Pull Up a Pile…

We’re home from our two vacations – one to Wilderness Resort, in WI Dells, and the other in the Great Northwoods of Wisconsin. And of course, when one returns home from vacation, what’s the first thing you have to do? Laundry. So grab your baskets, your soap, your fabric softener, and a mug of something warm (’cause right now, I don’t care if it IS halfway through June, it’s flippin’ COLD), and gather in this beautiful Laundry Room:

’cause we certainly can’t gather in mine, it’s WAY too small. (And bats gather there, too)

We’ll chat during the spin cycle. And if you’re mean, we’ll insert you INTO the spin cycle.

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24 Responses to Pull Up a Pile…

  1. SKL says:

    Ahh – another weekend over! Wait – is that a weird thing to be happy about? Well, if you’re me, weekends are not all about leisure.

    I got a lot of work done this weekend. Mostly unstructured stuff, but I cleared a lot out of my in-box, which is nice. I have so much work over the next 1.5 months, I can’t bear to have a zillion emailed “to-do’s” hanging out there, because it’s impossible to keep track of them in my mind. Things can slip through the cracks, and even if they don’t, I worry that something will. Tonight I will send out a couple of bigger projects too.

    This weekend was relatively laid back. On Saturday, Nanny didn’t come, so I just let the girls watch a couple of movies in the morning while I worked, then put them down for a nap. Later we went to the zoo, then dinner, then shopping for their friend’s birthday presents. We were almost home around 9:45pm, and then I got a distress call from partner-boss who was locked out of our building, in the fenced-in parking lot. So we turned around and got her out of her predicament, and the kids got to bed pretty late. Sunday morning was pretty smooth, although the girls were tired. We were only a little late to church. After Sunday School, we got the birthday gifts wrapped and the girls had lunch and then my sister took them to the party. I was a little bummed that I was not there for their first party, but not “that” bummed. I got the full report afterwards. Apparently it went well. I put the girls to bed earlier than usual, because they had missed their nap and really needed some sleep. Then chatted with my sister. Now it’s back to work.

    Miss G has been taken off the breathing support today, on an experimental basis to see if it encourages her to breathe efficiently on her own. So far, so good. It’s interesting how the different medical professionals all have different opinions on what is advisable for Miss G. Some are aggressive, some are complacent. My sister pushed for them to take this step, because she feels the complacent approach isn’t helpful, and Miss G has risen to the occasion every time they’ve challenged her. Here’s hoping this continues to be the case. The other thing they are still working on is getting her to eat. She is eating most of her nutrition from a bottle (versus tube), so that’s moving along. One good thing about all this is, it reminds us what to NOT take for granted. Like breathing!

    • Phyllis says:

      So glad to hear the girls had a good time at the party! What wonderful news about Miss G’s breathing. I’m a firm believer in Momma knows when to take the next step. And bottle vs. tube is fabulous!

    • Laura says:

      YAY for Miss G!! Keep that good news coming!

    • Joy says:

      I’m so happy for Miss G. Believe me, I never take breathing for granted and I’m so happy for her and for your family. It must be such a relief. Two thumbs up.

    • Nikki says:

      It amazes me to see how much fight such a tiny body can have. She is going to be one tough cookie when she pulls through all of this! She’s been through so much and never stopped fighting, in the very little time she’s been on this earth! Keep fighting Miss G!

  2. Phyllis says:

    This pic HAS to be a model home! I’ve seen lots of laundry rooms and they’ve never, never looked like this one. Just my opinion, but to be THAT organized seems to point to a troubled mind. LOL! 😀

    • Laura says:

      No, it’s the laundry room of a VERY smart woman. Think about it. Men NEVER go into a laundry room unless they absolutely HAVE to. And they’re in and out in a nanosecond. So where should a woman go when she wants some peace, quiet and sanity? Exchange that straight-back chair for a glider/rocker, and put a basket of books next to it, and you’ve got an awesome hideaway!!

    • Joy says:

      If that were my laundry room I’d pray for more laundry. My dad would have a laundry room that looks like this. His junk drawers are organized!! It’s enough to make you scream!!!

