeteria and get us some breakfast or would I rather help mom go to the bathroom. “What do you want?” was my reply. 🙂

        Shortly after bringing breakfast back for sister I went to mom’s house to get some sleep. I slept for a short time then got up and looked around. Now mom has COPD, emphasyma on both lungs and the right side of her heart isn’t working. So I look around and the place isn’t filthy like a pig pen but it’s filthy in the sense that I don’t think it’s ever been dusted. Seriously, EVER! And we moved into the house in the mid 1960. I don’t know if you call it pack rating or what but mom has kept every National Georgraphic, Readers Digest, Health and Fitness publication she ever received.

        This is where the trouble begins. I started cleaning. I took down all the drapes that could be laundered and put them in the wash. I took the mini blinds outside hung them on the fence and hosed them down. Wow, you should have seen the dark colored water running off those blinds!! I took all the nic nacs of the various shelves and put them in the bathtub and hosed them down with the hand heald shower head. The dirty water there was just unbelieveable. Then I had an older cousin come in from CA with his wife. They make a trip through each year and happen to be coming through at the right time. Carolyn (cousin’s wife) remarked about all the old paper backs and stuff. I told her to throw out anything she felt needed to go and that I would take full credit/blame. Nobody threw any of mom’s things out but me. IT’S ALL MY FAULT!

        My focus was to get mom’s room as clean as humanly possible so that she could have at least one area in the house where the air wasn’t so thick with dust that you could almost write your name in the air (like dirt on that back of a car). My scope eventually expanded to the entire house. Thank God and my doctor for my adderal Rx!!

        Eventually another sister comes over (I later found out that she was sent by mom with the mission to stop me). I remarked to sister about how dirty the house is and especially how dusty it is. She then tells me that mom pays her to come over once a week or at least biweakly to clean and dust but that she doesn’t dust in mom’s room. “Are you kidding me?!” Well I only do what mom asks me to do, she says. That’s crazy! Why don’t you do what actually NEEDS TO BE DONE! She says she respects mom’s wishes. So I yell at her, “WHY DON’T YOU LOVE HER MORE THAN YOU RESPECT HER AND CLEAN SOME OF THIS CRAP UP SO SHE CAN BREATH!!” She then tells me that all the dust in the air has nothing to do with mom’s lung capacity. What?! Are you serious?! Let’s say there are two rooms. Both rooms have the sun shining in a window. In the first room you can’t see a single dust particle floating in the air. In the second room you can see so much dust in the air that you can almost cut it with a knife. Okay now take a deep breath in each room. Which room do you think will allow more oxygen into your lungs?! “YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT INDOOR AIR QUALITY!!”

        Later sister had an empty plastic bag (the kind that you get from JC Penny) and she was folding it. Fold, crease. Fold, crease. What are you doing? I’m folding mom’s plastic bags! Really? They’re empty plastic bags! Throw them away! THEY’RE MOM’S BAGS! You’ve got to be kidding me.

        It pretty much went down hill from there. I ended up moving most of the furniture out of the house and called a professional carpet cleaning company and had them clean all the carpets, upholstered furniture and dry clean the drapes that I couldn’t launder. The place looked and smelled amazing! We did an awesome job.

        I went to the hospital and visited with mom for just a few minutes that Wednesday. I didn’t stay long. What is the point of sitting around a hospital room with three or four other siblings and not accomplishing anything to benefit mom?

        Thursday was when the carpet cleaning guy came. He got ther at 8:05 and left at 1:00. I went to the hospital and visited with mom for about thirty minutes then came back and began putting things back together. When I finished around 5:00pm I went over to my brothers house to take a shower then I was heading to the hospital and then hitting the highway for home.

        My oldest sister was there. OMg! So she asks me, “What did you do with the shoe boxes?” The empty shoe boxes in her bedroom? “What did you do with mom’s empty shoe boxes?!” You mean the half dozen empty shoe boxes piled up under the TV with dust all over them?! “You better have not thrown them away!!” Throw away the half dozen, empty, dust covered shoe boxes, piled on tope of each other under the TV stand?! Yeh I threw them away ! “MOM USES THEM TO SEND GIFTS IN!” WELL I GUESS FROM NOW ON MOM WILL HAVE TO LOOK FOR GIFTS THAT ALREADY COME IN THEIR OWN BOXES!

        Gawd, I can not begin to tell you just how happy I am that I am the child who moved away!

        So I called mom yesterday. She got home from the hospital Friday afternoon. “Hey mom, how you feeling?” “Well, I’m feeling better but we’re still looking for stuff. Do you know where my insulated McAlister mug is?” No mom I don’t remember seeing it. After speaking with my youngest sister (the original phone caller) she told me that she had taken the precious, insulated mug home with her when she went home to take a nap. BUT IT WAS MY FAULT IT WAS MISSING!!!!!

