Pull Up a Bale…

I figured, since I was having such trouble with my lawn mower, I’d have you all over to hang out in the barn with me while I worked on it. But then I looked around my barn and decided it was disgusting, not fit for humans. So I decided to gather in a much nicer barn loft. Figured I’d find one with some nice cushy bales of hay that I could throw a couple blankets over. Then I found THIS one. I thought it looked really cool, so I swiped it.  We’re gathering here today for our chat. So pick a spot to sit, grab a glass of lemonade, and we’ll catch up.

And if you’re mean, there’s a nice, fresh compost pile right out back…

(ps… apparently, the barn is for sale. It’s pretty cool, all remodeled from its previous use as a dairy barn. Click the picture to see all the details if you’re interested)

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15 Responses to Pull Up a Bale…

  1. SKL says:

    So yesterday afternoon, I was driving my kids to the zoo, and a motorcycle cop comes up behind me. He does a split second “wee” sound and blinks his lights once or twice. I am not a speeder by habit, but I glanced at my speedometer and it was at 32. So I figured he just wanted to get around me. I moved over a bit and slowed down. I was on an overpass getting ready to turn right onto the one-lane drive to the zoo parking lot, so I really couldn’t pull over more without going into the grass/bike path. He followed me into the zoo parking lot, and by that time I knew it was me he was after, but there still was no place to pull over (single lane, no berm), so I figured I’d just park in a parking spot. Well, he decided to act more aggressive (and we were surrounded by curious zoo visitors), so I stopped.

    “What do you do when a cop turns on his lights behind you?”
    “Drive to the near-”
    “What do you do when a cop turns on his lights behind you?”
    “Drive to the nearest safe-”
    What do you do when a cop turns on his lights behind you?”
    “Drive to the nearest place that’s safe to pull over.”

    “NO, you pull over RIGHT NOW. You might remember that from drivers’ ed … you probably took it a LOOONG time ago …”
    “There really wasn’t any place to pull over, and at first I thought you just wanted to go around me. Why were you pulling me over?”
    “You were going 41 in a 25.”
    “I was not going 41, there is no way I was going 41.”
    “I have a BRAND, SPANKING NEW radar gun and it says 41.”
    “Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it works.”
    “Oh, but of course your speedometer works perfect, doesn’t it? It couldn’t be wrong.”
    “Well, I’ve been driving this car for 8 years and never got stopped for speeding before.”

    He then proceeds to give me a ticket. The first one I’ve gotten in many years.

    Keep in mind that all this time my kids are in the back seat, wondering if I’m going to jail and if they should re-think their previous opinion that cops are the good guys.

    I was sooooooo pissed, but I had to be halfway good about it since my kids were watching and very curious. My girls and I decided that the cop was rude and arrogant and probably wasn’t going to sleep well that night, remembering how he aggravated a nice mom who was just trying to take her kids to the zoo. That he was just pissed because I didn’t kiss his butt, because I don’t treat people differently based on what they are wearing. They wanted to know why I didn’t go to court and argue about the ticket, so I explained that no matter what the facts are, if it’s my word against the cop’s, the cop will almost always win, so it isn’t worth it. That I was going to have to cut spending for a while, because the ticket would probably cost over $100. And that it was time to find something nicer to talk about already!

    • Jason says:

      If you take it to court you can ask for proof that the radar gun said 41 and not the 32 that you had said. Also you can make a note on how rude the cop was to you and commented on your age.

      • SKL says:

        Oh, he showed me the “41” on the brand-spanking new radar gun, for what that’s worth. It doesn’t prove I was going 41. We’ve all heard of trees that were clocked going 65 per “brand-spanking new” radar guns.

        What I don’t understand is, why does the cop want to act like that in front of little kids? I thought cops were supposed to teach kids that “the police are your friends.” Acting like “I’m all big and bad and you need to kiss my ass” doesn’t seem to do it. But whatever, maybe they prefer to intimidate kids from the get-go in that area.

        It’s funny about the age thing, because I tend to look younger than I am, but maybe it’s been a rough week, LOL. I could care less if he thinks I’m old; I think he’s stupid. But it was an asinine comment.

