HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  How was everyone’s week? Mine was pretty good, lots of baseball. Bailey and his team are now 5-0 and having a blast!  Far cry from last year, they only won 2 all year! I’m looking forward to a great weekend. But wouldn’t ya know, it’s supposed to rain all weekend! Friday evening I will be making appetizers for Joy’s Scentsy party on Saturday, and catching up on our TV shows. Saturday will be a lot of fun, I’m sure! I just hope the weather forecast is wrong so the men can golf while the ladies do what they do best, chat and spend money! 🙂 

How was your week? Any weekend plans?

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17 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. SKL says:

    We had houseguests from last Tuesday until Thursday morning, with a break from Saturday morning to Monday when they went to another city. Very nice people, but man am I glad to have my room back. I am getting too old to sleep on the floor. And setting up my workspace in the corner of the family room isn’t my cup of tea, either. Right now I am performing the public service of eating a bag of tortilla chips so nobody else has to eat them. Normally I don’t eat such things, but having them sitting around the house bugs me more. This past week I similarly dispatched various pastries, nuts, etc. Needless to say I am not feeling skinny right now.

    I’ve been pretty distracted from work, as you can imagine. There is this one transaction that was supposed to happen on May 1 and the banker is just not getting it accomplished. She’ll say it’ll be done the next day, then the next day comes & goes and when I ask about it, she has a “question” for me that she didn’t think to ask 3 weeks ago. Really? Meanwhile our clients are like, WTH? Where’s my money? You don’t tell someone they are about to get paid and then putz around for the next couple of weeks. Why can’t anything in my job just be easy for a change?

    So this weekend we’re putting on some festival at our new building. I really don’t know anything about it – I’ve been hiding under a rock focusing on other things. But today I went and picked up a “dance floor” that we’ve rented for the event. I guess we’re having various multi-cultural artists, dancers, musicians perform / exhibit. It was originally supposed to be like a grand opening of our building, but there have been so many delays, the event had to be scaled back. Hopefully it will be a success anyway.

    Yesterday was my girls’ music recital, LOL. It was a half-hour long and only 3 kids (my 2 and a 5-year-old) were involved. Miss E was nervous of course, and she just couldn’t keep still. But, she really knows her stuff. Miss A required a lot of patience, but she did what she needed to do. I wish I could have bought their poor teacher a coffee, but I had to run to Miss A’s eye appointment. The appointment was to see if the kid needs more vision therapy at this time. The answer: no, but check again in January. The doctor said her eyes still don’t automatically work together, but she has been well trained to make them do so. Good, I guess. I still need to keep working with her on home therapy to help her catch up with her peers.

    Tomorrow is the girls’ dance and gymnastics recital. Miss E has already informed me that she is NOT looking forward to it. Sigh! Another teacher who needs a coffee . . . .

    Today was the first day it didn’t rain in I don’t know how long. It was really pleasant. I went outside and just stood in the sun for a few minutes. A tiny piece of Heaven. Here’s hoping it stays nice for a while.

  2. Jenny says:

    Saturday is Joy’s party. After the party we’re going out with my co-workers and celebrating a b-day. We’re going to dinner at Red Robin in Plymouth. Then heading back to Buffalo and going bowling. That will be fun! Excited for that. So Saturday should be a good day, except for the rain!

  3. Laura says:

    we’ve got another busy weekend… Saturday morning, Steve is doing a 5K with a friend who has agreed to be his “guide”. He’s tying his wrist to hers with the belt of a bathrobe… it should be interesting to say the least.

    Saturday afternoon, our WOLF (no longer Tigers, YAY) Den has a fishing outing. Their first one as Wolves. We’re going to a little bitty lake here in town, using worms and hot dogs for bait, and noodling with the little bluegills that live there. IF the weather holds, it should be fun.

    Then Sunday, I’m hostessing a Thirty One Gifts party (yes, that’s a link so you can order stuff, if you want. Purses!!! And wallets! And Tote Bags! and Note Cards! All fun. I love the stuff) at my house. It’s more of an open-house, so people can just stop by, and I’m making yummy treats for it, so hopefully it will go off well. My biggest worry is that I won’t get the house clean enough. I always worry that the house isn’t clean enough. You’d think I’d let it go already.

    And then… next week is the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! Josh won’t be a First Grader anymore. God help me, he’s growing too damn fast! Make it slow down!!!

  4. Melissa says:

    Can’t wait to see everyone at Joy’s Scentsy party on Saturday – Hope you all of you are ready for games and prizes – 🙂

    • Joy says:

      I can’t wait either Melissa. It’ll be fun to have people over for good food, fun drinks and a lot of laughs I’m sure. Thanks to Sue and Nikki for helping with the food.