        What abunch of lunatics. I had one friend text me that I was fortunate enough to live close enough go and do something when I was needed but far away enough to GTFO when I had things taken care of. Lol

        Oh yeh, My “shoe box sister” – “Well, for the record. If I am ever incapacitated and am unable to communicate, DO NOT go into my house and throw ANYTHING away!” No problem. And for the record. I just spent the last two days sorting through, cleaning and pitching out stuff at mom’s. When she does die YOU GUYS can drop a dumpster in the driveway and go through the rest of the junk! “Point taken” my brother says.

        • Joy says:

          OMG!! I know how much dirt and crap in a house can affect breathing. Good for you but OMG!!! I just don’t even know what to say.

        • SKL says:

          Siblings – you gotta love them!!

          My mom has her treasures too (mostly videos she recorded from the TV to VCR) – I think she knows that they won’t survive much longer than she – but I am not going in there and pitching them just yet. She still has the ability, along with my dad, to keep the house decent for breathing, LOL.

          You were right to clean up and I’m sure your mom will admit it to herself eventually. As for the other sibs – they’ll get over it. It’s much more important that you came to see your mom in her time of trouble.

  3. Laura says:

    Well, my Drama of the Week isn’t over. This is going to be a busy weekend, for sure.

    Tomorrow, the carpenter comes to fix my floor. No idea how much THAT’S gonna cost. Also tomorrow, I have a repair guy coming to scope out my microwave to figure out if I can change the broken handle myself, or if I’m going to have to pay him to do it (on top of the $60 that they want for a stupid plastic handle). And then either tomorrow or Saturday, we’re going over to order our new refrigerator. But I bought a piece of linoleum this afternoon, so hopefully, between the floor repairs and the linoleum, we won’t have any more refrigerator-related water problems.

    Saturday, we were thinking of going fishing, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to fit it in, since josh has TKD, and we have our Cub Scout Pack Graduation/Picnic that afternoon/evening. But if we can’t, we’ll go on Sunday.

    Oh, and to everybody that has a Water-Dispensing or an Ice-making Refrigerator:
    PLEASE, please, please, pay attention to the hose inside your fridge. I’m told that, after several years (my fridge is 14), that the heat from the compressor can dry out the plastic water hose, and microtears occur. Generally, the heat from the appliance can evaporate the water, but in my case, the water ran down, and rotted out not only my hardwood floor, but the sub-floor underneath! Keep track of yours, just in case!!
    Put something under your fridge to catch the water and force it forward, something.

    • Nikki says:

      You’ve had some tough breaks lately! 😦 Hope they pass with no more damage to your pocket book or state of mind!

    • Laura says:

      Ok, so, update… turns out it WASN’T the hose, but the reservoir pan. The refrigerator is a Self-Defrost model. Back when it was made, they used steel pans to catch the water as it defrosted.

      Anybody see the problem with that?

      Yeah, steel and water don’t mix. Ok, actually they DO mix. Really well. They make RUST. So the pan rusted through just enough that whenever the fridge went through the defrost cycle, enough made it out of the pan (before the heat of the fridge motor evaporated it), that it got onto and into the floor. This has apparently been happening for YEARS.

      The guys are here now, repairing the floor. I’m afraid to look to see how big a hole they actually have to put there. They’re also going to lay a thin layer of linoleum down there, so if it DOES leak again, the water has to really work to get to the wood underneath.

      • Laura says:

        Oh, yeah, and it’s gonna cost $65 + labor to get my microwave door handle fixed. $65 for a hunk of $12 plastic. Unbelievable. And to top it all, the stupid handle probably comes from freakin’ China.

        • Joy says:

          Sorry. Man, what a drag!!!! Isn’t that the way it goes though?

          • Laura says:

            Well. The floor is done. And the cabinet is, too. Did I also tell you that all the new refrigerators are 68.5″ or taller (the ones that are around 20 cu ft or larger, which is what our current one is)? Yeah, they’re making them taller than they used to. Our current one is 68″. And the bottom of the cabinet that hangs over the fridge? 68.25″ from the floor. So ANY new fridge that we buy won’t fit in there. I don’t know what people are thinking when they make these things. “Gee. Everybody’s cabinets, across the country, sit at 68.25″ off the floor, so let’s make our refrigerators 68.5″ tall” So that means that we had to cut out the bottom of the cabinet (that little lip that hangs down). Well, I asked the carpenter about it while he was fixing my floor, and he said… we’re not going to cut it. That will look like crap. We’ll raise the cabinet instead. Put it up to 69″. That way you’ll have some play above the fridge. So that’s all done. We go tomorrow to buy the fridge. I’m sure I’ll have more adventures to share…

            Fortunately, this HAS become an adventure, now that I know that the worst of it is fixed (the floor).

  4. Laura says:

    And I canNOT believe there are less than two weeks of school left!!! He CANNOT be almost out of FIRST GRADE!!! NOOOOOO!!!! TOO FAST! TOO FAST!!!