      I could see a cute daybed in there.

  3. Jenny says:

    Lets see I did absolutely nothing this weekend, or anything last week! I’ve been trying to get over a stupid sinus infection. Which I had no clue that could cause fever & throwing up. Well I’m on antibiotics and that one seems to make me dizzy and naseous. I still have no voice, and a stupid cough that keeps me up at night! Last night I coughed non stop from 9-3am! Which is why I’m still up….should be asleep already! My ribs hurt so bad from coughing!

    Ok enough of me complaining….Jason butchered the chickens today. Got the situation under control. Decided we’re not gonna be doing business with the neighbors again anytime soon. Jason took Hunter fishing yesterday and I guess that lasted all of 3 minutes. Hunter said “I’m done Dad, I’m gonna go throw some rocks.” So Jason fished with Hunter’s diego rod.

    This week is work, hopefully my patients rescheduled because I had to cancel all week, except Monday. Well enjoy the week!

    • Laura says:

      ICK!! Feel better!! I had a sinus infection like that earlier this year, they put me on some nuclear antibiotics that cleared it up, but completely did in the rest of me. I’m still taking probiotics to make up for it.

      Have you tried benadryl for the coughing? Seriously, I find that when I have a sinus thing, I take the benadryl and it not only dries me up – which stops the dripping down the throat, thereby stopping the cough – it completely knocks me out, and I get a decent night’s sleep. It only lasts four hours, though, so you might have to take some during the night if you wake up.

      Go to bed. Sleep well.

      • Jenny says:

        thanks for the advice. I may have to give it a try. Lastnight was the same way, coughed until around 3 am. Until I finally gave in and took some Nyquil. I know I can take Dayquil with my meds, but wasn’t sure with the Nyquil. But I was desperate so I took that.

    • Joy says:

      I sure hope you start to feel better Jenny. It seems like you’ve gotten every dumb thing going around this time around.

      • Jenny says:

        I know! I thought for sure after I got my gallbladder out that I was gonna be so healthy and not get sick anymore. Who know a stupid sinus infection could bring me down? jeesh!

      • Joy says:

        One of my girlfriends kids got really sick and they couldn’t figure out what it was. She had a fever and was throwing up. She’d taken her to the doctor twice and for whatever reason the doctor took a throat culture and here the kid had strep. Nobody thought to look for strep with the symptoms she had. They were contemplating taking out her appendix. Once you really get sick with strep or a sinus infection, you get REALLY sick in other area’s than the normal symptoms.

        • Jenny says:

          When I went to the Dr on Friday the 1st thing the nurse did was got a culture of my throat. Well it came back negative. So no strep for me. I just hope I’m all better cause we’re leaving for the beach in 3 weeks!

  4. Laura says:

    So. We’re back on Hawkeye Soil. We had a really good time over in Cheesehead Land, but it’s good to be home, using my own fridge, my own washer, my own bathroom and my own BED!!! (although I really enjoy having my own room at the cabin. The beds are too small for two people – they’re doubles, and we’re used to a king)

    The fun highlights of the trip… Josh’s first time to any kind of a waterpark, and the resort had SEVEN!! Both indoor and outdoor, including a Wave Pool, which was my favorite. I caught a 15-ish inch largemouth bass. It fought like only a bass can, which is a real kick. I nearly cried when I released it. Where we stayed, there’s a restriction on keeping Largemouth Bass from about the middle of May until the Middle of June, so they can spawn. So it’s strictly catch-and-release. And it was a beautiful fish, and it would have tasted AMAZING. sigh. But the next day, my dad and I went down about an hour south, where the restriction isn’t in place, to a lake that has bass that about jump into your boat. We took the canoe and spent about an hour bringing in our limit. We feasted that night!

