It’s Friday?! Already? I welcome it, but it came up quick! Having Jason and Bailey home Monday throws my whole week off. Did everyone have a good week? Mine was busy with kids! I’ve had 3 kids all week. A 5-year-old, 4-year-old and a 3-year-old. I do look forward to this evening. We’re heading to our first baseball tournament. If all goes well, we’ll be there all weekend!

How was your week? Any weekend plans?

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30 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Sue says:

    I should be baking brownies right now for a grad party tomorrow for one of the people at work. I also should be folding clothes, but Toby is occupying space in the bathroom which makes the bedroom off limits. Saturday we have a grad party and Sunday we have a baby shower. The month of June is going to run my bank account dry from all these parties!

    • Sue says:

      ok, brownies are in the oven! How much do you put in a co-worker’s kid’s graduation card? I’m making brownies for them so I feel a card should accompany the brownies. Anyone?!

    • Joy says:

      Boy, I don’t know. I guess it depends on how good of friends you are and how well you know the child. Are you going to the party or just making the brownies to help out? I’d put $25 bucks in the card I think.

  2. SKL says:

    I too can’t believe it’s almost Friday. I did not get enough work done this week. I keep thinking I’ll catch up in the evenings, but then I get tired. The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be.

    So this week I got the kids’ room mostly reorganized. The kids like their room, but poor E was dinner for some spider last night, so I think that was why she didn’t wake up all happy. Her eye is swollen half shut, and she has big bites up and down her right side. (She is allergic to bites, especially the first bite of the season.) She’s not in the best of moods.

    I also got some work done toward clearing stuff in the basement. It’s a drop in the bucket, but any forward movement feels good.

    Unlike many of you, June is just another month for me. The kids have pretty much the same schedule all year long. As for work, June will be an extremely busy month this year with multiple mega-deadlines. The mega-deadline dates are June 29 and July 27. And then I have a bunch of reporting due by August 30. So much for summer!

    The weather today was fabulous. Not sure what to make of it – after all the crappy weather of the past couple months, I’m almost scared to sit back and enjoy when it’s nice. Of course I didn’t get to spend any time outdoors today, but at least the house was not a sauna and we could leave the windows open all day.

    No great plans for the weekend. Working most of the time, as usual. I do plan on taking the girls out on Saturday – we’re due for some shopping, and maybe we’ll swing by the zoo, or go to a park we haven’t been to yet this year. I hope the weather is nice on Saturday evening.

    I hope everyone has fun!

    • SKL says:

      I took Miss E to the doctor today for the bite near her eye. It was not shrinking, and I worry about eyes – you can’t replace ’em! The doc prescribed an antibiotic and antihistmimine. I am reluctant to medicate something that will probably get better on its own, but I’m more scared to not medicate in cases like this. I just hope it goes away quick.

      • Joy says:

        Fingers are crossed for Miss E that this soon shall pass. It’s better to be safe than sorry for something like the eyes.

  3. Joy says:

    I guess I’m with everyone else. I can’t believe it’s Friday already either. This will be my calm before the storm. Every single day next week I have to be somewhere. Honestly, I can’t stand weeks like that. On the upside of that, it’s my mom’s last chemo treatment. She’ll start radiation next but I don’t know too much about that yet other than it’s everyday for 6 weeks. I’m sure that’s going to get very trying too. On us all and her. I guess I should see what it is and what it entails but from what I gather, it’s just like an x-ray and there shouldn’t be any pain or have any of the side effects like the chemo’s had.

    I’ve got a ton of flowers I have to plant today. I should have planted them days ago but I have a million excuses as to why I haven’t done them yet so I won’t bother listing any. I can’t tell if it’s going to storm today or not. It thundered this morning and everything is soaking wet right now but the sun is out. How crazy our weather’s been.

    We have a graduation party to go to tomorrow but it’s one of those that we’ll just be putting in an appearance. It’s a neighbor and we should go. But we do want to get a bunch of stuff done this weekend. Paul’s been working so hard on the pool and it looks really good and it’s almost warm enough to go in. Last night it read 72. It’s still light brown from the iron-out but that’s fading more and more each day. I love having that dang thing up again. I really did miss it last year.

    Well, happy Friday all and cheers to a good weekend.

    • SKL says:

      The radiation won’t hurt at first. If it goes on long, it may become painful. My mom said it was like they were slowly burning a hole into her. But don’t worry about that for now. Thank goodness the chemo is almost over, and that your mom has gotten through that OK.

  4. Jenny says:

    Boy is it hot and humid today! Well hello summer!! The scentsy stuff is coming tomorrow. YEAH! Mel’s bringing it sometime during the day.

    Nothing going on this weekend. Except the neighbor’s grad party. Which I don’t know if we really want to go to that. Got a question for you all, or maybe you can give us some advice. Jason and I went in with our neighbors and got some chickens. We got 20 egg layers and 20 butcher chickens. Well last winter we butchered the 20 chickens. And we decided to get another 20 since we figured that the egg layers would be laying eggs and the neighbor is selling them for $1 a dozen. So that would help with the cost of buying the food for the butcher chickens.