    • Joy says:

      What a terrible way for a cop to act. Isn’t there anyone you could go to? I don’t know about these things. What a jerk. There are always power hungry people in all walks of life.

    • SKL says:

      So today I, responsible citizen that I am, have been trying to figure out how much the ticket is gonna cost me so I can pay it. There is a website printed on the ticket, so I went there. The site was so poorly designed – dead ends everywhere, poor spelling, etc – and despite various false leads, there was no way to find the waiver fee schedule. So I tried calling. After going through their automated BS (you have called the office run by wonderful politician ___. Press 1 for English, etc.) I followed the instructions for several minutes, only to hear “we’re sorry, this service isn’t working right now, please call back later”! Gimme a break. If this is what you need to go through to SEND money to a big city government, I can only imagine how much fun it would be to actually get their attention for something I want. Of course if I don’t figure out how to send the money by their deadline, I can be arrested. Who’s gonna arrest the incompetents in charge of the website and phone system?

  2. SKL says:

    Next topic – ants. They are back in full force. I do NOT LIKE ANTS IN MY KITCHEN. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought four different TERRO products to kill the ants. Any possibility of teaching my kids about nonviolence is out the window. Those ants are gonna DIE. I got baits for the outdoors, stuff to pour on the ant hills (once I pinpoint their location), and two kinds of indoor baits. I put some of them out yesterday and today, and I’m seeing results. That means a whole army of ants is walking across the kitchen floor, filling up with poison and then taking it back to the nest, where it will do its unpleasant work on the entire colony, hopefully. I don’t like killing critters, but when they start taking over my kitchen, that’s where I draw the line. I hope it’s not a painful death, but by golly, I hope it leaves every ant on my property deader than dead. (I can just feel the bad karma coming at me for saying that.)

    Also at WalMart, I bought a new water boiler. So happy days are here again as far as that goes.

    Other than the cop and the ants, it was a decent weekend. Got a lot of work done, have a lot more to do, but that’s to be expected at this time of year.

    This week will continue to be very busy. In addition to “work,” my kids have their annual “well-child” visit on Tuesday. I have a couple of in-person meetings and a very big deadline. Here’s hoping I am able to keep healthy and reasonably rested so I can perform steadily.

    Have a great week, everyone!

    • Laura says:

      First off, nonviolence ends when the bad guys enter your home. Therefore, you are totally within your rights to seek and destroy. You can adapt the lesson to include self-defense.

      Second… karma applies all the way around, as I understand it. It’s not just humans subject to karma. I believe that “karma” comes from the same religion that believes that you go around several times until you “get it” (reach enlightenment), so that tells me that someone did something pretty un-karmic to return to Earth as an ant. And then that ant decides to invade an innocent person’s home? Oh, I’ll give you some Karma, Ant Boy!!

      You are well within your rights to annihilate them.

      And the cop was a *bleep*. No excuse, even if you WERE doing 41, to be a complete jerk to you, regardless of whether your kids were in the back. He was on a power trip. He should be reported.

    • Joy says:

      I hate ants too. I had a “few” on my kitchen counter last week and all I could find where the ant traps for outside so I put the “lets” on sideways and set it on the counter and they’re all gone. I hope you get rid of them. Some of those suckers bite.

      • Vicki says:

        Ive had some ants too, i think they are ‘wet’ ants cause they aint getting into nothing, just wandering around on my cupboard and near my door, near the door Sean sprayed some Ant spray(that helped) and on the counter we put these lil white ‘ant traps’ ive noticed there is less ants now so perhaps its working?? I have to becareful of what we put out and where because of the cat and dog, that Terro used to work great for ants but that you have to put on a piece of paper and its like in the open, i don’t like leaving that around on my floor cause of the animals.

  3. Nikki says:

    This was a wonderful weekend for us!!! We had our last regular tournament of the season. Our last ditch effort to make it into the Tournament of Champions. It’s based on how well you do in tournament wins, not regular league wins. Since we placed 4th in our last one, we had to place at least 3rd or 4th again to be invited. They battle all weekend and placed 3rd! It was so much fun. They got a huge trophy, and each were awarded a medal.

