Pull up a cabin

Happy Monday. Since Laura is away at a cabin IN REMOTE CHEESEHEAD LAND fishing for for the week, I thought, if only in our minds, we could join her. Click on the picture to see a dream cabin vacation.

What did you all do all weekend? Pull up a spot in the nice hot tub and share the cabin feel. Enjoy a cup of coffee fresh perked and some fresh baked goods. Remember your towel. Remember your manners and don not hurt others or we’ll throw you in the lake.

Are you planning on a vacation this year? Where to? If not a trip, do you have any special things you’d like to see or accomplish over the summer?

We can’t all go to PACKERLAND!!!

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13 Responses to Pull up a cabin

  1. Joy says:

    I have a busy week coming up. It’s a chemo week and Bailey has a graduation program at school and it’s cleaning lady week and tomorrow is the dreaded weigh in but I’m used to that and it’s not during the day. It’s supposed to get nice and hot this week so let’s hope it can dry up around here. Bailey going to middle school next year!! How in the world did that happen????

    I don’t feel I did a whole lot this week working out wise. I’ll be surprised if I lost much this week at all. I usually don’t coming off a good loss from the week before but I’ve worked hard outside and I’ve eaten according to plan but organized working out, I haven’t done much. So, I’ll take what I’ll get tomorrow. I always think it’s going to be bad and it’s usually never too bad. But other weeks I’ve worked harder. I’m getting used to the food part of this but I’m still learning on the exercising part. Oh well, I feel really good and have lost a jean size so who doesn’t feel good about that. Put it this way, I don’t think I’ve gained but I’m not sure if I lost much.

    I also REALLY MISS LAURA. I hope they’re having fun and catching lots of fish.

  2. SKL says:

    This weekend went well. It was fairly normal, as expected. I got more work done than usual (but am still behind). Yesterday, I took the girls to the zoo and we finally got to see the elephants. It was pretty hot, so the girls didn’t have that great of a time, but I was glad to go. We also got a couple weeks’ worth of groceries bought.

    For the summer, although the daily schedule will be pretty much like the rest of the year, I will try to take the kids to the zoo on alternate weeks (with shopping on the other weeks). They are open until 7 on summer weekends, so we should be able to do some real learning if we are systematic about it.

    I signed the girls up for the summer reading club. They are pretty excited about it (because they heard they are going to get prizes). Miss A doesn’t really “read,” but I think she’s on the verge of starting, so it’s good to have her motivated to go through the motions at least.

    Today Miss E had a rare meltdown. She was watching the movie “Tangled” and we paused it for dinner. She didn’t come to the table after being warned (until later, in her own sweet time), so I told her there would be a consequence later. Based on overall behavior, I decided the consequence would be an early bedtime (15 minutes early). She had to stop reading to her aunt in order to go to bed early. This made her SO upset. She normally never does more than a low grumble, but today she was crying hysterically and muttering about how she’s going to leave me (no doubt inspired by the dialogue of Tangled – if you’ve seen it, you know what I mean). Ugh. I have to follow through, but at times like this, I start wondering how I am EVER going to survive my girls’ tween/teen years. But a word to the wise, for those of you with young kids – early bedtime (as a punishment) impresses kids a lot more than you might think. … Come to think of it, I wonder if it had anything to do with the medicine she was on for a couple of days. Oh well, here’s hoping everyone’s in a better mood tomorrow! I’m planning to get haircuts for the three of us Monday evening.

    This week, my partners will be out of town for several days. So I will have to go to the office since we hired an assistant. Other than having the house to ourselves, I am expecting the week to be relatively normal for me and my kids. I don’t have any special plans. Hopefully I will get my work caught up.

    I hope you all have a very nice week!

    • SKL says:

      Well, Miss E was being super-sweet this morning. Almost too sweet. She said “I want an early bedtime more often.” I am not sure what is going on in her head. Sometimes she will say she’s content with a consequence, so that it looks like “I’m doing this because I want to, not because you made me.” She’s got control issues, LOL. So I will be watching carefully. And of course, enjoying the heightened cooperation and better manners.

  3. SKL says:

    Oh, as for my summer vacation plans – no, I don’t have any. Summer is crunch time in my industry. Maybe around Christmas, we might travel to my girls’ birth country and couple nearby countries. Right now it’s just in the “thought” stage.