    Got an e-mail from Sarah, the neighbor, saying their dog killed 14 of the hens!! And now there’s 6 left. and in the same e-mail she added oh and you owe this much for the feed for the other chickens they are eating twice as much. It’s like REALLY? You tell us that your dog killed 14 hens and oh by the way, you owe us money for feed. So I’m asking for advice on how to handle this situation. What should we do? We are quite mad at the whole thing. Arghhhhhh…..

    • Joy says:

      I’d figure out how much the chickens cost in total and divide it by how many are dead and I’d also ration out the feed. There’s no way they’re eating double. You seriously can’t be serious??? I’d make them make up the difference though for the dead birds. There’s no way you owe them money. In my opinion, they owe you for 14 chickens. Double feed my eye! Isn’t that a coincidence that all of a sudden they’re eating double? Did they ever eat double before. Jenny, you don’t owe them for all the feed.

      I don’t want to go to that party either but I thought we had to go. I get so sick of hearing that damn dog bark. It just barked the whole time I was out just now. I’d like to know for all the people who let their dogs bark CONSTANTLY, why did you get a dog if you’re going to leave it out ALL THE TIME and annoy everyone around you?

      • SKL says:

        My sister adopted a rescue dog named “Scrappy,” but mostly we called it “Yappy.” She has had dozens of dogs, but that was the only one who was “yappy.” Somehow just wired to bark all the time. She got rid of Yappy.

      • Jenny says:

        I guess I should’ve written the butcher chickens are eating double. And they have a few more weeks left. Well, does that mean that they are feeding them too much or what? I don’t know if Jason is just gonna tell them that we’re done with everything. We don’t want the meat chickens anymore either. It’s just really frusterating and everything got weird when Sarah decided to quit doing hair.

        • Joy says:

          I agree. Things really did change then. I’d ask to see the feed bill. They’re either feeding to much which is probably all being wasted when it gets wet or they just are charging you an unfair amount. Did she say she’s return your money for the dead birds? They at least owe you for those. Like SKL said too, they do owe you for the feed those dead birds ate. Unless you just want out. Then just pay it and be done but that’s most unfair.

        • Jenny says:

          She had just written that she was buying feed for them and not asking any money for the hens, and asked if its ok that she would like to take full responsibility for them. Thats all she said. Then she went on to talk about the meat chickens.

          • Joy says:

            So are the 6 left, the butchering chickens? What did she plan to do about the ones the dog killed? I’m confused. If you owe for feed for 6 hens, I think I might just pay it and know better next time to not do it.

      • Sue says:

        I think the dog that is barking is Kathy’s new dog because that’s all he does when he’s outside.

    • SKL says:

      Well, I would ask to see the feed receipts if they are asking for more. It only makes sense if they are going to change the business arrangement. As for the dog killing 14 chickens, in my opinion, they owe you for the cost of the 14 chickens plus the cost of the feed that was fed to your share of the dead chickens (assuming that you paid for said feed).

    • Sue says:

      I would ask her to see receipts for these extra eating chickens. Then, figure out how much each of the other hens cost and tell her you’d like to be paid for the ones the dog killed b/c if you only got 20 and he killed 14…someone owes you money, which she cover the cost of the feed for the other ones so I don’t think you’d owe her anything.

      • Vicki says:

        I dunno how u would figure out the cost of a laying hen..one chicken plus two eggs a day for how many years?

    • Vicki says:

      I would tell her, Since your dog killed the 14 laying hens inwhich was supposed to offset the cost of the 20 butcher chickens with the selling of their eggs we are not interested in being involved in this chicken venture anymore because it is becoming too costly and we cant afford that, it would be cheaper buying chickens from the store.

  5. Jason says:

    I do not think that she is fibbing on the amount these birds are eating. The problem I have is that this dog gets out all the time and runs after all he is a husky. Just two weeks prior he got out and was running through our pasture, when I called and told them, she said that they were trying to get there new cows settled in and she apologized. Another problem is the eggs we were getting from the laying hens (approx. 18/day) was offsetting the cost of the feed for the butcher chickens, which is the whole reason we got the amount of butchers that we did. Now we are down to 4-5 eggs a day, and she thinks that her paying for the feed for the laying hens might be payment enough.

  6. Melissa says:

    Hello Scentsy purchaser’s – I will be bringing out the Scentsy order to Joy’s tomorrow. We have the neighbors Grad party so it will be in the later afternoon.

    Joy I will drop off Jenny’s, Kathy & Grandma’s, and my mom’s.

    • Joy says:

      YEAH!!! Thanks Melissa. Trinity is so excited. She asks me everyday when it’s coming. I’m sure I”ll be here but if for some reason I’m not, I’ll leave the back door open and you can put the stuff on the table but I don’t plan on going anywhere.

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