What are your top 3?

According to a recent Pew survey, faithfulness, happy sexual relationship, and sharing household chores are the 3 most important issues credited with fostering successful marriages and or relationship. Do these results surprise you, and if so, what are your top 3?

Inspired by Gayle King

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5 Responses to What are your top 3?

  1. Ellen says:

    I think for me is:
    1) Strong communication skills between the spouses.
    2) Having lots of humor and respect for each other differences
    3) Great love making

    If this 3 are not in harmony, then unfaithful might look around the corner.

  2. SKL says:

    I should probably ask my parents about this – they are celebrating 50 years this October.

    I would not think their top 3 answers would be the same as those in the pew survey – but what do I know? I think emotional support, encouragement, and believing in the other person are big. Working toward a common goal. A good sense of humor. I can’t speak for the lovemaking part . . . .

  3. Hmm. I actually have no idea whether or not my parents were absolutely faithful (I hope they were, but I’d rather not know if they weren’t, and as I grow older, I start to see that I might be naive in hoping… *sigh*) but assuming they were, yeah, this seems to make very good sense.

    Although I would hope that married couples also retain friendship and love for each other as well as compatibility in living together.

  4. Phyllis says:

    I stand with Ellen’s answer.

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