    My kids want to go back to the waterpark resort, so I told them we could go when they could both swim a certain distance on their own. They are diligently working on this skill. So we’ll see. (That’s less than an hour away, so no biggie, though I’m not sure I want to pay for it.)

  4. Karen Joy says:

    It’s almost 1am and really wishing I could sleep!!I think I drank to much coffee tonight.Im so exhausted from our big party we had today for my hubby and brother in law.We celebrated their 50th bdays.Had about 40 people over,so yea,Im pooped.Already thinking about the party this Saturday..doing it all over again with the other side of the family!Crazy but fun!
    Joy,thinking about you and your Mom still.Hope your week goes smoothly!
    We have NO plans this summer.Hubby is SO busy with work and the darn rain doesnt stop here so it’s been crazy him trying to get jobs done.Im really hoping our summer isnt going to be so dang wet again!
    Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

  5. Nikki says:

    Well we had a very long, busy weekend. The boys played 5 games over the weekend in their 1st tournament. Out of 12 teams, they placed 4th, so not too bad! I’m most excited about how they played our rival (a town 10 minutes from us) Monticello. They have 15 runned every team this year, and our boys held them to 5 runs. Lost 2-5 but they made them nervous, and now we can’t wait to play them in regular league play.

    So, that’s where we were all weekend. Then Sunday we got home around 3ish, and Bailey went over to one of the boys’ house to swim with the team. I’m glad he has those boys. Being an only child, he needs a lot of friends. After that, the 3 of us went to some friends house for yard games and a few drinks. Great weekend over all!

    Today, is back to normal for me. Jason is home today, so I’m going to try to get him to do some stuff around the house!!! Wish me luck on that! Tomorrow, will be a tough day for me. Emotionally. It will help that I will be busy helping out at the Bailey’s graduation/pizza party, but the second I sit down and they start the program, I’ll be a wreck! I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I will have a child in middle school.

    Anyways, have a good week everyone!

    • Nikki says:

      I think we’ll go to Duluth or back to Taylors Falls this summer. Probably August, that is our only month that is pretty open. I’d like to stay the night this time, and find more things to do. Sounds like a nice way to end the summer vacation.

  6. Sue says:

    We had a good weekend. Grad party and a baby shower so nothing too exciting. We are going to the North Shore in a couple of weeks for our summer vacation and the kids are excited! We’ll do the lighthouse, Gooseberry, the state parks, Grand Marais and Duluth. We are staying at one hotel 2 nights and then a waterpark hotel the last night in Duluth. It was much cheaper than I thought it would be, but it pays to be a AAA member! With gas prices high and not a whole lot of time, we decided to stay in state and show the kids how neat Minnesota is 🙂

  7. Laura says:

    I’m exhausted. and it’s only Monday.

    All last week, it was the Dells. We stayed at Wilderness Lodge, and I’d recommend it, if you’re looking for that sort of thing. They have like 5 waterparks, some inside, some outside. Our favorite was the Wave Pool, but Josh liked the Wild West Park (indoor), which had more kid stuff. Incidentally, the wave pool is also indoors, but has this cool ceiling that’s all glass/clear, so you can sunbathe like you’re outside.

    but now we’re in the Great Northwoods, and I’m loving it. I’ve only caught a few northern – the fishing isn’t very good right now. We suspect the weird spring has slowed the growth of the weeds. But get this. I bought a Storm lure – a purple one (pink, actually. It’s called a “Kickin’ Minnow” for those of you who fish). And everybody laughed at me… “that’ll never work. They only like the Mepps Squirreltail,” “You know, lures are designed to catch the fisherman, not the fish,” and other claptrap like that. So guess who has the most caught so far? And on which lure. HAH.

    Dad and I went to this little bitty lake that he and mom “discovered” many years ago. We took the canoe, and it’s a portage-in, portage-out deal. The canoe only weighs 67 lbs, probably about 80, loaded down with gear, and there were two of us carrying it. But dang, am I SORE!! Through one of the portages, I had to pull it up, across, and down a hill, ’cause Dad is getting decrepit, so I decided to pull it. And I’m paying for it this evening, sheesh. This, on top of kayaking yesterday, and all the waterparks the last several days… I’m Advil-loading tonight, baby.

    Not sure what’s on the horizon for us. It’s been hot and sunny, so we’ve been playing on the beach and having fun. We’re supposed to have a bit of weather come through, as well as a cool-down, so we’ll see what the rest of the week holds.

    Oh, and it’s pretty nice up here – there are lots of BEARS FANS around!!

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