    After the big win we all went out to Chili’s for supper. I had never been there. Great food, awful service! I’m sure that was an isolated incident but we won’t forget! Then a bunch of the boys got together at one boys house for a sleepover. I don’t think I’ll ever quite get used to that. I don’t like not having Bailey in his bed, when I go to sleep. But, I’ll get over it. 😦

    We have one more big week of baseball then it’s all about state championship (league) and tournament of champions (tournies) Then on to fall ball.

    Jason’s home today, which is always nice. Throws off my day, but I’m not complaining! Other than that, not much else happening! Have a great week everyone!

  4. Joy says:

    Our weekend was okay. I worked in the yard both days and my body is really feeling it today. But it looks so nice when I look out. I got some cute metal flower things at the Swappers Meet on Saturday and they look cute too. I do think I’ve hit some kind of block though and think I’m going to have to pay tonight. IF, and I say IF I lost any weight, it’s going to be a miracle at the last minute because as of this morning, I’m one pound up from last Monday and I have no idea why except that I’ve worked so hard physically and it may not have caught up with me. I don’t really care this week either but I’m not giving up. It’s going to be really nice to have the two week break and not be thinking about my weight every stupid waking moment. It’s pretty sad when the first thing I think of when I wake up each day is “how much do I weigh today.” I don’t play to pig out or anything in these next two weeks but I’m tired of the constant worrying about it.

    I’m very excited to end the challenge tonight and I’m really looking forward to our birthday dinner out for Vicki’s birthday after our weigh in tonight. The husbands are meeting us there and it will be fun. I can’t wait for a cocktail 🙂

    Tomorrow I have to bring my mom so they can mark on her where they plan on doing the radiation. I’m not sure if they are starting this week or not. I’d just as soon get started. The sooner we start, the sooner we get it over with. It’s going to be a really long 6 weeks.

    Have a great week everyone.

    • Vicki says:

      Joy, The way it sounds Kathy and Faye are also going up to eat with us after the weigh in and it was mentioned to Jen and Jason so they maybe coming too and mom?..the more the merrier 🙂
      As for gaining weight, look i had a 2 pound gain last week and im unsure why, maybe i drank too much water , maybe i didnt work hard enough*shrugs* its kind of a crappy feeling though but i think ive lost that this week, we’ll see come 5:30pm what the darn scale says, I love the AM weigh ins im a couple pounds lighter then the PM ones. lol going into our next phase(8 week challenge) i think we can expect for it to come off a bit slower then it did the first 12 weeks. as long as its coming off or your maintaining thats what counts. I tried a couple minutes on the elipticle last night because id like to do some different things but whew that thing kicks my butt after a few minutes, my legs were like gumby. lol but its an option i should probably consider since i have it, im sure the more your on it the better it gets.
      Oh ya and this week i hear its going to get warm 90’s by mid week , YEAAAAAAAA WE CAN GO SWIMMING FINALLY!!! wooohooooooo!!!!

    • Joy says:

      I know how hard it is to NOT lose after trying so hard. I guess I’d feel worse had I not worked so hard at it but I really have. My main problem is that I know I don’t eat enough and it might be coming off slower on account of that but it’s just impossible for me to eat first thing in the morning. I know it’s important but I’m just not hungry.

      I’ll just be happy the next few days not worrying about it. I’m not sure how the scale is up one pound though when I’ve worked so hard.

      When it’s nice enough I’ll come over and I’ll show you some aerobics to do in the pool.


  5. Laura says:

    We had a really fun weekend, but I’m not saying anything about it here. I’m in the middle of writing a post about it. Meanwhile, my life continues to revolve around that bleeping lawn mower (today, we replace the drive belt), and trying to play catch-up with the lawn, which is completely, utterly, out of control. On the upside, we live in the country, so short, manicured, suburban-style lawns don’t matter out here.

    Looks like it’s going to be warm enough today, so I might spend some time in the pool! WooHoo!

    • Joy says:

      Laura, did you ever get all your bags, lunch totes and stuff????? I use one of mine all the time. I leave it in my car and have some essentials in it.

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