  5. Nikki says:

    Well, I was up at 6am because I have one of my old daycare boys for the day. His new daycare was closed so they asked me. I should have known they’d be late. It’s now 6:30. How hard is it to be on time? I mean, I don’t care if you need me up at 4am or 9 am, I’ll be up but you had better be here! I don’t get up at 6am because I want to! One reason I don’t miss working with these parents! BUT…it will be fun to have the boy back for a few days. And right now is the most peaceful time of the day so I’m not too terribly upset. The birds are chirping away!

    I’m so upset with America right now, I voted and I voted a lot! I’m so sad that James was kicked off American Idol. I don’t even know that’ll I’ll watch it anymore, I’m sure I will…

    That’s all I know right now….I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend, for the most part.

    • Nikki says:

      Btw, the header looks very nice! 🙂

    • Joy says:

      Oh, how’s Andrew? Potty trained yet? Now you can get an idea of how little of the picture actually shows. I think it looks terrific. This is Nikki’s front yard everyone.

      • Nikki says:

        Andrew is good. The same just taller and YES potty trained! I made sure to ask! lol I guess it just happened recently. I also have Emily today so it’s been a fun, but busy day.

        The header does look nice, and now I have an idea of what kind of picture fits.

      • Laura says:

        LOVE the header! That’s your front yard? pretty. Looks very relaxing and quiet.

        • Nikki says:

          Thanks! It is my yard and I love it! I’m not too terribly upset we aren’t moving until next summer. I really do love where I live. It’s quiet, and peaceful but still close to a lot of Baileys friends.

  6. Joy says:

    I can’t believe James was voted off either. Do you think it was the type of music he liked? Heavy Metal isn’t as easy to sell as it used to be. I wish Haley would have gone. I can’t stand her voice. She seems to push herself too far to hit some of those notes. She’ll be singing and I can’t stand it and then the judges all love her. I just don’t get that. I’m really sad too. Scotty or Lauren now.

    • Jenny says:

      I wish Haley would’ve went home too! James should’ve made it into the final. I hope Lauren wins now!

  7. SKL says:

    It’s not easy being me right now. My gum is hurting and I really don’t know what to do about it. I just had work done on that tooth a few weeks ago, and that was supposedly the last problem I had with my teeth. I think I understand why Joy once said she keeps dental floss next to her bed. Of course flossing isn’t fixing the problem but at least I feel like I’m doing what I can about it for now.

    So my guests have been here 3 nights and I’ve been sleeping on the floor in my daughters’ room. It’s somewhat hard on my back, but the nice thing is that nobody is bothering me at night to work etc. Which would have been real torture, since I’ve had a bad cold and am running on low sleep and having to do a lot to accommodate the guests. Today I’m feeling better, but on Wednesday, all I wanted to do was find someplace to lie down and die. Yesterday I wasn’t dying but was pretty uncomfortable. Today I just have congestion, a tickly throat, and the aches and pains mentioned above. Sucky, but better than before.

    So I’ve gotten little work done this week. Really, this should have been designated as a vacation week, because all I can really do is feel nervous about the stuff that isn’t getting done. Might as well enjoy it when I’m not working, right? I mean, I got a few hours of work in, but that’s practically nothing. I also haven’t had much time on the internet, which is really more of a good thing. Maybe I will get over my addiction to that stupid liberal mommy site that I really don’t even enjoy. That would definitely improve my quality of life.

    It continues to rain on and off, but now it’s getting hot outside too. Nice to sit inside and enjoy the air conditioning on days like this. I could not enjoy myself outside today, anyway.

    Looking forward to a weekend in the house with just my kids (other than the usual weekend nanny schedule). I sure hope I feel good.

    Well, I hope everyone else has a great weekend!

  8. Jenny says:

    My week has been pretty crappy. I had the surgery on Tuesday. Came home Tuesday afternoon and I felt pretty good, so I thought hey this is gonna be easy! Wednesday came and I could barely get out of bed I was so dizzy & nauseous. Got more meds for the nausea. Noticed Wed. evening that I had red lines going up my arm from where the IV was. So I thought great, since Jason has dealt with this and he has MRSA. The surgeon thought it was just irritation from where the IV was. Ended up getting a hold of the surgeon and Jason was up in St. Cloud at 10:00 pm getting me more meds! So I’ve been taking antibiotics for that. Can’t really see the lines during the day, only after I get out of the shower. I’ve been so tired and crappy feeling through out the days. I don’t know how Sue ever recovered so quickly and she had an extra thing done too! Man I really hope this is that last surgery I will have! We just don’t have good luck with this stuff.

    • Sue says:

      Oh Jenny! That stinks! You know, Christy had a really hard recovery too. I didn’t think mine was all that great and it was a full week before I felt better so hang in there. And actually, I didn’t have swelling until a couple of days after that last for like 4 days so…hang in there!

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