Question of the day from mssc

Do you answer truthfully when online people ask you questions (where you live or what you do)?

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8 Responses to Question of the day from mssc

  1. Joy says:

    I never used to. When I first got the Internet I didn’t put where I really lived or anything but now with the blogging and meeting you all on Facebook, I’m pretty honest. I’m vague on sites where I don’t know anyone though.

  2. Laura says:

    The closest I’ll get is “Iowa” or “The Midwest”. Except here. I think almost everybody on this site knows where I live… at least pretty close. Many sites I won’t give my name… I’ll appear as “anonymous”, or make up some letters. I do have a couple of nicknames that I use, too, but I generally don’t mix them (ie: use the same one for multiple sites).

  3. mssc54 says:

    I so play mostly Farkle. I get asked all the time. I usually resopnd in one of two ways. If they ask where I’m from: “Originally the womb. Most recently the SC coast.”

    If they ask where I am, (like, where are you?) I ALWAYS respond; “In the livingroom.” If they ask, “Where do you live?” I typically respond with, “In a van down by the river.” I try to make it fun… for me!

    Now if they ask what I do for a living, “I bag groceries at the grocery store.” Then tell them about our weekly specials! LOL Man I crack myself up!! 🙂

    If my opponant gets rude or annoys me in any way I usualy Google them an try to trick them into giving me any little bit of information that would get me just way to muc info on them then I copy and paste it in the chat. One woman told me what her husband does for a living. I found their landscaping business complete with a map to their business, her contact info and everything. She freaked out. I told her she should be more careful when she is on line. And its a good thing that I’m not some wierdo. I’m pretty sure she will be more careful in the future. Lol

  4. SKL says:

    I am usually vague if I “have” to mention my details at all. Probably a few people who really cared to know have figured out what city I live in, etc., but mostly it’s not relevant so I keep mum about it.

    I actually think I tell too much sometimes, but on the other hand, there are people who tell a lot more – like using their full name in their handle, mentioning the names of their spouse and kids, etc. The world doesn’t seem to have imploded as a result, so maybe I am too paranoid – but until I see a need to share, I’ll keep being vague.

  5. Jenny says:

    I don’t go anywhere besides here that people ask me that

  6. Nikki says:

    Here and facebook are the only two sites I go to, other than Yahoo. I’ll say my state, and depending on who it is, I’ll say my town. I’m not worried about anything. I don’t give out my address or phone number. Unless of course I know them well, but I don’t talk to people I don’t know!

  7. kweenmama says:

    I’m vague about where I live (State only). I’ve never been asked for my phone number or my exact address.

  8. Phyllis says:

    I don’t answer questions! This is the only site that knows I live around Chicago and knowing Laura is a give away. FB doesn’t have any info. For example the town isn’t listed the year I was born isn’t listed and for where I work it’s “the same place for the last 43 yrs”. I don’t do any other blog sites, and I don’t do chat rooms. Guess I’m just an anti-social little wench!! 🙂

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