    My parents brought Josh down again later in the week, so now we have a freezer-full of bass for another night. Yummy! Steve rounded out the fishing part of the trip by pulling in a nice 22″ northern. He and Josh were still-fishing (a bobber, a simple hook, and a worm) in a cove, and we decided to do “one last pass”. Of course, Steve wanted to do the shoreline, ’cause that’s where you *should* look for panfish, but I suggested going down the center, ’cause there was a line of dead trees. He didn’t think it was a good idea, but did the “fine” thing. So we floated down the center. And he got a bite. And as he brought that “pretty decent” fish in, I saw that it was a REALLY nice northern. Had to use the net and everything. He brought it in with a single hook on 6 lb test. He’s in our freezer now. The fish, not Steve.

    That night, we packed up everything and got ready to go home. As I was finishing up, my mom came into my cabin and said that I needed to come over to their place, that Josh had fallen, and was asking for me. I figured, heck, he’s just tired, and a band-aid will fix it. So I grabbed the First Aid Box (it’s HUGE, and a good thing I did) and went over there. My boy’s face was all bloody!! Turns out, he was running back to their cabin from ours, and as he raced up their stairs, he slipped and hit his mouth on the edge of one of the stairs. Blood EVERYWHERE!!! He now has four loose teeth on top (he used to only have two loose teeth up there), a fat bottom lip, and his upper gumline is very bruised. We’re going to try and get in to the dentist tomorrow to make sure no further damage was done. Poor kid can still only eat soft foods.

    Our final stop was in Minneapolis. We stayed across from Mall of America, and of course we visited for a short time. Long enough for Josh to buy himself an X-Wing Fighter at the Lego Store. He’s been saving his b’day money for a while, and that’s what he wanted. He was thrilled.

    And I”m exhausted. I need a vacation.

    • Joy says:

      I’m so glad you had a good time. I’d love to actually go somewhere and catch fish. I sure hope you can get Josh in today. Poor thing. What a thing to happen at the last minute.

      Welcome back.

      • Laura says:

        Good News… the teeth are FINE!! No permanent damage. Those top teeth were, and still are, loose, but they didn’t do any harm to the adult teeth waiting to come in. That was the big thing. Actually, it turns out that it’s a good thing they WERE so loose, they moved when he hit, rather than going through his lip, or smashing into the adult teeth. So, blood and bruises, but nothing permanent or serious.

  5. SKL says:

    I finally have the house to myself, during the work day, after a long stretch. If only I didn’t have about 20 people wanting stuff from me RIGHT NOW, I could actually enjoy the freedom a bit. Maybe later.

    It looks like it’s going to be a nice day weather-wise today.

    • Joy says:

      It feels good to have my house all to myself today too. I need to get some blog work done and I need to have a hard workout. Cheers.

  6. Nikki says:

    We had a good weekend! Jason was gone golfing with his dad, cousin and uncle all day Saturday. Bailey was at friends’ house all day, so I got some yard work done. Planted some flowers in the flower bed with my niece, and got the lawn mowed. Sunday, the boys had a great practice. Very productive. Then we took the team to Dairy Queen. I told Jason he needs to figure out a new treat for them, because this is getting expensive! LOL

    Today marks 13 years of Jason and I being together. (Married 11) In a way, it’s seems like a lot longer than 13 years. But, it also seems like it was just yesterday!

    This week is our busiest week in baseball. We have 4 nights of games, with 5 games. One double header against our rival, a town about 10 minutes from us. We play at home, so at least we have last up’s each game. 🙂 It’s going to be BUSY, but FUN! Sad too, because this season is already almost over. Thankfully we have Fall Ball.

    Hope everyone has a good day!!!

    • Joy says:

      I remember when you guys just started to date. We went to the Black Hills and I got you a pair of earrings. Man, I know what you mean about it seeming forever on one hand and a very short time on the other.

      I can’t believe ball is almost over. We’ll be at 2 of the games and I’m looking really forward to the cookout one on Friday night.

      • Nikki says:

        We’ve been talking about this the last couple of days, how far we’ve come. How much we’ve grown. We certainly had our bump (mountains) to over come, but we did it and are happier now today, than we have ever been. I consider us very lucky. 🙂

        Friday night under the lights, and a cookout will be a ton of fun! Glad you’ll be there!

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