Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a great week and enjoys their weekend!!! We are getting together Saturday for Fathers Day with Joy, Paul, Toby, Sue and the kids. I’m looking forward to that. I love family time!

So, I found this photo (above) when I was looking for a specific bush. My brother works for a greenhouse/landscaping company. Every Fall he gets his pick of the left over plants, trees, shrubs, etc. I love that and appreciate it tremendously. However, when I get them, there are never any tags on them. I have no idea what they are or anything about them. How big they get, how much shade/sun. Although it is kind of fun, come spring, to see what they become. I saw this photo, and I felt at peace instantly. I hope it does that for you. I want my backyard to look like this, I’d never leave!:)

So, tell us about your week. Any plans for the weekend?

Oh,  here is the bush in question. I’m going through the hundreds of red flowering bushes that Google has. I was hoping for an easier way! So, if you think you know, please tell me what it is!!!

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  1. Joy says:

    Nancy says they’re Weigela’s. She has them on the north side of her house.

  2. Sue says:

    It’s been another week and I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. Nothing exciting happened this week except we found out another doctor is leaving us next month so we’ll be even slower than we are now. Boo. Trin had b-ball camp this week at school and she had a lot of fun. Her 3 on 3 team came in 2nd place and she took 3rd place in the agility competition. Not sure what they all did, but she got 3rd none-the-less! Tomorrow we have the grad party of one of our sitters to go to so that should be fun. Saturday, like Nik said, we are getting together with everyone and I have to say I’m excited. Haven’t seen them in awhile so it’ll be a good time. Someone tell me what the menu is so I know what to bring! Sunday we leave for vacation and we’re all pretty excited! Toby’s practically giddy b/c he loves going to the North Shore. I never did figure out the GPS so I don’t think we’ll be geocaching, but what do you do. And then my grandpa comes for a visit next week and I’m so excited to see him. I’ve always loved seeing my relatives from MO and even though I’m 31, that excited-ness is still there. Enough rambling from me though! Good Luck Bailey and fellow Bison tomorrow night!!!!

  3. SKL says:

    Wait, it’s time for TGIF already? This week has been unusual. We are in crunch time at work, so I’m pretty busy and starting to get a little stressed, but not too much. On Tuesday I hauled my butt out early to go to a conference, but then I got a call to come and take my kid home from daycare, as she was sick. Later, they called again because the other kid was sick. That meant neither was welcome at school on Wednesday. They were really good though, just playing and creating their little imaginary world as I did whatever I needed to do. They went back to school again today (Thursday), and I had to go to “the office” in a suit, to participate in a contentious meeting, but on balance it wasn’t bad. We’re pretty much back to normal now.

    The weather has been nice this week. The outdoors is awesome, but we have been seeing foxes around a lot lately. The other night a couple were hanging out in our garage. And I found bunny parts on my porch. Hopefully they would not mess with my kids, but I am being a bit careful just in case.

    One thing that isn’t going so well is my schedule. I have so much to do, I keep staying up late and setting the alarm to get up really early, or lying down with my light on so I don’t sleep too much. Which means I am neither getting the work done nor getting good sleep. Right now, I know I need a good night’s sleep, but I also have several projects that I really need to get out by tonight / tomorrow. Some of the work is stuff I need to prepare and send to our subsidiary in India so they can turn their part around overnight (their Friday). If I wait until tomorrow, it’ll be their weekend already. And yet, I’m freakin’ tired. Dang.

    This week I got contacted by two people from my past. One is that guy I dated who was a real nightmare. The one who makes me scared to put my name online or have any kind of facebook page, linked-in, etc. He left me a voice mail saying he’d like to hear from me. I’m not sure whether I’m more scared to call him back, or not call him back. The other message was from a guy I hired in my previous job. One of the nicest, smartest people I’ve worked with. He got emotional when he found out I was adopting a couple of kids from a less-developed country (he’s from one himself). Right around the time I adopted my girls, he got married and moved to Europe, then back to the states, and we’ve corresponded briefly by email from time to time. Now he wanted me to know he just had a baby girl. So that was a very nice note to receive. It’s funny, but when you’re single, work is more than just work. The people there are like your family in many ways. This guy always made me so proud. He would probably think it was weird the way I think of him.

    I don’t have any special plans for Father’s Day. With my kids and me not feeling great, I don’t want to risk giving my dad any germs, because he takes care of Miss G on Wednesdays. I do not want to risk adding to Miss G’s struggles. So I’ll take my kids shopping on Saturday for a gift, but on Sunday I’ll just send the goodies home with my sister. Actually, I’m glad to have an excuse not to take a day off work at this time (but don’t tell my family that).

    Well, not much else going on. I hope you all have a great weekend.

  4. Laura says:

    I feel like a broken record… today, this weekend, I’m working on my lawn mower!! The grass around here is hip-high. Steve keeps telling me to catch one of the ponies and put her in the back yard to graze it down, but that much grass? would probably colic her!!

    So now I have to go buy a new battery and attempt to attach it to the mower. I’m told I also have to drain out the gas and replace it with new. There was a third thing I was supposed to do to it, too, but I can’t remember that one. Regardless, I’m not looking forward to the chores of this weekend.

    Mixed in there, Josh has a baseball game tonight, if it doesn’t rain, and we’re definitely going to the pool, since we got there yesterday fifteen minutes before they closed it for a swimming meet. Josh was VERY disappointed at that.

    Steve and I are invited to a party tomorrow, it’s a pig roast and volleyball game for adults. It’s a fundraiser for Josh’s school. We “bought in” back in March, at the Spring Fling, and we get the benefits tomorrow… if the weather holds. It’s supposed to be stormy tonight and tomorrow.

    No idea what we’re doing for Father’s Day. We’ve already given the GP’s their gifts, when we saw them on vacation, so Josh and I just have to do something for Steve. Not sure what, though.

  5. Joy says:

    I’m off now to meet Nikki and pick up Bailey for golf lessons. I’ll write more when I get back. Have a good morning all.

  6. Phyllis says:

    Nikki, I love, love, love that picture! You’re right, it just brings a huge sense of peace! I’ve always enjoyed nature, we used to go hiking in the forest preserves around here, first with my daughter, then niece, nephew and granddaughters. Since uneven ground currently messes with the leg, I’ll have to wait to do it with my “greats”. The nice thing, though, it that their mom and dad love walking in woods, and playgrounds, etc. so they’ll still be exposed to lots of nature. I’m sharing my appreciation of the way wind moves the trees, leaves, bushes and a love of looking at clouds.

    Since I’m divorced (for 3 decades now) and my dad is deceased there aren’t any plans for Father’s day for me. I do love the shoe planters though. What a phenomenal idea!!

    No work for me this week, but I sure sympathize with SKL. What a hectic life you’re currently!

    Laura, I HATE LAWNMOWERS! No ifs, ands, or buts about it! I’ve never had one that works 2 yrs in a row! (As your dad can attest LOL!) This year my daughter’s father actually got one running so my granddaughter is cutting my grass for me for a small fee. (She spends her money mostly on book series.)

    Doing breakfast with one of my friends tomorrow and that’s the whole plan for the weekend. I hope you all enjoy yours!

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