  5. Sue says:

    Well, my week was pretty boring so I’m glad it’s Friday. Trin is spending the night at a friend’s house and Chris has a birthday party tomorrow morning, then the Scentsy party. That’s all we have planned though. Monday is Trin’s band concert and I finally found an outfit for her yesterday. The kid drives me nuts sometimes 🙂 She wasn’t with me yesterday so I ended up buying 2 outfits so she could pick the one she liked even though I knew which one she’d pick! So, it’s back to Cloudy today to return that outfit and grocery shop. At this moment though I don’t have much motivation so we’ll see if I get there! Other than that, I’m just praying I work all my days next week!

  6. Nikki says:

    I’m a little sore today. But sore, in a good way. I’ve started to run again, and so far so good. I usually go in the morning about 2 miles, before it gets too warm, and it’s just more peaceful in the morning. Wednesday, I decided I’d run from the church to the ball fields, which is only about a mile. But just adding that extra mile on has caused me to be a little sore. But I will keep at it!

    We were invited to go watch a friends band play tonight but we aren’t going. A part of me feels bad because we should be hanging out with our friends more. We’re so busy every single evening that when Friday comes along all we want to do is stay home!

    I don’t know much else. My fingers are still crossed for decent weather, at least for tomorrow! Have a good Friday, and weekend everyone.

    • Joy says:

      I’m really sore today too. I may skip working out today. After my 45 minute workout on the Wii, I was Sweating To The Oldies and today I truly feel like an Oldie. Holy crap!!! It was Disco Sweat!!! You just have to love Richard Simmons. Way to go on your running. I’m working up to that.

  7. Joy says:

    I’ve been busy shinning up my house for my Scentsy party tomorrow. I’m very excited. I don’t much care for parties like this and I haven’t had one in more than 25 years. That kind of tells you how much I love this product. I love the scents and I love that there’s no flame. I’m also looking forward to just having people over. I pray it doesn’t rain all day for the guys golf tourney. Anyway. Yesterday I washed the windows and dusted and shined up Paul’s room and did Darryl’s bedclothes so all I’m really doing today is mixing up the two drinks I’m making and cut up veggies and shine up the kitchen and bathroom. I’m making Fuzzy Navel’s that are like a slushies with peach schnapps and Lemon Lime slushies with no alcohol. Unless you want me to add some. I guess vodka goes in them if you want to add it. But both these drinks are frozen and will taste mighty good around the pool. Hear that Vicki??? Some hot day we’ll be forced to be ladies of leisure.

    Like I said above. Yesterday I did a bunch of Sweating To The Oldies and I’m very VERY sore today. I’ll do my normal stuff on the Wii but no fancy stuff today. You’d be surprised how fast those people can move on these DVD’s. And some of them are very large. I love on these that the people working out are just like you and me. Some of the workouts, the people look like swimsuit models.

    We had our 3 round of chemo Wed and I hope she feels good enough to come on Sat. I know the fatigue will have set in today and it usually lasts a couple of days. She’s been very lucky so far though. The fatigue and the hair loss are really the only side effects she’s gotten. She’s been wanting and wanting a wig and I got one for her and now do you think she wants to wear it? She only wants something until I get it for her and then she’s on to wanting something else. She wanted hats and now she has enough hats to open a shop and she wears the oldest crappiest ones she has!!! I will persevere. We’ve actually gotten very close. I finally have her car over here and she had new tires put on with a few minimal things fixed. It’s a cute little car. It’s a Ford Focus and it handles pretty nice. It’s fun to have a “new” car. It’s 10 years old but she took such good care of it that you’d never know. Compared to my Tahoe this will be SO MUCH cheaper to fill up.

    Well, if I have anymore ramblings to make, I’ll be back.

  8. SKL says:

    Well, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Miss E during her recital today. She didn’t get goofy. She just had to be reminded to refocus several times. She clearly decided to take it seriously and fight her nerves – awesome. Miss A came across as a very serious student and showed her discipline, skill and strength. (That didn’t really surprise me, though.)

    The mom of the other adopted girl in their class introduced herself to me today and we sat together during the show. It will be nice if we can extend our connection beyond just occasionally passing each other during daycard drop-off. But we’ll see. With all that’s going on, it’s hard to pause long enough to get to know another adult – and I’m sure that goes both ways.

    Today I spent pretty much all day working on tomorrow’s festival, and I’m not done for the night yet. I’m targeting to leave with my kids at 7:30am tomorrow. We’ll see how close we get to hitting that target.

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