Question of the day from Jenny

If you were a teacher, what subject would you teach?

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10 Responses to Question of the day from Jenny

  1. Joy says:

    History or reading/English.

  2. Jenny says:

    probably some creative writing class or anatomy

  3. Laura says:

    Band, which I’ve already done in an Assistant Band Director capacity (untitled – I was officially a “teaching assistant” which, conveniently for the school, was part-time). I loved that job. The kids were, for the most part, just awesome. They wanted to be there, so they were eager to learn and participate.

    Lately, I think I’d like to teach History and/or Government.

  4. Jason says:

    I think that I would teach something that would be important to the upcoming generations, something like how to download apps to your smartphones, or texting shorthand, because who needs to know that the organ in your body that keeps you alive is not spelled hart.

  5. SKL says:

    I always wanted to teach little kids how to read. Come to think of it, that’s what I’m doing nowadays (not for pay, though). Miss A is so funny, every time I bring up the letter sounds she says “you’re always forcing me to do that.” Where did she even get that line? LOL.

    I actually did teach a class for [modest] pay one semester – international tax. That was actually fun.

  6. Ellen says:

    I work with children par-time and it is awesome. I would love to be a language teacher or a history teacher.

  7. kweenmama says:

    Elementary Ed–all subjects!

  8. Phyllis says:

    English and English as a second language. It is important to be able to communicate “properly” both spoken and written language.

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