It’s always hard to accept changes but change does happen. Whether it be a new job, an illness, a new marriage or divorce, what was the most recent life altering change in your life? How did you get through it? And, how do you feel now that you’re on the other side?

From Gayle King

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9 Responses to Changes

  1. Joy says:

    Both my recent changes have been illness’s. First mine and then my mom’s cancer. I’m digging now out of mine and getting better and stronger. My mom’s got a way to go but God willing we’re going to make it out of that one okay too. It’s really hard not to wallow in it sometimes and I did that for far too long with myself but with my mom I’m too damn busy with her to have pity parties for myself.

    The other big change has been this “life style” change more popularly known as a killer diet! I’m not done with that one either but I know it’s going to be great on the other side. I’ve been in both spots and thinner and feeling better is a much nicer way to be.

  2. Jenny says:

    Ours seems to be trying to stay healthy. With Jason’s MRSA, he would get a little scratch and then it would turn into something huge! So we ended up with lots of Dr’s bills. Now we finally figured out how to keep it under control if he does get an infection. I just had a few surgeries recently. Gallbladder and wisdom teeth. Hopefully now all this stuff is out of the way, we stay healthy and finally pay off current bills and look forward to no more Dr bills!

  3. SKL says:

    My biggest major change in recent years was becoming a mom of 2 via adoption. It’s not for the weak!! Trust me. Especially if you’re single and over 40. I also changed careers at the same time.

    So before the adoption, I never realized how much “about me” my life was previously. I mean, I had the luxury of getting up most mornings and doing yoga, reading whatever made me feel good while I sipped coffee for an hour or so, having a nice long shower and then moseying off to work. True, I worked long hours and put in hundreds of volunteer hours annually, made myself available for family stuff (and I have a big family), helped my friends and siblings with legal and tax stuff, bla bla bla, but man, this is different.

    I am a night person who now has to get up before 8am 365 days per year. I can hardly believe that it used to be normal for me to sleep in past noon on weekends. I also go weeks/months without knowing what’s really going on in the world, beyond glancing at the 4 top news headlines. I read books only in the bathroom. Most of my diet is leftovers and stuff my kids tried and didn’t like. I quit most of my volunteer work because I couldn’t keep up with it. I think for the first year after the adoption, my kids’ excretions were one of my top topics of discussion.

    The transition (from initial shock to comfortably coping) was a lot slower than I expected. Over a year for sure. I had to re-learn the way I did most things in order to fit in everything I wanted to accomplish each day (still a work in process). At first I was simply exhausted, then frustrated, eventually busily content (most of the time). I re-prioritized and found out that this didn’t cause the Earth to implode after all. And the fact that I no longer have my hours of “me time” in the morning hasn’t ruined my life, as I might have thought.

    One nice thing about having kids after 40 is that I don’t feel bad when I realize that they will be all grown up in only 14 years. It’s actually one of the things that help me cope, LOL.

    • mssc54 says:

      I wish more people were less “about me.” You are correct in that adoption isn’t for the weak. I’m glad we have a “team” and I don’t have to manage everything by myself!

  4. Ellen says:

    My biggest change was coming to America and being married (again) after 6 years being single. It was and is still adjusting and trying to fit in. This is truly a super country. How the people welcome you, make you feel at home and most of all, let me stay myself, is priceless, really. Of course there are differences between the Dutch culture and the American culture. But that makes it even more interesting. Being married to the best man ever is also a big change for me. It is now and then difficult to be a step-mom and dealing with an ex wife. And it is often frustrating when I cannot express myself in English like you guys do. I wish so much I would speak accent-less English as I speak Dutch. It would make me feel so much more “American”. 🙂

    Of course there has been lots of other changes in my life but that is what makes life so interesting.

  5. Nikki says:

    My relationship with my husband. We came close to getting a divorce. Too close. We got married very young, and in a sense grew up together while we were raising a child and trying to figure out what marriage was really suppose to be like. We fought, god did we fight. 😦 I had my own issues that go back, WAY back to before I even met Jason, that I needed to deal with. He had issues, he needed to deal with. We both needed to change, and we did.

    Now, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him. I love him more every day, and I’m proud of what we’ve been through. We are 100% together, because we fought to have what we have today. At our worst point, when everyone around us probably wished we’d just give up, we held on to whatever we had left and built something amazing out it.

    That changed my life in a lot of ways. I’m just a different person, I’m a better person in a better place for what we went through. And, so is he.

  6. DM says:

    that is an awesome picture, and it creeps me out @ the same time. my work situation is a nonstop moving target of change.

  7. Phyllis says:

    Changes, huh? Let’s see…. 2yrs ago I had a houseful of people, my mom, my oldest granddaughter, her husband and 2 kids as well as her father and myself. Last yr we were down one because my mom passed, leaving 6 of us. That was a huge adjustment for all of us because mom was an intimate part of our daily lives. However, we’re all helping each other through. Towards the end of last year my granddaughter moved to MI with her part of the family and for the first time in my life I am truly on my own here at home. This year my daughter was diagnosed with cancer but thank God, that is over and she’s now free of it! I see my daughter and younger granddaughter several time a week because we’re only about 2 minutes away from each other. That’s very nice!

    So, there have been a lot of changes around here. It’s nice (most days) to just veg if that’s what I feel like doing, and I enjoy the fact that the house stays clean. I also don’t have to feel guilty if at sometimes dinner is a bagel with an ice cream cone for dessert. Or a bowl of Ramen noodles. Something you can’t do if other people need to eat.

    Being on my own has also opened a door to begin dating. Last yr I reconnected with a gentleman I knew in high school and we talk frequently and have been out a couple of times. Nothing real serious at this point, just getting reacquainted slowly, and enjoying the company.

    I’m listening carefully for the Lord to show me what he has for me next. So far all I’ve gotten is that this is a period of rest for me and to enjoy the time I have. So, that’s what I’m doing, resting, going through things that have been put off way too long, reading lots of good books (I get through about 2 @ week). I don’t feel a need to do a lot of busy work, so I really do relax and enjoy! It’s a nice season of life to be in right now.

  8. mssc54 says:

    I don’t know about “most recent” change. There are markers in life that make all other things seem almost trivial.

    There always seems to be something changing around our family. And if it changes in our family it affects me and the Mrs. We just do what we need to do and do the best we know how.

    Last week our 22 year old daughter moved back in with the four of us. She has a really good attitude and she’s a good girl. She is coaching her 9 year old sister on how to ride a “big girl” bike. It’s been fun watching them interact. Our 7 year old son is loving having her back home too. She lived with us for several months just after they came to live here.

    I suppose we may be going out to buy a new bed and something for her to hand her clothes in soon.

    Life is change. Some big, some not so big. We and I have had some pretty big events that forced change. Just focusing on the solution rather than the emotion the change is causing has helped. Heck, that almost sounds easy when I write it. Lol

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